Yoga - What is it? - Hard Copy

  • Author is Swami Gaurishankar Saraswati; a woman yogi with more than 35 years of experience
  • A great aid to people seeking to adopt yoga; focused on theory – not practices
  • Authentic and genuine introduction to True Yoga
  • 83 page paperback book; can be downloaded in e-format
  • Clear and incisive; builds strong foundation for the yoga beginners
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    The book explains about the essential prerequisites to Yoga learning. It deals only with the theory of Yoga. It is a powerful book as it is a product of direct transmission from the Guru to the disciple.

    For those who wish to begin yoga this is an ideal book. It will help to make better decisions about the types of yoga you should take up; the type of teachers, and what to expect from yoga in real life. The book covers - History of Yoga, Types of yoga, Tantra, Influence of yoga on children, about choosing a teacher and much more.

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