What is Personal hygiene? 

Most people aren't even aware of the facts of this term.
It is a practice that enables us to keep our bodies clean and healthy externally as well as internally. It helps us prevent physical and mental diseases as people with poor hygiene are more prone to infections and diseases. Also, people with poor hygiene tend to be isolated due to their odor and appearance.

How can one maintain basic personal hygiene? 

  • Dental hygiene by brushing your teeth regularly with organic tooth brush and toothpaste that is as chemical-free as possible.
  • Body hygiene by bathing daily to remove all the dust and excretory products from the body.
  • Removal of sweat prevents skin irritation and unpleasant odor.
  • Trimming nails regularly helps in reducing the bacterial count.
  • Also, washing hands, which has become an essential part of this pandemic, is very important.
  • Menstrual and genital hygiene is another crucial aspect of personal hygiene.

Healthy lifestyle

What does a Healthy Lifestyle mean for an individual?

Healthy lifestyles include certain habits that help in attaining proper physical, mental and social health. These habits do not develop in one day. It takes lots of patience and persistence to create them.

Some of which are balanced diets. Today we mainly include highly processed food in our diet, which lacks several essential vitamins and minerals, leading to deficiencies in the body that can be treated naturally by eating a balanced diet daily rather than popping in multiple vitamin pills.

  • Exercise every day - it is essential for your physical and psychological wellbeing as it gives you energy and positivity.
  • Meditation -  daily meditation helps you boost your mental health.
  • Hydration -   is a straightforward yet effective process to do all you need to listen to your body's requirements. Don't ignore the needs and requirements of your body. Eat an ample amount of food and drink regular water.
  • Sleep -   is the most underrated factor in today's lifestyle of many people. Proper sleep ensures a complete metabolism including detoxification and recharges your body to perform all functions of the day properly.

Things to Avoid

  • Alcohol – Drinking alcohol is very bad for health. It generates many harmful effects on the liver, lungs, heart, and kidneys— it imbalances the metabolism. So one shall avoid this at best, and keep the consumption most moderate at the very worst.
  • Smoking – active smoking is hazardous to health. This habit should be avoided as people with this habit have lower immunity and can easily and quickly get any disease. Passive smoking is also very harmful and should be avoided to the best extent.
  • Chewing tobacco - tobacco intake is also very harmful to the lungs, teeth, throat, and it is believed to cause various cancers.
  • Drugs - intake of any such drugs is heavily injurious to health; one shall strictly avoid it.

Also, do not confuse a healthy lifestyle with being skinny. Maintaining weight, along with a healthy lifestyle, is the necessity of the time and to do so Soulgenie offers natural fitness products available at the best wholesale price. Multiple factors influence your appearance, including hormonal changes, climatic changes, genetic factors, etc. These are the methods by which you can understand your body and mind and live a healthy lifestyle.

To live a healthy life, one has to love yourself first because you can make your surroundings comfortable if you are healthy and happy. A healthy mind and a healthy body can win over any hurdle!

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