Traditional Acupressure Therapy Improves Health this Way…

Traditional Acupressure Therapy Improves Health this Way…

Traditional Acupressure Therapy Improves Health this Way…

The evolution of mankind has brought many changes in every sphere of life. There have been major developments in medicinal science over time. Many new breakthroughs in medicine have brought huge changes and has impacted human health.

Inspite of all the developments in medicinal science, many ancient therapies like “Acupressure Therapy”are still in practice because of its effective results. This therapy too has evolved over time, with better understanding of the human body.

Benefits of Acupressure Therapy :

It is helpful in the treatment of hormonal and lymphatic imbalances. It helps to remove blockages in the body and helps in regulation of blood flow in the stressed body parts. Regular usage of this therapy helps to treat various diseases without any ill effects.

Acupressure gives a boost of energy, as soon as the force is applied to the targeted area which needs treatment. It is also beneficial in the stimulation of various nerves. Helps to manage menstrual cramps, migraine, joint pain, muscle stiffness, and impacts the digestive parts of the body.

It also helps in hair growth and repair of skin cells.

How does Acupressure therapy work?

As the name suggests, this therapy involves applying pressure on a specific area or body part where the treatment is required. Now, this pressure can be applied using finger tips, thumbs or specifically designed acupressure tools.

Our body parts and organs have nerve endings in the palm of the hands and soles of the feet. By applying pressure on specific points on fingers, toes, palms or soles one can manage and treat various health problems. The pressure can also be applied on a certain body part for treating pains as in the case of legs, shoulders, back, neck and arms.

Acupressure is a very safe and natural way to remove energy blockages within the body. It enhances the blood flow and drains the lymph thus removing toxins from the body.

The pressure is usually applied for a span of about 30 seconds, thus helping a patient suffering from anxiety or cramps. People suffering from back pain, insomnia, joint pain, or any blockage in the nerves can get benefited and relieved in few regular sessions.

Who can practice Acupressure Therapy

Acupressure Therapy can be self-administered using the right tools, after some practice. The benefits of acupressure therapy are enormous, and many people have found it very helpful, thus understanding this, Soulgenie provides a wide range of massage tools, which are safe, easy to use, and fairly priced.

The tools can be used for self -use or by professional acupressure therapists. A good therapist is the one who understands the need and applies the correct amount of pressure in the right place on the person requiring treatment.

For whom is the therapy?

Acupressure therapy is used to treat the blocked nerves, by applying pressure to stimulate a certain point; hence anyone can be treated with this therapy. Pregnant women should be cautious and if required should do under expert guidance. Otherwise there are no other side effects. People who go for regular sessions have benefitted.

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