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  • Activates lymphatic system responsible for detoxification of body cells
  • Natural product made of herbs; bamboo wood vinegar and tourmaline
  • Herbs stimulates the osmosis process to extract the body toxins
  • Relieves swelling, fatigue and improves immune system and blood circulation
  • Easily sticks to sole (Japanese foot treatment principle), each box carries 10 patches
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    • 10 patches per box
    • Sucks out body toxins through an Osmosis process
    • Relieves fatigue; boosts immunity
    • Relieves swelling and pain
    • Japanese foot treatment principle
    • Easy - just stick it and forget it
    The detox foot patches have been devised specially to use these connections to suck out the toxins from the body. They are believed to stimulate the lymphatic system - the natural detoxifying system of the body which becomes inefficient and clogged over time because of improper lifestyles and disease.

    It is well known that if the lymphatic system works efficiently, the incidence of disease and health disorders will be lower.

    The herbs in the foot patches (it contains bamboo wood vinegar as well as tourmaline) when applied on the foot, trigger osmosis which results in toxins including heavy metals being extracted from the body.
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    Review not Provided.


    Very quick delivery and all products have been very helpful are are high quality.

    Not much info about the Amrithara. Had to search about the ingredients which are written in Indian and found out that the first one should be avoided for internal use. Besides the taste and feel of this use is discomforting .
    The Neti is too big for holding, for the nostrils, heavy with water and water easily spills over compared to other pots. The instructions are exceptional. Great job. The salt has no ingredient concentrations.
    The fact that there is no scientific explanation of how the Patches work and no detailed instructions, makes me doubt about the products` effectiveness.

    The sandal cream is best moisturizer and itchy skin treatment that i have used so far. I love it. Th e ginger tea is very soothing and i enjoy a cup every night.

    Review not Provided.

    Everything arrived in good time. I`m totally satified .

    Warning: they smell a bit funky but really seem to work. I have tried detox foot baths which can be inconvient and time consuming. I just put these on at night and wake and remove. The instructions seem off. You don`t need to rearrange them. Just peel and stick. The items says 10 so I thought this is for 10 days but it is only for 5 days. Hence, average rating for price. Still cannot go wrong to give this brand a try. The item does ship overseas to the US.

    Good deal, items were quickly here. Happy customer.

    Excellent products. Excellent service

    I bought the recent purchase for my friend..He was very satisfied and told he would need more of these patches..Very good product...

    Excellent as always....Gave a few to my friends for trying out....They also gave the same opinion....

    I recently received my second order of
    Fennel Seeds and Kinoki Foot Detox Pads. In 1990, I had surgery on my
    right foot which remained swollen since that time. After one
    application of Detox Pads, I noticed the right shoe fit better, the
    foot was less swollen. As usual products were well-packaged.

    Excellent product would be less to describe this..Its truly awesome product..My mom had muscle cramps at night which completely changed, my dad feels much better and healthier and for me, I even had a height increase... Truly great product...I think I am going to become a regular user of these foot patches for my entire life... Thank you again for this excellent product...I am certainly going to recommend it to my friends and people I know....

    Keep up your good work.....:-)

    Loved the product, have only had a chance to use them once so far. Delivery of the product was excellent! Fast and well wrapped, thankyou!
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