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  • Essentials Kit contains 2 travel bottles(37 ml. each)+ 2 Tooth Brush Head covers + 1 Gargling Cup
  • Made of Food Grade Silicone: Hypoallergenic & Latex free, Sterilizable in Warm water or a soapy wash
  • Travel Bottles for Liquid cosmetics (gels etc.)withMirror Holding Suction Cups; Colors: Blue & Pink
  • 2 Soft Tooth brush head covers: To keep bristles protected from germs and handling: PINK & WHITE
  • Flexible Silicone Gargle Cup: Fits flat and Easy to carry; Can be sterilized with warm water; BLUE
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    This wonderful toiletry kit is wisely designed considering general travel requirements. 2 travelling bottles to carry your daily essential like shampoo, face-wash etc . These bottles have just the right size that they do not come in the way of air travel security restrictions. AND they inhibit any leakage / spillage. Easy flip cap for convenient liquid flow. 2 tooth brush covers to provide protective shield to your tooth brush heads, especially useful in hotel stays subject to housekeeping. ALSO one handy personal gargle cup that you can use anywhere and easily store. Silicone bottles are very handy and leak proof. They have suction cups through which these bottles get stuck on the mirror walls. To avoid wastage, they have pin holes to supply required flow only. They are flexible and easy to squeeze for use. They are easy to wash with dish soaps and also dishwasher safe. Tooth Brush Covers are very flexible unlike the plastic ones. They keep the bristles soft and fresh maintaining their strength. Tooth brush covers are made of food grade silicone and are completely free from harsh chemicals. They can be sterilized in hot water flow and kept clean timely. They are available in two different colors to avoid using wrong one.Flexible gargle cup does not require large space as compared to other material cups. Also it needs not much attention to keep safely as they do not tend to break like others. Being made of food grade silicone, this cup is very safe to have warm water in and to gargle.

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