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Happy Feet Kit | Assorted Silicone Gel-Cushionings for Complete Essential Foot Care| 8 pcs. Set

  • Foot Healing Kit - IncludesLittle Toe Sleeve, Toe Separator, Heel Protector & Toe Straightening Band
  • 8 pc set (1 Pair for Eachof the 4 items):Made of Gel-Cushioning Silicone; Flexible, White, Ultra-Soft; Easy to Wash
  • Heel Protector: Soothes heel ache providing long lasting comfort; Can be easily worn under shoes
  • Toe Spacer &Toe Separating bandheal itching between toe gaps; Prevent Tailor Foot,Corn& Swelling
  • Little Toe Separator:Baby soft sleeve for the little toe,Keeps the toe protected from shoe-rubbing
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    This wonderful HappyFeetFoot care kit is designed carefully considering all the issues that we face in routine life when it is about taking care of feet. From heel to toe, the foot goes through rigorousactivities like walking for long, under the itchy shoes sometimes, standing for hoursand for running at times. Our feet bear all the pressure that we exert through our weight. But they also have fatigue points. To keep them healthy and free from all the disorders (Bunion swelling, tailor foot, corns etc) this kit has all the aids. Heel protectors keep the heel soft and release the ache. Also prevent the thickening of heel skin. Toe separator spaces the big toe from other adjacent toes healing the itchy gaps. Toe straightening Band aligns all the toes together and keeps them firm. Little Toe protecting sleeve contours the pinky toe snugly. Also protects it from shoe-rubbing and bunion discomfort and tailor foot. It helps protecting the delicate skin of the toe as it is very gentle on the skin. These items can be easily worn under shoes comfortably for long hours. All the items of the kit are easy to wash with soapy water. Certainly, this kit can provide an economic yet effective foot care comfort.

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