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Herbodent Herbal Toothpaste

  • Scientifically formulated; perfect blend of herbs, natural essential oils, and fruits
  • Reduce and prevent tooth decay, bad breath, cavity and gum bleeding, etc.
  • No added artificial preservatives, flavors, gelatin, chalk powder and fluoride.
  • Based on Ayurvedic medical formulations; 100% vegetarian product
  • Natural taste and freshness; gives natural mouthwash effect throughout the day.

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Herbodent toothpaste is a herbal toothpaste. Soulgenie offers you the best and innovatively formulated toothpaste which is perfectly blended with herbs and natural essential oils. It is formulated with neem, clove, babool, majuphal, coriander, ginger, lemon, spearmint etc. The goodness of all the herbs helps your oral hygiene to be stronger and healthier. Soulgenie ensures high-quality standards of toothpaste. We don’t compromise on quality. Herbodent toothpaste is vegan and does not contain any fluoride. It is good for purifying gums. It is made of organic content. The icing on the cake is that it helps yellowish teeth to become whitish, which makes your smile 100 times more beautiful and attractive. Its active ingredients penetrate the mucous membranes more than 100 times than any other toothpowder. This herbal toothpaste gives you healthier gums and stronger teeth. Now crack as many walnuts you want because your teeth are going to stand all odds. The toothpaste is a unique blend of traditional Indian herbs and modern pharma technology. Don’t wait for a smile to smile. Give a 100 watt smile with your sparkling and shiny teeth.

Kind Words From Our Customers

?? :)

Great product at a very reasonable price. I have been using this tooth paste for years. It’s not abrasive and leaves your teeth pleasantly clean.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

My order arrived in good condition and I felt in very quick time. Thank you so much. Now I`m back on track with my oral health.

Delivery came very quickly and the product toothpaste is also very good. We will be using this site again and the toothpaste

Dear Health yoga, I believe you need to get the products examined. This is having some ingredients which is grossly harmfull to the mouth. You will find white mucosy discharge in your mouth after one hour of brushing the teeeth from Herbodent.Initially it will give good result but after some time the problem will occur.

Please do a through examination


Very good,the best I have used so far

Everything is very good about H&Y, but only problem I face for each order is in the site when I do order tracking and enter my details, it always shows some error. Even 2 days after the order and even now when I have received the package. Always have to call and follow up for tracking no. Even if sending out the package and getting a tracking no. takes some time, the same can be communicated in that page.

arrived on time and in great shape...love the taste of the toothpaste

Nice products
Website has sufficient stock of natural products not easily available

We are happy with the toothpaste and feel good with its usage.

Received and pleased as always!. Thank you!

Excellent products!

This was my 3rd order with this company and I can`t be more pleased with quality of their products and the service to come along with. My order reached me in 3 days, even faster than domestic orders.. toothpaste is great as always, freshly made and smell wonderful! Thank you so much, keep up the good work!

Excellent quick service. Clean packaging. Recommended. P.S. if you have any qualms about whether to get Herbodent toothpaste, don`t worry, it tastes fine. :-D

Received the items and very pleased! Thank you!.

We love the toothpaste. It ha a nice taste and keeps your mouth fresh and teeth feeling clean longer than other toothpastes. We highly recommend this product

I love your store, products, service and care for the customer!!

I have received all items. thank you

Received and very pleased! Best regards!

Arrived on time. Can`t talk about quality because I bought it as a gift for someone.

Review not Provided.

This toothpaste works wonderful on my mouth and my health

Review not Provided.

Very good products. All of them. Keep up the good work.

I loved everything!

Great Quality products!

Review not Provided.

Top quality items and really fair prices. Service and delivery were excellent!

I received all of the products in a timely fashion.

Herbal toothpaste is wonderful!

This hard-to-find toothpaste is more than worth the search. Thanks!!

I have received good service as always

Very satisfied with the service. It was promptly delivered and no slip up. Thank you. The toothpaste was really really good.

I`m happy with the items I`ve purchased and the shipping to Singapore was affordable and incredibly fast - within a few days.

My order came in just a few days ; I was pleasantly surprised how quick I received the Herbadent tooth paste ; It is the best toothpaste I have ever used-I like the minty taste and the mouthwash feature. thanks again. George H. Fisher, Sr.

great products, fast service, thank you!

Fast shipping, and good products. The Herbodent toothpaste leaves my mouth feeling really fresh and clean.

Great toothpaste.
Thank you.
I will buy again.

have not used toothpaste yet but everything else is great

Extremely pleased with this purchase and the company. Delivery was fast and well packaged.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Received the package on time. Thank You Louie

Tongue cleaner is very effective and is now part of my morning routine.Toothpaste is good too.
I bought a neti pot from you 2 years ago but never started to use it. Took a trip to Kripalu Mass. in March and committed to using it on my return home. It is great! Instruction easy and good quality item.Also part of daily routine, feeling great!

Have been using this product for years . Has a problem with recent order. It took almost a month before we received the product!!!it is a good product .

Review not Provided.

So happy with all the products and service.

no problems...all was delivered as expected. Thank you.

fast shipping. the product was like I thought it would be. Thanks

Review not Provided.

Everything arrived in good time. I`m totally satified .

I first tried this toothpaste and didn`t think I liked it. Something was different. I waited two days and tried it again. It is unique and can`t really describe. I must tell you that you teeth will feel very clean all day long! I am not sure of these ingredients but no tooth sensitivity with it. I have a dental check up next month and will re-evaluate after my dental appt.
The delivery is ok considering it is shipped overseas to the US.

Excellent product...There is a very good refreshing feeling after each brushing...I am a regular user also because it is non fluoridated and herbal...

Review not Provided.

Herbodent is amazingly wonderful toothpaste. It is SO flavorful, and healing. I used to ALWAYS get cavaties with every six month check up. Since I started to use this toothpaste I have not had one single cavity in two years. Thank you for an excellent, effective and healing product!!

Review not Provided.

received sprouter, herbodent paste and soaps....we love it a lot..excellent as always..still better if it is quickly delivered in 3 to 4 days

Fast delivery, fantastic toothpaste!!!

I found Healthandyoga very good to deal with, their sevice was prompt overall and very satisfying thank you. The products that I chose have had an impact virtually . The toothpaste is used by both my wife and self, we both like the taste but it is the effect of the toothpaste that we love as it removes any bacteria on the gums which cause bad breath. Once again thank you for your products, highly recomend them.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Received on time.,

I am very happy with the toothpaste i ordered
I ordered a netti pot by you before
The service is very good
My next order will be some of your lovely soaps

Review not Provided.

My delivery was very fast and packaged well and with care! I am very impressed with the quality of the enema kit and the neem leaf powder. The neem basil soap is nice, my skin is left very smooth after use. I`m enjoying the tongue cleaner as well. Very simple to use and clean. The herbodent toothpaste cleans well, I just don`t really care for the taste, but we aren`t meant to eat it so as long as it does the job it is sufficient! I will be ordering again from health and yoga. Very happy that I found them!

Review not Provided.

I`ve ordered the 3+1 Herbodent in the past and could not find it on your website this time. Your website is very difficult to browse through. I asked why it was discontinued and was told it was not, but your company would not acknoledge the price. I order with your company all the time.

The Herbal toothpaste is fabulous!

This tramsaction was excellent. A couple of my favorite items are the basil soap and the herbadent toothpaste. The soap smells great and balances my skin out. The products came just as promised both in quality and in a timely manner.

I`ve been using Herbodent Toothpaste for years & love it & will always use it. It tastes great & makes my teeth feel so clean. I mostly love it because it does not have any nasty chemicals in it.
All of my orders have always been excellent.
Thank you for the great service.

The delivery was very quick and perfect, so thank you :-)

I love everything that I ordered. I had a slight problem receiving my order due to a UPS error, but with the help of the people at Health and Yoga, I was able to find my order. They were very kind and helpful! Thank you!

I absolutely love the toothpaste and will be buying again in the future...enema kit, well what can I say other than used it...happy with it :)

thank you

all products meet or exceed

Review not Provided.

We are always pleased with our products from your store. The toothpaste is very refreshing. And your soaps always leave us feeling clean, but not dried out. Thank you for shipping so efficiently to the United States!

The products ordered were delivered to me in the time promised. The shipping box was sturdy and its contents were in good condition, undamaged. This purchase was a good experience for me.

Review not Provided.

Always Excellent Service and Speedy Delivery. We have loved and used every product we have ordered through the years...Thank You for making them available so easily!

Review not Provided.

happy with products. love the toothpaste.

Thank you Health and Yoga
I have purchased several times and am a repeat customer. ONly once did I not receive my item and I received a prompt refund
the products are wonderful, the shipping is fast and customer service is excellant

I ordered the products from Canada and received them 3 days later. That`s fast !

I got exactly what I ordered.

Lotus seed Malas are just fine size, other ones are much smaller.

Your products are excellent. We enjoy the benefits of them. Thank you.

Fast service and great products. I love all the products (tooth paste, neti, relaxation cd, tongue scraper). I will definitely be purchasing from your company again. Thank you very much for such a wonderful experience.

Herbodent is really excellent!

Review not Provided.

loved the mala beads as usual and the toothpaste is amazing. But was not abig fan of the insence, it actually made me nauseas

Thank you very much for the fast shipping! Everything is great and received in good condition, i love the herbodent toothpaste most! i feel so refresh after using it. i`ll definitely recommend this website to my friends!

I loved these products. The items arrived quickly.

Thank you for following up on my order which I received in a timely manner. I have been very happy with my purchases so far. I love the herbal toothpaste and the neem cream. I have not tried the other products yet but I am confident that I will like them as much as I do the ones I have used. I will drfinitely reorder soon!

Review not Provided.

amazing product! I am very pleased and my health is improved

I order Herbodent toothpaste for years now and i was very dissapointed that the color and taste has changed,it can not be exactly the same as it was before.


i received fast shipment and excellent products. The neti pot is very good it has helped me with my sinus problems alot. I will be purchasing from healthandyoga.com again.

Thank you recieved in good time frame and of quality as usual.

Great products

Your service and delivery was prompt. Quicker than I had expected. Your concern and care for receiving my products exceeded other online services I have interacted with. We have not used the products yet but am happy to know if I have any problems I can contact you. thanks.

Review not Provided.

Very happy with thte customer service and also very happy with the products. My mother suffers from allergies and eczema and says that the neem cream and natural soaps seem to really help and stop the itching. we only wish the neem cream was a bit bigger container...Thanks again!!!

Neti Pot is great. It improves my breathing and my wellness with daily use. My sore throat also disappeared. Thank you very much.

I received the order quickly and am very pleased with it. I love the toothpaste and will be ordering more. Thank you for such good service.

Service was excellent. I wanted to make sure the order would ship to the correct address, and the staff members were extremely helpful and very gracious.

my order was received quickly and everything I ordered was in perfect condition upon arrival! I will order again, thank you!

The convenience of the stainless steel enema kit is wonderful. It cleans up so well. Just soap and water and I let it set with a few drops of GSE in it and then let that run through the hosing. It`s a pleasure to use. My stainless can came with one sharp edge under the handle. So just being careful when & how I pick it up, keeps me from getting nicked. The toothpaste is great, so refreshing and leaves your mouth feeling clean much longer than ordinary toothpaste. Great products. Good quality. The neem sandal cream as relieved the itching from a skin rash. Only been using a few weeks, not gone yet but better. Service was very good, shipment made it to me in good time and service about a missing part has been good.

Arrived fast, everything as described! I am very happy with all items! Will buy again!!!

No problem at all with my order like everytime i order to you...completely satisfied !

I love the products but did not realize they were being shipped from India and would take so long to get to me. I was very sick for three weeks when I ordered the pots but they did not arrrive until I was over my respratory ailment. I would like to order more of the toothpaste but will it take so long to get here? Much luck to you and your business.

Received it but haven`t used the Neti pot yet. Toothpaste is great!

Thank you for your good service. The shipment was prompt and I`m very glad I bought it from you.

Everything I received was in excellent quality. The video that came with the neti pots was so simple and well done, I was immediately able to go and do it after I watched it one time (the booklet was initially overwhelming, it made it seem so complicated). Even my 4-year old liked the video and wanted to do it too.

I love everything I got, it seems of the highest quality. The toothpaste is the best I`ve ever used, it makes my mouth feel like I just came from the dentist. I didn`t think a toothpaste could work so well!

The herbomineral product smells and feels wonderful. The Neem cream seems of the highest quality as well, though it didn`t cure the skin problem I`m having. I`m sure it will help other things that come up though.

It all came in around a week, and the free shipping was fantastic, I always appreciate that. :)

Love your products, and will continue to do business with you.

Thank you,

Melissa L.

I like the products very much, thank you for asking.
Sharon Avallon

Yes I did recieve what was ordered thanks,raffi

Great Toothpaste. My last checkup with the Dentist they were amazed how clean my teeth were and my gums are so healthy now. I love this toothpaste in taste and what it does for my teeth.

I am spreading the word! :o)

Also loved the soap as well. I will be back for more soap soon.

Bonnie Luhman Red Wing, MN

Great service, fast delivery, correct order, product satsifaction of utmost quality. Love the toothpaste.

I am very happy. Price, delivery and product are all excellent. Thank you

the contacts involved with this order were very possitive experience. the quality of the products is excellent. th error in initial shipment cuased much delay in the receipt of one item, hessonite mala, and caused inconvenience and expense to me with no compensatuion. otherwise satisfactory.
best regards,
jonny bearmon

Happy with all of the products received.

I love the tea and the tooth paste of which I shall order more. It makes me mouth feel very clean and fresh.
Thank you,

I enjoy the tea everyday
The toothpaste has made brushing a pleasure
The salts are useful and effective

Even though the nettie pot is supposed to be made from stainless steel, there is a very small amount of rust on the inside bottom where there appears to be a stamp in the metal. Other than that I am very pleased with the pot and the training materials.

Service quality is very good. I have purchased Herbodent toothpaste on many occasions now and I have to say that my order has always reached me promptly. The product is excellent. I use as many natural products as possible and Herbodent cleans and refreshes my mouth very well indeed. I will be recommending Health and Yoga, because of their excellent customer service and Herbodent toothpaste, because it delivers what is required for healthy teeth and gums, without chemicals and harsh additives.

Love the products and delivery was excellent!

I enjoyed the products I received and they arrived packaged nicely and in good time. Thank you!

Delivery was quick and items were as described.

You have great products and service. I highly recommend these to all.

Sincerly yours,
John Licari

I received my order very quickly. The Herbodent toothpaste is the best I have ever used. This was my second order. The tulsi tea is also very good. Great service and great Product!!

Thank you very much. I appreciate every item and am very pleased. I did think the books woud be hard copies, although the e-version is acceptable. If you have any promtions please send them, I do intend to order the toothpaste again soon!
God Bless

Review not Provided.

gr.eat products! thanks

excellent service tnx.

Perfect service from you guys, as always. Thank-you, Namaste. Michael Paterson, UK.

I had used a small, ceramic neti pot I received as a gift. I had chipped the area around the nasal spout and went looking for a replacement. I`m very happy with the stainless steel pot. It`s practically indestructable and the nasal spout is more comfortable. I also purchased the tongue scraper and natural tooth paste. The scraper works as described. Not sure it`s helping anything but I`ve only been using it about a month. The toothpaste takes some getting used to after using mint flouride paste my whole life, but my teeth feel less sensative to hot/cold and my gums feel fine. I`m very pleased so far with everything I`ve received!

Actually I think you should have an excellent choice because that`s what I would choose. I`ve been using Herbodent Herbal toothpaste for many years and would not even think of using anything else. Oral hygene is very important to me and I know this product contributes to that. My dentist even agrees. Your service is wonderful and I always receive my order in a timely manner. Thank you!!

Review not Provided.

Very nice products, and very fast delivery.

the products were wonderful and I received my items quickly. Rosemary Curley

The whole family really enjoys the Herbodent toothpaste. It tastes great, and really leaves your teeth feeling clean. We also really like how well the tongue cleaner works. It`s edge is smooth, and is made to be easy to use. Thanks very much, too, for the fast shipping time!

Review not Provided.

Yes, I have received everything the beads are great and the cushion is wonderful. I just do not have the words to express my pleasure.
Thank you

The order came quickly, and I love all the products I got. The toothpaste leaves my teeth feeling clean, and has a great taste to it. The eye pillow is great for unwinding at the end of the day. Thanks!!!

good stuff

I love this toothepaste. I just wish I could get it in stores.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

My wife & I are extremely happy with Herbodent toothpaste and the service from HealthAndYoga.com. We have ordered it numerous times.

Great service as always. Will do business with again shortly.

Everything arrived in a timely manner. I Love the toothpaste. The rosewater soap is wonderful. Excellent would better describe my experience concerning my purchase from your company...(not just "good").

Service was quick, I am really satisfied although I cannot say the same about the product quality.

The toothpaste is great, I love it. I will definitely continue buying it as long as the price doesn`t get too expensive. I am really impressed as other "natural" toothpastes still have some unnatural ingredients in them or don`t freshen breath. I`d like to see it in the big supermarkets.

Since I began using your Herbodent toothpaste, I`ve had the best checkups that I`ve ever had. The person who cleans my teeth is very impressed with my gums and has begun using Herbodent herself and is recommending it to her other patients.

I had my husband by me the "Mother as First Guru" set for my christmas. I have yet to open my set but if the excerpts that I have read online so far are any indication, this set will soon become part of my treasured reference materials.

Also, the herbodent toothpste is a re-order item for me. i like the fact that it has in no flouride and is safe enough for my children to use as it also does not have any other harmful ingredients. A very good thing when trying to teach toddlers the fine art of toothbrushing and "spitting-out".

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I have found you service to be very good. I also have liked the layout and the information provided on your website. Hence, I have now purchased a number of items through you. I have been using all of them to my satisfaction. Thank you for your hassle-free service. Also, the jala neti faq is what brought me here initially. Excellent service to all. I have had to patiently self-teach myself, but now am direly in need of an instructor to be sure things are being done properly even though they feel correct. Your faq has been invaluable and indispenible in being able to safely develop my practice. Thank you.
Have a great day!!

Your service great! Each time I have ordered something from you, I have received it within a few days time. Also I have been very pleased with the products I have ordered and intend to place future orders.

I am very happy to use and have you all product and will continue to order

I`m enjoying the toothpaste & tongue scraper. I look forward to trying more products!

Recently I received a broken mala, and you sent me a replacement at no charge quickly and without question. I am so grateful that you trusted and honored my word and treated me with such great respect and courtesy. Thank you. I will continue to order from you and tell everyone i know what a respectful and wonderful company you are! and i love your products! thank you thank you! Namaste, Marcia Mackey

The Neti Pot I purchased is excellent. It`s attractive, easy to maintain, the right size and works perfectly. I like it so much I am going to buy it for others who may benefit just like I did. I saw others in stores and on the internet and I think this is the best product out there. The Herbodent toothpaste is very interesting. It appears to be made of the most healthy and excellent natural ingredients. Sadly, while I believe my wife would benefit greatly from using the Neti Pot, she doesn`t want anything to do with it. Also, she dislikes the aroma of the Herbodent -- I particularly enjoy the exotic, spice and perfume and the excellent foam. I suppose there is no accounting for taste other than opposites attract in this case. I will still keep trying to sell my wife on the Neti Pot because it has brought much relief even after using it for a short time. Many thanks for upholding the standard of quality.

P.S. -- I also forgot that I purchased some bars of soap and the one I am using, sandlewood and turmeric, is high quality in my mind and a real winner. I also purchased the yoga slippers for my wife and she has worn them. I believe they can be of great help to her foot problems. Once again thanks for everything.

Best Regards,
Robert Brady

The toothpaste is wonderful. I have a better understanding of using my Neti Pot.

Review not Provided.

I have received all the products and am very satisfied with your service. Your products are first-rate, fresh and unspoiled. I was amazed at the quality of the Vitalvulva salve; no rancidity whatsoever. My only problem is with the glycerin ingredient in Herbodent Herbal Toothpaste. I am not able to use it as often as I like, due to an allergic reaction to glycerin.

I received all of the wonderful products so promptly and I absolutely love all of it. Thank you so much!

The soaps are wonderful, I will be ordering those again.

The 1-Amritdhara Supplement - 12ml (0.40 oz), was not at all what I expected. I`ve taken it religiously since I received it , and it hasn`t been working, except to stop my bowels up a bit. I was in search of a natural gas relief, and this just doesn`t seem to be cutting it as such.

Every since we have tried the herbodent toothpaste we have been hooked and will never go back to any other brand! Most toothpastes leave your teeth feeling like there is a coat of sugar on them, herbodent leaves a fresh, clean, natural feeling.

Quick, efficient...and I really do like the toothpaste...A little scary at first, but it leaves my mouth - all over - feeling great. My family and I use our tongue scrapers every day...Thank you for your quick, efficient service and great products. I will return

Review not Provided.

great toothpaste

I received the replacement for the saline packets very quickly. Thank you for prompt and very courteous service. It is very much appreciated. Also love the toothpaste and the neti pot!

I have purchase from you before and I`ve always been satisfied with everything I`ve received. I love herbodent toothpaste.

Your service is great and I am pleased with the products that I ordered. I partically like the tooth paste. The sandals are comfortable .......my feet love them.:)

I love Herbodent. Have shared it with my adult children. We notice that we do not wake up wit "morning breath".

I am very pleased with my entire purchase. The Lotus Mala beads are exceptional and were a great price. They had a wonderful fragrance when they first arrived that has now faded. Can you please tell my what was used on them to create that fragrance and if you sell the product.
Thank you also for the quick delivery!
Kelly Whited

Everything I ordered arrived as was communicated. Your service is excellent and very quick. I utilize the neti pot, tongue cleaner & toothpaste with great joy. My sinus problem has been minimized with regular use of the neti pot. I purchased the same items for the my family and they are also having good results from using the products. I will do business with you again, very soon. I am telling other relatives, friends and co-workers about the products. Thank you again.

Absolutely nothing I`ve tried has made such a difference in my rosacea/acne as the Neem Cream and Skin Aura - amazing stuff.

Review not Provided.

Excellent service, excellent products, especially the toothpast, the neti pots and the natural soaps Chandi and Tumeric and Chandi and Rose. We have been receiving them for the past several years and have recommended them to many. All the very best to you at Health & Yoga from Northern California. ~ AMG

The product arrived quickly. I have used this toothpaste for one year now and I am satisfied with it.

Love the herbal toothpaste and the incense! Received shipment very quickly..thank you!

As a regular customer, I know that your products are excellent, and I was not disappointed. As usual, I received my order very promptly. Thank you!

We love the herbodent toothpaste, it doesn`t leave your teeth feeling like there is a layer of sugar on them like most main stream products do. It is a good feeling knowing that you are using a prduct that is natural and not synthetic.

As for the soaps we absolutly love them, so far the sandlewood scent is our favorite and it leaves your skin feeling very smooth and soft, also good to know that you are using non toxic ingredients unlike most main stream soaps do.

I`m pleased with the enema and accompanying

One question about the toothpaste:

Would you be able to give me a listing of
the complete ingredients. I know about the
herbs, but i am concerned about what else
is in the paste and can not find that
information anywhere.

Thank you very much.

Hollis Zelinsky

Very good and fast service

I bought the toothpaste for my husband who has problems with most toothpaste, and he loves it. The other products are great too, and the short amount of time they all took to get to Germany was astounding. Thanks for making shopping online easier for me.

Fast delivery,great product, smooth transaction. Thanks!

I`ve been buying this product for years & it is very good

got my stuff long ago . Thanks . Bob

Review not Provided.

This is my second order for herbodent toothpaste - it has a lovely fresh taste and leaves me feeling confident that my teeth are squeaky clean and my breath smells as if I have used a mouthwash. Although I live in the UK my order arrives quickly - thank you

As usual, your service was excellent. I love your products and wish you continued success in 2008. Sincerely, Sylvia from San Diego

I was pleasently suprised at how fast the delivery was.

Was delivered quickly and all products used so far have been satisfactory. Was conserned with the packaging of the toothpase - it was not sealed. I am hoping this is due to the fact that it is packaged in India and the country`s regulations differ from USA.

I like doing business with an honest company and appreciate your interest in customer feedback on both your products and your service. I was pleased with both. Thank you.

recieved my order.and am very pleased with it..thank`s for caring.margitta


I did send a reply message to the following e-mail address:anjali@healthandyoga.com saying that I was excited to try Herbodent on Nov.30. Now that I have been using the toothpaste for a while, I do like it and will tell my dentist about it next time I have an appointment. Also, the shipping was on time. Thank you.

Diana Tugui

i have a stainless steel tounge scrapper but like yours (mine now) better the toothpaste tastes great bob

Review not Provided.

I have received the order and everything was there except one of the Herbodent Herbal Toothpaste tubes. I am well pleased with all the products that I ordered, thank you very much. Marcus Hicks

Products were received and delivered within a reasonable time. Products are of good quality. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

I found out about this fluroide-free toothpaste online and was looking forward to trying it. I am satisfied with the product, the flavor surprised me since most toothpastes are minty. I am happy with the product and the service I recieved. Thank you.

I liked your toothpaste very much & I will be ordering more in the future. Thanks for shipping so promptly.

Mahalo for your service! Toothpaste is great!

Fair prices, great products, fast service.

I love the toothpaste. The other things I haven't used enough yet to say one way or another.

My product was received on time and the service was very good.

The soap and toothpaste are excellent. I am quite happy with my purchases. Customer service is proactive I appreciate the fact that you followed up with me every step of the way. Thanks

wonderful.. love the products.. thank you.. kathleen

Review not Provided.

I have purchased Herbodent in the past. I think it is a very good product. However, the Neem purchase was first time purchase and it really helps to stabilise fungal infections although it does not seem to cure it totally. Maybe I need to repeat the use a few times on the affected area.

Review not Provided.

I really like the products I ordered - it did take a very long time to receive them. Thanks

Awesome once again!! Thanks and I WILL be back! Lisa

I am very pleased with the products ordered from you. I will be ordering the products again. I'm am sorry for not responding earlier. . . life has been hectic. . .Thank you. Boni

Transaction was excellent and order was handled with email updates. Surprisingly fast delivery. Very happy with products as well.

Everything arrived just fine. I LOVE the neti pot!. It is much larger than my old one, and easy to use. The toothpaste is also nice. It leaves your mouth refreshed. I have not used the other products, but plan on doing so soon. I am glad to have found your website!!.

great service.....very quick. your products are great. thanks.

very good products, very fast shipping, thank you

Review not Provided.

Love your products

Review not Provided.

I love the mala. It's a beautiful rich, reddish brown, and nicely understated. And the incense is yummy-smelling. All at a great price. Thank you.

Very fast service. Love the product...

I received my products quickly. Everything I ordered was inside the box! Thank You!

Received the product within a very acceptable timeframe and I'm happy with the service. I've been a customer in the past and will continue to refer you to friends and family.

Thank so much. We love the toothpaste. It is the best!

true products for a better self, nicely packed, quickly delivered. its good that money can also do this. please come up with jala neti pot for kids, they will love it.thank you!

Thank you for the prompt service.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

The service was excellent.Love the heabodent herbal toothpaste.Thanks soo much for your service.

The Herbodent toothpaste is an excellent product. I have had nothing but excellent checkups since I began using it. The Neti pot is another excellent product...much better designed than the smaller ceramic pot I am used to. My sinuses are much clearer since I began using Neti. As always, your service is excellent. I receive the products usually within a week of ordering and I am always happy with the products. R. Walden

We found the toothpaste to be great. My wife and I like it very much. Thank you R dawsen

I was amazed at the speed in getting the products and am very satisfied with products. Have you ever gotten the diebetic powder in? Thanks Louann

My tubes of toothpaste arrived in about a week, wonderfully packaged and in perfect condition. I am very happy with the order process and delivery of my items. Thank you!

I received the toothpaste in a timely manner and absolutely love it. I had bought a single tube last year and then decided that it was my favorite way to clean my teeth. Your concern that the product was received is appreciated and your desire for feedback. I have shared with my daughter and mention your product to others as well.

I love the yoga mat and I the toothpaste is excellent - I will never go back to Colgate! Thanks.

Thank you for checking on delivery the service was great

Very nice. Matched the description as advertised.

I received the product in a prompt manner - I LOVE it!! My mouth never felt so good! I used to suffer from occasional canker sores and although I still feel them trying to 'build up' they never manifest or do so in such a mild manner that they are no longer painful!

When I got my package, the box used to pack my items was pretty beat up (flimsy cardboard used), as well as all 4 bottles of toothpaste had their boxes badly damaged. Luckily these were not gifts, because if they were, I wouldn't have been able to give them to people I wanted to.

I received 3 tubes of toothpaste. I had forgotten how many I actually ordered and can't find my copy. If my order was for 4, please send the 4th tube. Thanks.

I love the toothpaste. It's great. I haven't tried the other things yet. Thanks, Eileen Bills

I received the neti pots, toothpaste and tongue scraper in a very timely and efficient mannner. I am extremely pleased with everything! Thank you! You need another category, better than "good" for those who are Extremely Pleased!

I received my order promptly. I love this toothpaste. It is so much better than what we can get on our grocery store shelves. Thanks so much. Debbi Smith

The Neti pot is very nicely crafted. It fits comfortably in my hand -- I don't have to worry about it dropping and breaking. The nozzle size allows just the right flow of water making it fairly easy to use for a beginner like me. I strongly recommend people read the instructions before using though. Overall, I have found doing business with Health & Yoga a very positive experience. Keep it up !

My order arrived on time and in excellent condition. Thank you for another great shopping experience. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

My sister has a terminal illness and she experiences a terrible taste in her mouth and tongue plaque.Nothing seems to help.The metal tongue scraper is a lifesaver for her!Thank-you!!The toothpaste color is a bit freeky,no big deal, your products are special. Thanks again! Deb

Hi! Your friendly status updates were very nice. The toothpaste is very good and I will order more of it. The tea is good too but not my favorite. Don

Review not Provided.

like all of the products I have boughten from Health and Yoga, I am very very grateful that you (Health and Yoga) are selling these products. These products have enriched my mentality and karma. And the herbal toothepaste is amazing, its mind blowing. I remember using some product as similiar to it when I was a child. When I brush my teeth, it really brings back memmories.

Namaste, I was extremely pleased with the fast shipping and the products. The malas are of excellent quality and the Herbodent toothpaste is remarkable and your prices are very reasonable! The only item I wasn't quite as satisfied with was the incense, although it wasn't bad. But that is a very small issue compared to everything else. I will definitely be placing more orders in the future. Thank you!

Yes i did receive my products and i am so happy with them. I love the tongue scrapper and the toothpaste was new compared to american products. it took some getting used to but i like it better than any other. thanks for great service and great products. i couldn't be happier. yours, marc cavello


When I saw that the natural toothpaste was black, I thought, "Whoa!" But I love it! My teeth feel clean for hours after I brush them. My breath smells fresh, too.

I love it, thank you.

My order arrived very quickly and in good order and I am pleased with my purchases. Thank you

I would like to thank you for your attentive service to my meager needs. Herbodent has become my favorite toothpaste. My netipot is perfect for my needs (almost indestructable). Thank you again.

I love the toothpaste! I have had trouble with "receeding gums" I guess you could say, and the root of some of my teeth have been exposed..........this toothpaste is almost "healing" in a sense. I don't have pain or sensitivity anymore, and it seems my gums are growing back!!

great, thanks very much

Products arrived very promptly, and I love the toothpaste! Thanks.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I received the products right on time and the products are great. Bought the tea for a friend but the toothpaste was for me love it. Very fresh and minty. Can't wait to try your other products. I am definitely going to be your repeat customer

I at first struggled with the transition from pressurized nasal washing to the neti pot, but I now find that a twice-daily habit, in combination with the medications my doctor recomended, has made me nearly allergy symptom free. Thank-you for all the advice on the website, and a well-designed neti-pot. I did find though that there are some scratches in the finish on the pot, and the pot is rusting in these spots. I am not worried yet, as iron is a benificial mineral, and the spots are not in a place likely to eventually cause a leak.

Thanks, I received the order in just a few days. Very happy with the items we ordered! Quality of the products is exceptional.

Your website, products and information are very good!!!( As shown by my reorders) However, since it takes a little longer than usual shipments from within the USA, it would be nice to be given package tracking information. Thanks Again, for providing extensive information along with your products on the website! Randy C. Monzelowsky

I received the tooth paste. We are using it and we find it very good. It is too early to say about its medicinal effect on our teeth, like bacteria removal. We hope in course of time, this tooth paste will heal the dental problems. Thank you very much. Mercy Jacob

I have only been using the tooth paste for about a week, small ulcers/bite marks on the sides of my mouth are going away. I think I will be using your product for some time. Thank You Lee Rodabaugh

thanks for the products, love them, will buy some more thanks

I really like the Herbodent herbal toothpast. It leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean and has a refeshing flavor to it. It is great to know that I am cleaning my teeth with something that is good for my teeth and gums and does not have any harse chemicals in it. This toothpast is a good buy and I will be buying more when it runs out.

excellent shiping, products as described, super happy with communication and fast shipping thanks a lot Tom

I love the toothpaste.

The toothpaste is very nice. It tastes great and cleans my teeth very well. I will buy more soon.

It was received as expected. The prices are reasonable and the web site is well organized. Thank you!

Greetings! I have received my order, thank you. The toothpaste is wonderful, I love it. It's a little too "hot" for my children yet, but they'll adapt when they're older. Tongue scraper is great; I just wish I didn't have such a strong gag reflex -- I can't take the scraper as far back as I'd like. All in all, a very satisfied customer. Great service and informative website.

Review not Provided.

You guys are fantastic. Ship quickly, good quality products, great attitude and fantastic customer service. No complaints. Keep it up! Thanks! Chris, Toronto, ON, Canada

What a great experience! My order was processed quickly and arrived here like lightening. It was packaged very well. And all of the items are of the highest quality and quite easy to use.Instructions are clear cut. I would gladly do business with you again! Thank-you. KH

Great products

The Tulsi tea was very good, although not as good as fresh leaves, it seemed quite effective against colds and flu. How do you dry the herbs? Is it dried under the sun? The price is on the higher side, but overall I'm quite satisfied with all the products that I ordered.

I received the products extremely fast considering where they were coming from and want to thank you for that. I plan on coming back for more things sometime later :) All the best..

Love everything I've gotten from this site, incredible products, great service.

We like the toothpaste very much. Would you please tell us all of its ingredients. Does it have sugar in it? I was a little surprised at the new $15 minimum internet order charge. Thank you, Steven Benioff, lenaandsteven@dcsi.net

I love this product.... I will never use anything else again.

Review not Provided.

I am very pleased with the order,both the toothpaste and the soap are of excellent quality and will order again in the near future best regards

I have received such excellent and courteous service.I appreicate the notice that my order did not go through or I would have waited in vain. Instead it arrived very quickly.My search for the perfect toothpaste has been rewarded by finally finding your Herbodent Herbal.Plus I love the taste. What an exceptional product! I will always keep a back-up. Your web site is a gift. It is so easy to navigate and filled with so many informative articles I return again and again.And thank you so much for the newsletters. They are great and I always look forward to receiving them.

The product arrived in only a few short days. I have used approx. half of the first tube. The product is fantastic! I have been using it regularly and have a periodontal appointment in 2 more months. I will let you know how well that went. My mouth and teeth feel cleaner than ever and the clean feeling lasts for hours. Thanks for such a great product!

I am enjoying my Herbadent toothpaste and tongue cleaner.

I received my order quickly and am very satisfied with the products. Thank you!

Everything was received in good order. Thank you for the great products and service. Tom Miner Bow, New Hampshire USA

love the product - ordering is always easy and delivery is quick! Thank you

Excellent products and service. Very fast shipping. Many thanks!!

The handbook that accompanied the Neti Pot was extremely useful. Until I read the handbook's detailed instructions, I was not able achieve the right effects with the Neti. My sinuses thank you! The Neti Pot itself is OK. I like the big capacity, but the spout head is quite large for my small nostrils. I have to really stretch the skin to fit it around the spout head.

Great Delivery! I am using the toothpaste consistently and am very impressed. Very refreshing taste. Leaves my mouth feeling fresh for hours. Getting used to tongue scraper. This is a new devise to me. Seems to do what it claims to do.

Love your toothpaste. I have had periodontal disease for years (under control) and my gums have never been better. Also, my shipments arrive quickly. The only other thing I could wish for is to be able to buy your toothpaste in my local pharmacy, as I sometimes have trouble making orders go through online due to problems with my computer. Please be aware that this last time I ordered, I had called first and left a message for someone to get back to me so that I could order the product by phone, but no one ever responded, so I was forced to use my computer at work to place my order.

I have received the toothpaste order I had made. Totally happy and satisfied as usual. thank you.

more than good, perfect thanks

Excellent product and fast delivery! I can't find a similar toothpaste with Herbodent in healthfood stores in US.

Why does the soap leave a dark residue? It washes off, but it is very weird.

I am quite pleased with the Herbodent Herbal Toothpaste. It has a refreshing taste, and as you advertise is a fine substitute for mouthwash. On the other hand, I am trying to get used to the taste of the Amritdhara Supplement. Also, I find that its oiliness prevents emulsifying in the water glass.

Good service and product. Thanks, John

Review not Provided.

The delivery was quick and I was very satisfied with the products - thank you.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Products are excellent, and corteous communication throughout was appreciated

I recieved my order and was pleased with the speed and product. Very pleased the ability to finally find a toothpast the whole family loves.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Thank you!Great transaction. I definitly will buy from you again.

Great service

Everything was great except: The packaging for the Amritdhara is impossible. I had to totally destroy the bottle top to get the cap out. I was in a hotel the first time and had to use a pen to pry it out. I ended up purchasing a glass bottle with a dropper to put it in. Am I just ignorant as to how to easily get the inner cap in and out?

I am a repeat customer and will order from you again

It went to the wrong address, fortunately by chance the person called me but they had to try a few times as the incorrect number was also on the postage. The tooth paste is great. Re enema set, it is good, only concern is what do I do with the douchethat comes with the catherter, also it would be good if there was a line on the catherter to guide people as to how far to put it in, as usually I'm nervous that it doesn't go in far enough, or it might go in too much (can it damage the wall of the colon?). Regards

Your order arrived some time ago and is fine. Sadly, people here seem to prefer using toxic toothpaste (fluoridated) rather than one that is safe and toxin free. They have been brainwashed. But you can be sure I will tell them about yours if the opportunity presents itself.

Review not Provided.

The herbal toothpaste is great! I haven't used the Jala Neti pot yet as my sinuses have cleared up. Thanks, Kenny

Excellent products....love the toothpaste...good packaging, good service. Would do business with you again without question~

Review not Provided.

I am very pleased with my order, everything was of the highest quality, as always. I am especially pleased your company took the time to check with me on this order. I have never had that kind of service from any other company.

The 4 tubes of Herbodent toothpaste arrived arrived about two weeks ago. The box was a bit crushed, but the toothpaste survived:-) My wife and I both enjoy the toothpaste; it does a great job of cleaning our teeth. Despite the fact that Dr. Jaikaran uses Indian herbs that we are not familar with here the toothpaste has a familar minty taste...we like it:-)

I recieved my order quickly and like the toothpaste and tongue cleaner. thank you.

Toothpaste, tongue cleaners, and soaps are great. The enema kit tubing is leaky.---------------- 8/26/2006---------------

My order arrived and I love the product

All the products were great. Thank you for the fast delivery

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

hi thank you yes received.very happy with your service ian amor ceo@voroo.com

I was very disappointed with my order, on line it does not state that the base of the product contains glycerin. The only reason I made the purchase was because I thought I found a product with no floride and glycerin, I purchaed four tubes to give out to some of my clients and was unable to give them and I doubt that I could return them. So needless to say I was very disappointed.

thanks so much i enjoy the toothpaste. lh

We are REALLY enjoying the tooth paste & will order more in the future,Thank You so much. Sharon Derocher

Review not Provided.

As always good service and great products.. I have always been satisfied with this company.

the products arrived on time and I have enjoyed using them. Thank you.

I am so pleased with your products and service! I have bought Neti pots for my son and daughter, and they are both delighted with them. The toothpaste is phenomenal! Since my husband and I have been using your toothpaste, our checkups have been great. I am taking a tube of the toothpaste to my dentist next week. He thinks we should import it by the boat load! Thanks again. I'm a very satisfied customer.

Review not Provided.

In this feedback form, I'm given the choice of Good, O.K. Not received or Not Satisfied. Why isn't Excellent one of the choices?? That is what I would have picked!! I will be a repeat customer.

I really like the toothpaste, soap and tongue cleaner. The monster yoga mat I bought is not sticky enough and I slide around alot because I sweat alot. So I still use my old mat. :(

all is well, again. Good relable service and great products. Frank

Very good and timely delivery. Will order again.

Review not Provided.

First of all... the toothpaste is the most remarkable product I have ever used to clean my mouth. It has never felt more fresh for as long. The best part is how it controlls the symptoms of the thrush I have been suffering. I simply cannot thank you enough for the wonderful toothpaste. Secondly, regarding the enema kit. I am grateful for it and have used it to relieve much abdominal pains from poor digestion. I would love to ask... if the inserts used to administer it are only good for one use, why are not more inccluded? And, I found the instructions a little confusing and found that I had to read the booklet 4 or 5 times to really understand. Can I offer assistance in creating a new instruction booklet that would be simple and straightforward and organized in such a way as to remove all misunderstandings of the procedure? Other than that, I love my enema kit. I love using it.

Fast delivery.Thank you

I'm very pleased with my recent purchase. The time it took my order to get here seemed longer than needed, but the package was traveling across the world--so I'm not terribly concerned about that. I find that using natural products and discovering ways to further cleanse my body make me feel healthier and happier. Thanks.

I feel well-taken care of in regard to the excellent packaging and delivery of the four tubes of Herbodent that I received. I don't stock up on anything that I don't absolutely need to have and this toothpaste is something that I don't want to be without. I still use the tongue scraper every night after I brush and floss and don't feel clean without it! Thanks! - Melissa in Pittsfield MA

I have been using your toothpaste for a while now, and i would not change it for any other, until I can get it. Delivery has always been so quick and efficient. Also I am so happy with the tongue cleaners,I find myself getting them for all the people in my life who show a bit of interest. For thse who don't although it is against my nature,I try and make them realise that once you try it, you find it very hard not to keep using it. It becomes such a normal part in everyday hygiene, personally i feel like i forgot something important when in those rare occasions I forget to use it. Thanks so much for your products.

Review not Provided.

Both products tasted awful. The digestive supplement tasted awful but worse it did not work so I once again wasted my money from a company on the internet that makes false claims and gives false hope to people with health issues. Thanks for nothing. I guess you will have to make up false testimonials like all the other "health" websites. Enjoy your profits.

Namaste. Yes, excellent service and products. I'm so happy to have learned of your company through Valerie Carruthers here in Florida. The Tulsi Tea is lovely and produced results right away -- definitely improves mental clarity and calmness and seems beneficial as an overall tonic. At age 63, not taking hormones, I'll take all the help I can get! Also am sharing the tea with Mom who is 87. Love the soaps and would like to know if the neem/tulsi bar is available without the loufa. Thank you for the prompt service, high quality products AND for asking for my feedback. -- Love, Gail

i really like the toothpaste, thanks.

Your suggestion to click on "recommend this page" in your response to this Feedback Form is a little misleading, as the link says "email this page." You should probably say something like: The easiest way to do this is to go to the relevant page below & from there click on "email this page" to offer your recommendation.

Hello, I have received the herbal toothpaste and a tongue cleaner - love both! The toothpaste has a very pleasant taste, and the tongue cleaner does exactly what it is described to do - and I DO feel the difference! Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Excellent service and wonderful products, as always. This time I ordered a year's supply of Orohyi - I won't use any other toothpaste now and I tell everyone about it. Thanks, Health and Yoga!!

I like the tooth paste. I saw on the internet once that the manufacturer also makes a couple of other products for oral health. Is there some way I can get them?

Dear Mr Prakasini My last order of 1-Neem-Sandal Cream,1-Orohyi herbal toothpaste, 1-Stainless Steel Neti Pot,1-Bulb Syringe and 1-Tongue Cleaner I received after few days of my purchase. I am very satisfied with the products, and all of them serve the purpose. My new experience with the Neti Pot I find easy to use as I did not expected. Also the tootpaste is something everyone should try. Now, the Neem-Sandal Cream is definitely amazing how it works. I will definitely order some more of these products in the future . Thank you for your fast and honest service Sincerely Snezana from Toronto

I like the neti pot but haven't tried the toothpaste yet.

Order was received a week after shipment. I am very pleased with all of the products.

I always receive my orders so quickly here in the U.S. and every product I have tried has been unique in some way and a cut above anything else I have tried like it. With your neti pot and enema equipment, these health-promoting practices are now a regular part of household life here. That was not the case until we started using your particular versions of these things. Thank you!

I admittedly have not really had the opportunity to use the Jala Neti Kit, but I do really enjoy the toothpaste. My gums are not bleeding as much and are starting to look healthier. Thank you for your incredible customer service.

great product great service

Products were received quickly (thank you!) and we love the neti pot and also the toothpaste. We were using a smaller neti pot previously and there is really a big difference in using a larger one with more water. The only thing is that the neti pot seems to have a couple of spots that look like the stainless steel coating has come off. These spots are near the top, outside edge and also on the inside bottom of the pot. We only use a plastic spoon to stir so it wouldn't be caused by our scratching it. Can you please let us know what this might be and if we might be able to return it for another one? Thank you. Sincerely, Martha David (e-mail: martha-david@verizon.net)

shipping too expensive

It is a good product. I have enjoyed it thus far. Thank you for very fast service.

My order came super fast, everything was neatly packed and the products are fantastic. THANK YOU!

Review not Provided.

I find the products to be invaluable. The tulsi tea reduces the inflamation of a digestive complaint.Amritdhara Supplement is magic with regard to colds & skin complaints. If you had an excellent box at the top that's were my mark would be. Thank you very much.

I was VERY pleased by your products and your service. The products I ordered were exactly as advertised and arrived promptly. Your kept me very well informed on the progress of my order via email. Excellent job!

Products and service 110%

Review not Provided.

We have used your toothpaste for a few years now and wouldn't use anything else. Our dentist was so impressed at our last cleaning! We hardly had any tartar buildup after six months, and we don't have to go back for eight months instead of six. Your service was excellent, as always, and we look forward to doing business with you in the future. Great products . . . excellent service. Thanks! Connie Doubt

I believe the Herbodent toothpaste is excellent. More refreshing than any toothpaste I ever had before. As long as my teeth don't turn green, I'll be happy. Now the tongue cleaner is pure copper and I dry it religiously after every use, so it will not oxydise. I wish you would have plastic ones like the ones I found in India. Much more hygenic. I am very glad that you exist and will find other products to satisfy my health needs. Namaste Andreya

I am very happy with my Netti pot! The toothpaste seems very effective and is long-lasting. great products. It took quite awhile for my small order to arrive. That would be my only wish-a speedier delivery. Thank you!

the order arrived promptly. We love the toothpaste and have vowed never to use another kind. thank you for your checkup and your wonderful products. Julie Novak

I really like the herbadent toothpaste and am ordering more today. Thanks for the great service too.

Hiya items arrived in doublequick time, & I am very happy with them. Namaste Graham

Review not Provided.

very satisfied. it arrived much faster then i expected. order was complete, packaged well and very much what was promised. thanks

No problems. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

The products are excellent, especially the GINGER TEA and INCENSE. The Herbal Oral Tooth Paste, It is not my first time, I already order it in the past. I use the same paste twice a day and it is the best past I have ever used.

Review not Provided.

I'm having good success with the neti pot and my sinuses. I have not given the second one to my son yet to try. I know he is going to resist and reject using it so I thought I would wait until some time when he is having more significnat allergy/sinus trouble such as when tree pollen is a problem in a couple of months. I really like the toothpaste. I will probably order some more of it at some point.

Review not Provided.

Immediate good point - The package arrived very promptly, within 7 - 10 days after I ordered online. Immediate bad point - the economical, compact packaging was appreciated, but some bubble wrap or wrapping paper would be wise with your more fragile plastic containers; the Neem Leaf powder container was cracked, and some of the contents had leaked out. It's a bit difficult to transfer it into another container without more spillage. That, however, is my only complaint. Re: the products ordered: 1. I ordered the soaps for myself and as gifts, and would certainly recommend them - they smell great, and while they don't last ages, they don't disappear within days like other 'natural' soaps I have bought do. 2. I also ordered the toothpaste and tongue cleaners as gifts and for myself. The toothpaste is pleasant and seems to work - no list of ingredients on the packet though. The tongue-cleaners are great! They were the most-appreciated as a gift, with positive comments from everyone I gave one to. HIghly recommended! 3. The basil teas were bought only as gifts, but I shall be buying one for myself, after hearing a friend rave about the refreshing taste and effect. 4. I've nearly finished the jaggery - a fine replacement for sugar. I shall be buying more, I'm sure! 5. I bought one Neti-pot as a gift, and one to keep. The gift was to someone who already knows how to use the pots, I've had no feedback yet. I haven't used mine yet... I've been told it should keep better than copper neti pots do. 6. The following - Neem-Sandal Cream(1.75oz), Neem leaf powder, Herbomineral - I lent to someone who has been suffering from various allergy-related skin disorders or most of his life. He will hopefully try them out and let me know how they work. Even if they don't work for him, I tried the cream on a rash and it was effective. It smells *very* similar to a Japanese herbal 'Kampoyaku' cream, made of wild yam amongst other things. I wonder what the common ingredient is? 7. I cannot yet give feedback on the Amritdhara Supplement or The beginners Course with 2 audio Cds. Overall, despite one damaged item, I shall certainly be ordering from you again, and shall (continue to) recommend your site to friends. It's surprisingly difficult to find a site able to ship overseas, and the postage rates are very good. Thanks! - Maria Godebska ---------------- 1/11/2006---------------

Service is always excellent. Products ordered were repeat items and are recommended to others.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I was impressed by the both the quality of your products and your service. The Neti pot has been a blessing for my youngest daughters sinus problems. I would definitely use your service again and would recommend healthand yoga.com to my friends and family. namaste' Marie Clickner

The soaps and cathether I ordered arrived in good time and condition. I have not yet used the soap, but have good expectations. As for the 10-pack enema catheter, I had no issues with it, but the diameter of the catheter is larger (approximately .7 cm) than the orignal one that came with the enema set (approximately .3 cm). I haven't used it yet so cannot comment. However, I think most customers would probably prefer the smaller catheter (even if for the same price). And I expect the smaller catheter would cost less to manufacture, therefore if H&Y sold the 10-pack smaller sized catheter, it might represent a good business move.

Wonderful speedy service! Have we ordered everything you offer yet? (Smile) Seems like it, and I must say every single thing has been a wonderful product. We especially enjoy the Herbodent toothgel, the Herbomineral skin wash, and Your Neti pot and Tongue scraper--the best we've ever used! So happy to have found your website! Thanks so much.

Greetings, I received my order in a timely manner and I am satisfied with the product. Thanks Michael Lapp

Many Thanks. I have received the products without problems and am quite satisfied although I want to see its effectiveness over the long term.

The order came in a timely fashion. We have enjoyed using the products and will likely order again.

Very prompt delivery, high-quality product, thank you very much. One question (personal, off-record): 'should the catheter (part inserted into human) be disposed of after one use or can it be cleaned and re-used? If it should be disposed of then it would be useful to mention that on point of order - not only would you increase sales but also satisfaction.' Please let me know!

Review not Provided.

Everything is satisfactory and arrived quickly. Thank you.

I am really thrilled with the tooth paste which I received in a timely manner. The taste is refreshing and it's such a delight to know that there are no toxic ingredients (which sadly our American tooth pastes contain). I will gladly recommend your product to others.

My recent orders of Orohi herbal toothpaste, tongue cleaner and Jasmine cheese soap arrived so early I couldn't believe it. Infact it arrived far more faster than most local orders, if not all. I was very impressed about the efficient service. The products too are good. I don't worry about swallowing some toothpaste by mistake, because all the ingredients are natural. Samuel, Canada.

I would like the hose to be 5/16 the equipment is not interchangeable with the other things i bought on your sight.

Toothpaste and stainless steel neti pot are excellent quality and a fair price.

Review not Provided.

Everything was in order as per usual... thanks!

Thank you so much! I received my order in a timely way. I really like the products!

I have found your products excellent. As regards to service, I think this is the best service I have come across till now. Delivery is so quick and efficient. Thanks you so much!!

Review not Provided.

Great products and service, Thanks.

Thank you .... i have reieved the products in great condition

It was great, thank you for following up on the order.

Everything is good, thank you!

I like all the products purchased. Nasal irrigation feels wierd, but seems helpful to sinus health. The herbal toothpaste is pleasant and effective, though toothsoap still seems to do a better job. I haven't really gooten into the habit of using the tongue scraper yet.

thank you health and yoga, i am very impressed with everything you sent me and am enjoying using it all especially the neti pot for my nose, i have suffered from nasal congestion for years but now i feel much clearer in my head and ears. the toothpaste is very good and the tongue cleaner, I have yet to sit with my beads for meditation but i plan to do that this weekend. thank you!

Honestly, I have forgotten what I bought from you. Kathleen

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Everything arrived on time and in good condition. Thanks!

the herbal toothpaste is great. i will use them for long term. i have not tried the enema kit yet. but they definitely look quite professional. i like the looks. thank you, prakasini, for all the communications for getting the items to me safe. los angeles, geewon

Review not Provided.

Hi - my order took a bit longer to arrive than expected, probably due to the difficulty in ordering. When ordered, WorldPay informed my that my payment did not go through, so I ordered once again, only to find that both payments did go through, so I cancelled one order. Everything was managed and all is well. Thank you!

Excellent products and prices, excellent service and quick turnaround of orders. I'll continue to use your products.

This is my second order of the toothpaste. I love it! It leaves my mouth fresh and my teeth super-clean without all of the nasty chemicals. I don't have to worry anymore about sensitive teeth or gum irritation. Thanks!

Review not Provided.

Actually I would like another order to go to myself at this address: Kathleen Pederson, 2900 W. Superstition Boulevard, # 9, Apache Junction, AZ 85220-2992. Thank you. If you have any questions, please email me again. Thank you.

Very nice. Thank you, Sherry

Your service is fast and efficient. My two recent orders arrived within days. I particularly love the Herbodent toothpaste -- and I couldn't survive without my tongue cleaner and net pot! Your customer service is excellent. Many thanks

good service and very fast delivery. keep up the good work! The stuff arrived in five days

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I am extremely satisfied with my new yoga mat. The toothpaste and incense are very fine too. But the mat is truly excellent. Thanks.

I was very pleased with my order... thank you!

I recieved the products I ordered very quickly. Everything was is excellent shape, and the Netti Pot is the most incredible item ever. I am so pleased with your company. Thank you so much. Devry McAdams

I received my order very promptly !!! I love the service that Health&Yoga provides always with excellence. Please continue to spoil me with all of your wonderful products!! Thank You, Ms. Angela Washington

my order is complete. thank you for your kind attention and service. my herbodent is excellent.

Review not Provided.

love all of it. The neti pot is actually allowing me to breath from my nose again. Sometimes afterwards I get really congested, but then in 5 to ten minutes I'm all cleared up, which is a huge triumph over being constantly stuffed up. Also, the tongue cleaner is simple and effective.

Dear Health and Yoga, I am greatly enjoying the natural toothpaste. I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not but my gingivitis is almost gone on my gums. I am very happy about that. I ordered multiple tubes so that I would never have to worry about running out. Again thanks. Signed a very pleased customer in Illinois, Deb Engels.

Thanks for your prompt delivery. The contents all arrived safely. Simon

Thank you very much for your very efficient and fast despaching service and your friendly manner. The products are really good quality and a joy to use. The Herbomineral leaves the skin incredibly soft, even after the first use. The soaps are wonderful and I am not using anything else on my skin! I really enjoy the Tulsi Ginger tea, it's a very stimulating and pleasant drink, really lifts you up! Thank you again til next time. Best wishes Lida

I received everything in perfect condition and very quickly. Thank you

it was very fast as i expected and the product was really good too in future i will be putting more order.

Part of my order arrived in a very timely manner Part of my order was delayed and required two emails on my part to inquire as to its status;however, the customer representative on your end was extremely helpful and polite

No problems with the ordering and shipping, but the container for the Amritdhara does not withstand air-travel very well--I took it overseas and it leaked, so I lost about a third of the contents. Other than that, no problems. Thanks.---------------- 3/18/05---------------

I realy like the netti and everything arrived quickly, but I never received the neem soap I ordered, only the free soap. Since the soap was expensive I was kinda annoyed, but I was so happy with everything else I didn't bother saying anything until now. Kalman

Thank you, everything was received as ordered and I am regularly using both toothpaste and tongue cleaner. I am still trying to find time for practice at home w/ the mat. pf

I am very pleased with all the products I purchased. Thank You. Christina Bowers - cvb360cici@msn.com

reliable and courteous service... thanks :) !!

Hi, Thank you very much. The products were better than expected. My mother recently slept over at our house and tried the toothpaste, needless to say she was very curious and. She requested that I order some for her the next time I make an order. Also, the soaps were a splendid surprise. We just got our second order from you, and the khadi soaps are amazing! They smell absolutely wonderful. Thanks again for everything. Forrest Verde Dudek

Review not Provided.

arrived ok and intime. Cheap postage for small orders would be a nice addition.

I love everything! Thank you

I received my product in a short time, and have been using it, and love it. I epscially loved the way it was packaged. Great product, at a great price. Thanks and I'm glad I found your site! Namaste, M. Dykstra

I must apologize ..I thought you were resending these items to me again. I just woke up . I am sorry.. I am very pleased with my products.

Great products and unbelievably fast shipping. Thanks!

It is that I was looking for. Very Good!

Review not Provided.

I am very pleased with the products that i received from your company. It is my intention to use the products from now on - they are superb!

Thank you, my order arrived within ten days and I am enjoying everything -- I especially love the toothpaste. The neti pot is very easy to use I think because it is larger than most that they sell here. You will hear from me again. Isn't the internet an awesome thing?

Everything arrived sooner than expected and in excellent condition. Your toothpaste is still my favorite product. Thank you

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

It was faster than I expected. thanks!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Shipping was quicker than expected and the quality of the product was excellent. Thank you for your service.

great - thanks!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I love the Orohyi herbal toothpaste. Great Stuff. The Nag Champa 500gm I was a little dissapointed in because it is very 'powdery' and makes a mess. I have bought the same brand of Nag Champa in the past, but it was 'export quality' and was not as powdery & messy. However the Nag Champa still smells great when I burn it! :) Thanks for the great customer service. - Debbie Painter

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

The parcel arrived ok. Many thanks

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

The products recieved me in a good shape. I'm very happy with it! I love orohyi toothpaste.

I always get quick delivery! Thanks so much :)

great products

I received your package in record time! I love the toothpaste! I've been having lots of problems with my gums and since I've been using the toothpaste, the sensitivity in my gums has gotten a lot better. Thanks for this wonderful product!!

Review not Provided.

I received your products and are very happy with them so far. Thank You, Hueseyin Koeksal

great products, will definately continue ordering from your website, thank you. Magnús and Rakel

Review not Provided.


Review not Provided.

Hello ! I have received my order right on time as usual with thanks ! Best regards, Daniela

I was pleasantly surprised at the speed of delivery! I am using the Neti Pot and the toothpaste regularly and find them to be quality products.

Review not Provided.

fabulous products as usual!


Review not Provided.

Oops. I thought I was to reply to the email. But, I will repeat my reply here. I am fairly satisfied. I have yet to see all the results I had hoped for, but I am satisfied with my purchase. The package arrived quickly, which is also a plus. I have only used the Neti Pot once as I'm still struggling with the idea because I always hate water anywhere near my nose. I have a history of poor oral health due to heredity, etc, so I am hopeful that the toothpaste will be a great help in improving my oral health (which has not responded to even regular and "obsessive" brushing and flossing). Thank you.

I love the herbal soaps, which smell wonderful and don't leave my skin feeling dry or irritated. However, I tried the all-natural toothpaste and found it made my receding gum problem worse. I can't use the toothpaste and my children don't really like the taste of it. Sandi White Lowell, MI---------------- 7/20/04---------------

Review not Provided.

thanks very much, very nice

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

thank you for your efficiency!

Review not Provided.

I have received my Healthhandyyoga order for which I am very pleased and I thank you ! I regularly use my netipot and I have ordered for my friends too ! all the best, Daniela :-)))

I just received an email from your colleague inquiring into the status of my order.....This is confirmation that it has been received, in good condition and timely........Excellent service. Keep it up......

Taste and accompanying breath smell of toothpaste was a little strong but otherwise o.k. Tongue cleaner worked well.

Great product. I always get exactly what I ordered and in a timely manner too. Thanks!

My gums used to bleed a lot more when I brushed, now hardly at all. I'm also sick of that candy flavored crap that passes for toothpaste you buy off the shelf. Keep up the good work.

I am very pleased with the products and the service. My only complaint is that I did not receive the cd that was supposed to accompany the Health and Pregnancy book. There was no cd with it and no indication that it would arrive separately. Otherwise, everything is great. I will continue to order from you in the future. Thank you. D Dobrzeniecki

my wife ,daugther an my self enjoy the toothpast thank you

All OK. Thank You

I ordered the diabetes powder but don,t understand how to use it.The same with the powder for the skin.I have tried the diabetas powder in water and wonder if this is right?

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I must admit, I have not yet "graduated" to your stainless neti pot from the clay one I am currently using. But I know it is easier to maintain and will not have the chance of breaking that the pot I use has. I will certainly give feedback comparing the two when I become more familiar with my new neti pot.

Review not Provided.

Yes I have recieved it and enjoy the products very much

Everything came on time, in good condition. Thanks.

I got the products, they seem good

Got the parcel. Thank you.

I'm so very pleased by the wonderful care you have taken to deliver my recent first order. Everything was packaged well and delivered timely. The quality of each product I received far exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

hello, i''m writing rather than filling in a form because i wanted to tell you that everything is great. the package arrived auickly and in good shape and the products are just as expected, BUT, it cost me a lot of extra $$$ because you sent it by fed ex rather than by regular post which you had done i think the last time i orderd from you. i much prefer to take my chances with the regular post rather than double the cost of the products.

Review not Provided.

Fantastic thank you I received my order within days and am a very satisfied customer!

Thanks so much for the (as always) super dooper fast shipment. i am in love with this toothpaste! i got TWO of my friends HOOKED on it! thanks so much.. will do business with you again...definaltey!!! woohOooooO ayuerveda toothpaste rules! mouth happy!

Hari Om, Yes I have received the complete order, and I am very pleased with both the products and the service and will continue to order from you in the future. I have already made and received a second order and am pleased with that as well. Thank you very much for the quality of your goods and the efficiency of your service. D. Dobrzeniecki

The only problem I have experienced is keeping the catheters attached to hte nossle of the shut-off valve. Otherwise, no problems.

We love the toothpaste. Thank you.

Very happy with the products and delivery.

Hello. I replied to the Email. Just saw this link. Product received. Good shipping Time. But The soaps were not as good as the ones I was used to ordering. Is you have nay questions, do not hesitate to contact me. regards, Sid Shroff

Yes , I received the toopaste and amridhrara . We are using the toothpaste now and it''s wonderful. I haven''t started using the amridhara yet.

The Neti pot is great. Easy to use, easy to learn and helps me feel great. I use it first thing in the morning to start my day out right. I like the tongue cleaner as well. The toothpaste is fine, but I probably wouldn't order it again. Thank you

I received the order in good condition and in a timely fashion. Thank you.

Forgive me for taking so long to reply. I placed the order on a weekend and received the items on the next Tuesday. I was pleasantly surprised. The neti pots were for my husband and son (I already have mine and love it.). They both are pleased and have become regular users. The copper tongue cleaners are elegant and better than anything I've tried in the past for the same purpose. And the toothpaste is better than any I've used. Thank you for your caring products and service. Doris D

I got it. It is much better than other neti pots I have used. -Jay

Hello Prakasini, I did receive my order, thank you. Do you have a shop in Delhi?

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Hello, I need to know how to return an item. There was no invoice with the order. The toothpaste has glycerine in it and your website does not show that on the ingredient list. Very disappointed. Please advise. Anna

Rec'd product in about 5-7 days and that was before xmas! First time I bought the toothpaste. I love it and will be buying more.

I received it, but one of the neti-pots was broken. The spout was not connected to the pot. My life has been insane for the last month, so I hadn't had time to contact you about a replacement. Thanks, April

Good Service. Thanks....

Review not Provided.

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Brushing our teeth with toothpaste has been a hygienic and social necessity for ages. Removing bacterial bio-film or plaque, that builds upon our teeth every 12 – 24 hours; in turn, preventing tooth decay, gum disease as well as bad breath is the supposed role of brushing. No one can think of leavin...
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