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  • Delivery to door within 7-12 days, with standard shipping (Postal orders 'may' take a little longer)
  • Suitable for winter skin allergies, dry skin based disorders and skin fungus, athletes foot
  • 100% natural - no preservatives or chemicals used; safe for infants and children
  • Contains neem, sandalwood and herbal oils; no artificial fragrance added
  • A 'must have' addition to every self-care & home remedy kit
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    `Snigdhkanti` Neem - Sandal cream is a pure blend of oils- Neem Oil, Coconut oil, Sandal Oil, Olive oil, Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Oil, Mango-Ginger (Ambahaldi) Oil and Beeswax.This cream is very effective in treatment of various skin infections, fungal infections, boils, pimples, athlete`s foot and mild rashes. The herbal and medicinal oils present in this cream have a powerful healing, revitalizing and antiseptic effect on the skin

    I have not used your products till date.Will let you know later.

    Great stuff and I received it fast but I ordered all the same kind of soap and got three different kinds.

    I have been buying several products from health and yoga for myself, and also for friends and relatives who are interested. I was hooked to the site when I bought a stainless steel jalneti pot, an absolute beauty and a prized possession. Thereafter I began exploring the site and found many interesting things which I use regularly.

    Great product. Good to have it delivered quickly. Would appreciate if the price can be brought down a bit, as its a little expensive to order frequently. Neem cream works well but the smell is very harsh that it cannot be used at daytime while at work. Otherwise the products are good. Thanks

    That`s an excellent product. I had some kind of eczema on my right cheek and after about 5 application of this cream the eczema started to fade out. Now about a month since the first application the rash disappear completely.

    It is a good product. When my child got allergy, her skin has become totally dry and rough. What ever the cream I apply, she complained of burning. This cream is really helpful to relieve from dryness as well as burning sensation due to eczema or allergy. Ofcoarse the allergy has come down with internal ayurvedic medicines, I request to try this product in case of allergies and eczema.

    Health and Yoga has the best price make things even better..I ordered at 1:45 pm on a Sunday and the package was delivered at 1:45 pm the very next Wednesday! I was amazed it arrived so quickly from India..three!.so many things I order from the US take weeks to arrive...Health and Yoga is the BEST!!!

    I bought this for my husband & he says it really is helping to clear up the problem Thanks so much . I will definitely recommend this product

    The sandal cream is best moisturizer and itchy skin treatment that i have used so far. I love it. Th e ginger tea is very soothing and i enjoy a cup every night.

    All of the products are of high quality! I love them all. Namaste.

    My husband was hospitalized four times last year for staph and strep infections resulting from severe eczema on his hands. This year, his hands have been in good condition and he hasn`t had any skin infections or hospital visits. We believe this is due to the combined regular use of Snigdhkanti Neem-Sandal cream and daily bathing with tea tree oil soap. His quality of life is better and no costly hospital stays!

    Review not Provided.

    I have bought these products before and work excellent.

    So happy with all the products and service, but a little thrown off by the way the package was so severely banged up. I guess that`s from the very long transit. Some contents banged up too like the tea can dented and neem powder leaking some. But other than that very satisfied.

    Review not Provided.

    The neem cream is great and service is very efficient.

    I like your product. My husband tried it on his dry skin and the Neem cream is the only thing that worked.
    No problems with the ordering or shipping.

    Wow! Amazing product. I would give this product 4 1/2 stars. Mine did not come with a wooden spoon to scoop out which would make life easier as it is difficult to get out if you have fingernails. Also, a little goes a long way remember less is more. I only use this product at night as the smell is not something I am accustomed to and not sure if it would affend any of my co-workers. The price seems a little high for a small container. Too bad they cannot put it in a tube that would make it easier to dispense and increase the amount for the same price! Don`t hestitate, give it a try worked wonders on my pores and reduced fine lines and acne scars. I also used it for an bite from a spider and that really seemed to work miracles and reduced the inflammation and swelling! No prescription has worked on it like this product. :)

    Good service and THE product was quickly delivered.

    I found Healthandyoga very good to deal with, their sevice was prompt overall and very satisfying thank you. The products that I chose have had an impact virtually the first time the skin cream was applied, very remarkable. Once again thank you for your products, highly recommend them

    "Thank you for another timely and perfect delivery of high quality products at a good price."

    good service, great products

    Review not Provided.

    although there is bit unpleasant smell, it doesn`t linger over after you apply the cream. This worked good on my rashes.

    We purchased the cream specifically to treat a lower leg itching irritation. It has not relieved the symptoms, but we will try it on any other skin conditions that occur.
    Gordon Florance.

    I love everything that I ordered. I had a slight problem receiving my order due to a UPS error, but with the help of the people at Health and Yoga, I was able to find my order. They were very kind and helpful! Thank you!

    This is my third purchace of Neem-Sandal Cream. I use it often and find it effective in treating many skin conditions.

    It helped my skin problem now i can have my medication ..

    The products ordered were delivered to me in the time promised. The shipping box was sturdy and its contents were in good condition, undamaged. This purchase was a good experience for me.

    Review not Provided.

    I keep buying your neem cream and I have also given it as gifts to many people. A most wonderful product, well priced and very effective. Thank you!



    Always Excellent Service and Speedy Delivery. We have loved and used every product we have ordered through the years...Thank You for making them available so easily!

    received everything. thanks

    Great products and excellent service! Always pleased!

    Thank you for following up on my order which I received in a timely manner. I have been very happy with my purchases so far. I love the herbal toothpaste and the neem cream. I have not tried the other products yet but I am confident that I will like them as much as I do the ones I have used. I will drfinitely reorder soon!

    I love the neem cream....I have replied before and you used my comments last time. I have sent a bunch of jars to family in Europe and it`s a great product. I continue to be a happy customer of this product and your service. Thank you!

    This product is amazing and I am giving it to a bunch of friends. I call it my miracle cream...It works on all kinds of skin issues from dry skin to acne to wounds. I will order more and send to family in Europe next! Thanks for carrying such a wonderful product. Excellent and swift service as well!

    The order came quickly as stated. My daughter has used it in the past and it worked well. She needed more to get rid of the fungus, which did not completely clear with the first application


    I really like the Neem Cream.It keeps my feet from being too dry. The sprouter is the best I ever seen. It`s easy and fast and of course I love the toothpaste.It cleans well and leaves my mouth feeling fresh. Will place another order soon.

    Great products. Good quality. The neem sandal cream as relieved the itching from a skin rash. Only been using a few weeks, not gone yet but better. Service was very good, shipment made it to me in good time and service about a missing part has been good.

    Yes, I received it. I am using it on a patch of skin - a type of psoriasis - it seems to be improving. I have found neem to help in many areas of use. I even use it in my garden to control insect pop. Thank you

    relieved itch however very unpleasant odor

    Excellent quality and service, as usual!

    I have been using the Neem Basil Soap & find, blissfully, that my skin doesn`t itch anymore. The Neem Sandal Cream was helpful in ridding my face of several stubborn blackheads. The order arrived within 8 days & your company`s concern regarding the delivery & quality of your products is certainly appreciated in this day & age! I plan to order again &,also, to check out more of your skin products.

    Thank you!
    N. Williams

    Great service, fast delivery, correct order, product satsifaction of utmost quality.

    I received the products I ordered a week after I ordered it online. I was so excited to use this stuff, but unfortunately I think I might be allergic to it. The neem cream after using it for 4 days straight (in the morning and night), I broke out with a rash on my face that itched like crazy. I stopped using the Neem Crean and it went away after 2 or 3 days. The tea takes a bit getting used to and after 4 days of drinking it morning and night, I couldn`t get used to it so I stopped drinking it. The Skin aura feels good on the face but I noticed that my face would get itchy again so I don`t use it anymore either.

    I think Neem-Sandal Cream is an excellent product. My granddaghter had cracks on the bottom of her big toe. I think it was a fungus. She has been on prescription medicine for this problem but it did not help. The Neem-Sandal Cream is healing the toe. I received the cream in a short amount of time. Thank you

    Excellent products and service, as usual!

    The "neem" didn`t do anything at all, in fact it just made the itch a lot worse, but this is probably because my skin infection is something much different. Your delivery was very prompt and much appreciated.
    John Cronquist

    Product needs expiration date. The shipping was very speedy and smooth.

    Very happy with purchase! Thank you!

    Review not Provided.

    This is a quality product and I will buy it again. Thank you so much!! Pretty fast ship also.

    Thanks again,

    This is a one of a kind product online currently. It has already cured an adult rash and an infants rash. It works within the day. The neem and sandalwood oils are very effective. Highly recommended! The product came safely from India within a week, as promised.

    The soaps are wonderful, I will be ordering those again.

    The 1-Amritdhara Supplement - 12ml (0.40 oz), was not at all what I expected. I`ve taken it religiously since I received it , and it hasn`t been working, except to stop my bowels up a bit. I was in search of a natural gas relief, and this just doesn`t seem to be cutting it as such.

    Quick delivery and great service!

    We receieved our order in the timeframe indicated. This is not the first time we have ordered this product.

    We appreciate the communication we received since we placed the order to make certain we knew what was going on, etc.

    I had a lot of hope that the product would work...........but it didn`t

    I recieved my order several weeks ago. I sent a confirmation, of my recept, via e-mail several weeks ago. You should have gotten it way before this

    Product came on time a promised, thank you

    My product was received on time and the service was very good.

    I have purchased Herbodent in the past. I think it is a very good product. However, the Neem purchase was first time purchase and it really helps to stabilise fungal infections although it does not seem to cure it totally. Maybe I need to repeat the use a few times on the affected area.

    I received the order a couple weeks ago. I don't have any complaints and haven't used it enough to know if it's made a difference in my skin.

    I am very pleased with the products ordered from you. I will be ordering the products again. I'm am sorry for not responding earlier. . . life has been hectic. . .Thank you. Boni

    The items arrived in a timely manner. Thank you for sending them so quickly. The items, as expected, are great and will be coming back again.

    The service and response time was excellent.

    Have received my order and am using the cream. The skin problem has not cleared up yet but feel it needs more time using your product. Thank you.

    the Neem Creme got rid of a stubborn underarm fungal skin rash for me.....after i tried many products and medicatins that failed. is a wonderful natural cure for skin fungus....i used it 2x a day morning and night and continue to use it do the rash wont return.

    thank you, i am pleased with my order; the neem sandal cream seems to be of especially high quality. also, as i am in the military/use military mail routes, your diligent notification/tracking system lessens the stress of potential mailing difficulties, which happen with greater frequency for military personnel like myself. Thank you!

    The shipment was received quickly and safely. The colonic items are highly satisfactory and I look forward to continuous health improvment. With regard to the Neem cream, I will update you regarding the results at a later time. Regards and Thanks very much for your very good service.

    I recieved my order in a timely fashion. Although I was hoping the ointment I recieved would alleviate my problem, it didn't. Thank you anyway...I will try it on other skin problems if they come along.

    This is exactly what I've been needing--thank you so much!

    Thank you so much. I love the neem cream - hard to find that potency in cream form. Haven't had a chance to try the herbomineral yet. thanks again for your follow up- a sign of integrity. Namaste

    Soaps are great. Neem cream smells bad and is very greasy. Herbomineral and Skin Aura are just too difficult to use. The paste takes hours to dry, which is very inconvenient. Thanks.

    thank you. I recieved it. it works realy nice.

    Somebody had opened a parcel. I guess that was customs who did it. Everything was in the parcel, except, Tea was opened and put back. Overall, I am satisfied.

    i really like the toothpaste, thanks.

    Review not Provided.

    I have received the Neem Cream and have been using it for a while. However, has not helped with my skin rash. I know it's a fine product, but unfortunately, my rash is still lingering and not getting any better. Is there a product made specifically for skin rash that I may purchase from you? If you do, I would love to know more about it Thank you. Mrs. A. N.

    Dear Mr Prakasini My last order of 1-Neem-Sandal Cream,1-Orohyi herbal toothpaste, 1-Stainless Steel Neti Pot,1-Bulb Syringe and 1-Tongue Cleaner I received after few days of my purchase. I am very satisfied with the products, and all of them serve the purpose. My new experience with the Neti Pot I find easy to use as I did not expected. Also the tootpaste is something everyone should try. Now, the Neem-Sandal Cream is definitely amazing how it works. I will definitely order some more of these products in the future . Thank you for your fast and honest service Sincerely Snezana from Toronto

    I have not yet had a chance to use the products. I will contact you as soon as I do.

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    Thank you! I have received my order. Your product is helping.

    Review not Provided.

    Thank you -- everything arrived just fine. The Neem salve is really excellent, and helped me conquer a fungal skin infection (and, I believe, prevent a recurrence). The herb/mineral powder is less convenient to use, but I've tried it a little, as a powder over the salve. Thanks for good products and good service!

    Thank you for the nice Neti Pot!!

    Really like the neti pot design! The only minor complaint that I have is that it almost tips over when empty due to the weight of the tube you put to your nose. The heavy weight of the pot, and swivel tube are very nice though.

    Everything arrived ship-shape and as-anticipated.

    Immediate good point - The package arrived very promptly, within 7 - 10 days after I ordered online. Immediate bad point - the economical, compact packaging was appreciated, but some bubble wrap or wrapping paper would be wise with your more fragile plastic containers; the Neem Leaf powder container was cracked, and some of the contents had leaked out. It's a bit difficult to transfer it into another container without more spillage. That, however, is my only complaint. Re: the products ordered: 1. I ordered the soaps for myself and as gifts, and would certainly recommend them - they smell great, and while they don't last ages, they don't disappear within days like other 'natural' soaps I have bought do. 2. I also ordered the toothpaste and tongue cleaners as gifts and for myself. The toothpaste is pleasant and seems to work - no list of ingredients on the packet though. The tongue-cleaners are great! They were the most-appreciated as a gift, with positive comments from everyone I gave one to. HIghly recommended! 3. The basil teas were bought only as gifts, but I shall be buying one for myself, after hearing a friend rave about the refreshing taste and effect. 4. I've nearly finished the jaggery - a fine replacement for sugar. I shall be buying more, I'm sure! 5. I bought one Neti-pot as a gift, and one to keep. The gift was to someone who already knows how to use the pots, I've had no feedback yet. I haven't used mine yet... I've been told it should keep better than copper neti pots do. 6. The following - Neem-Sandal Cream(1.75oz), Neem leaf powder, Herbomineral - I lent to someone who has been suffering from various allergy-related skin disorders or most of his life. He will hopefully try them out and let me know how they work. Even if they don't work for him, I tried the cream on a rash and it was effective. It smells *very* similar to a Japanese herbal 'Kampoyaku' cream, made of wild yam amongst other things. I wonder what the common ingredient is? 7. I cannot yet give feedback on the Amritdhara Supplement or The beginners Course with 2 audio Cds. Overall, despite one damaged item, I shall certainly be ordering from you again, and shall (continue to) recommend your site to friends. It's surprisingly difficult to find a site able to ship overseas, and the postage rates are very good. Thanks! - Maria Godebska ---------------- 1/11/2006---------------

    Review not Provided.

    Thanks, have recieved the products. so far, so good. Many irritations have been relieved.


    Wonderful speedy service! Have we ordered everything you offer yet? (Smile) Seems like it, and I must say every single thing has been a wonderful product. We especially enjoy the Herbodent toothgel, the Herbomineral skin wash, and Your Neti pot and Tongue scraper--the best we've ever used! So happy to have found your website! Thanks so much.

    Recieved quickly. The product doesn't seem to be helping my problem though. Back to convential meds.....

    The verdict is still out but I think there is some improvement

    thank you

    Yes I received my order in reasonable time and everything satisfactory thank you

    Review not Provided.

    Execllent service. I was very suprised how quickly the order arrived. It was in good condition. However, it would have been helpful to be less surprised. The order was shipped by FedEx which was not expected. Though it resulted in a quick delivery, there was a mix up on this end. I was expecting a parcel from another source via FedEx. When I was out I was left a note tha FedEx had attempted a delivery. Fedex came again the next day and left a parcel which I though was the one related to the notification. However later in the day, they came again with your parcel, found I was not in, then refused to deliver it. The first notice was for your parcel;, not the one I had received. This resulted in 1 1/2 hours of travel at my expense. The fault is with FedEx, but to overcome a repeat of this type of problem, it would be helpful to indicate how the parcel is being shipped. Thanks again for your fine service. I would be happy to order from you again in the future.

    So far, my skin condition has improved.

    Love the cream, have not used the other product as of yet.

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    My order reached me in a very timely manner. I am happy with my order and the service.

    Good Morning; I received my products quickly and am very happy using them. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Taylor Martin-Bowes

    Excellent product and service. It is on my reorder list.

    Your service is fast and efficient. My two recent orders arrived within days. I particularly love the Herbodent toothpaste -- and I couldn't survive without my tongue cleaner and net pot! Your customer service is excellent. Many thanks

    We received the products in less than a week. My daughter has used the soap and the powder for problem acne. Both seem to be of benefit. The cream however, seems to be a bit greasy so she has discontinued using that, at least for now. Thank you, Denise Kane

    I am very pleased with my purchases, thank you very much for your service

    Your product is wonderful and helped me in a great way! Not for the weak of stomach, this is a bit graphic, I had sever cracks on the skin of my vulva from a terrible yeast infection. Although a bit grainy, not to mention stinky, he,he,he, your Neem-Sandal cream was the only product that helped the heal the cracks and I was back to myself in the matter of just a few days. Thank you so very much! Namaste Helena

    the product is of good quality and has great uses. thank you for your prompt service

    I received my neem skin products promptly and they are doing a fine job on the eczema on my ankles and legs. Thanks

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    excellent product, very fasy dervice on your order

    What I ordered arrived quickly, although the box was pretty beat up. Everything inside was ok, but you might want to consider using a better quality box when shipping... especially anything that might break. Thanks.

    fabulous products as usual!

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    I have a skin disease called prurigo nodularis which is very itchy with wart like lessions - the cream seems to be helping - I use it twice a day. Let me know if you have anything else that may be helpful in treating forms of eczema or skin allergies.

    The products arrived quickly, and are very good as usual. Thanks!

    I received both products alright. Did anyone ever mention that it's very difficult to open the bottle? Not until your email arrived did I remember what happened to them: I tried to open the bottle once I received the shipment, but gave up because it was too tough :( This time I tried again and had to use a swiss knife to force open the hard plastic inner lid. I wonder if it only happened to me or others had a similar problem before. Regarding the products themselves, I can not verify the effectiveness since I was misdiagnosed with Fungus last time. It turned out that my skin problem was irritated by something else. However, since I ordered and paid for them, I guess I will keep them and hopefully put them to some real use in the future. Again, thanks for checking back.

    The products I ordered were excellent, and arrived quickly. Thanks!

    I am completely satisfied with the product I received from you. I also appreciate the pleasant and friendly way in which you communicate. Thank you!

    wonderful product! I referred your site to a friend of mine whos daughter has serious acne. The neem product had really helped my skin.

    I ordered the diabetes powder but don,t understand how to use it.The same with the powder for the skin.I have tried the diabetas powder in water and wonder if this is right?

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    The communication between your company and myself was excellent, it was the actual product which I was not satisfied with, I followed the correct directions, however the results were not as promised. Can you please honor your money back gurantee?-Thank You

    Thank you for your promp and caring service..

    Review not Provided.

    Thank you for your concern. I am using the product and it is improving. All the best to you all.

    The cream is great!

    I placed a order my confirmation id is is: 819649617 have not recieved my order yet how do i contact or know when my order is on its way??????????????????????????????

    Did receive product in timely fashion, and I am very satisfied. I will likely re-order when I finish using it.

    Hello: At February 2nd my order still doesn''t arrive, I placed my order January the 26 I paid to be deliver in 3 days, because I needed it ,but is already more than a week and I still do not receive it. Please sent my order ASAP or I will have to cancel it. thanks Mrs. Sanchez ---------------- 2/5/04---------------Hello As Today February the 4th I still do not receive my order that I placed more than a week ago . Could you explain to me what is the problem because I want to cancel everything .

    I am extremely pleased with all the products. Service and communication was excellent!

    Dear Prakashani, I have not received my package of Neem-Sandal cream. It is been over ten days since my order was made. Please let me know what's going on with my purchase. Thank you for your time. Kind regards, vance

    well, i did notice that the cream was old. the date was year 2003 and it is 2004 already. the other bottle is almost impossible to open...

    thanks!!!! we have received last month and sorry about the late feedback

    Product seems to work as claimed. I am satisfied.

    Review not Provided.
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