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Antiskid Yoga Mats Grass 3 X 6

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Oct 02, 2019, Janina
from Altenburg, Germany

No problems with customs, the mat just came here, I loved that so much!

Aug 31, 2017, Tracy
from Worcester, United States

Great mat I have been looking for one like this for a long time. Shipping was very fast.

Jun 01, 2011, Brent
from Los Angeles, United States

I received all items in good condition, and am thoroughly satisfied with each of them. Thank you.

Sep 27, 2010, Margaret
from Craigavon, United Kingdom

I love my new yoga mat. I have always used a sticky mat and so it has taken some time to get used to the change. I can move more smoothly from one pose to another on the grass mat and feel the benefits from the effect of holding the pose myself without the aid of the sticky mat. Already my limbs and muscles are so much stronger. The larger size is a great benefit too especially when doing salutations.
I do wish that I had started sooner on the grass mat because I find it a little ruff on the tops of my feet but I’m sure I’ll toughen up. The black binding is not very feminine but it was the size of the mat that attracted me and the fact that it was of natural material. I know that I feel great after using this mat as it has an up lifting effect. Best Regards Margaret

Jan 04, 2010, Deborah
from Arlington Heights, United States

This yoga mat is fantastic! My husband usually slips around on regular yoga mats once his hands and feet get a little sweaty. Not this one. He is able to hold his poses with confidence knowing he won`t slip. He also said that the extra width and length are great. He highly recommends this product.

Dec 31, 2008, Shauna
from Victoria, Canada

All was as advertised. I appreciate your customer service it is top notch. Thanks Jules and Shauna

Nov 29, 2008, Jane
from Stillwater, United States

The mat I purchased is very nice, but it has a design flaw. It tends to bunch up while you`re using it, making lumps in the mat. Not very comfortable!

Sep 25, 2008, Jessica
from Jacksonville, United States

I love my new grass yoga mat! The smell of the rubber is a bit strong, but it seems to be wearing off now. The grass material and the size are perfect. There is even room for my children to stretch along with me. Thank you!

Nov 26, 2007, Claudia
from St Cloud, United States

Great timely shipping! I love the yoga mat for sitting asana's and meditation, but feet get a little slippery in standing postures. Also I have a sensitivity to the byproducts used in most incenses, and unfortunately I could not enjoy your product either. The mala was in perfect condition, and I am using it for japa daily.

Oct 02, 2007, Andrew
from Pasadena, U.S.A.

Thank you so much for the fast delivery, wonderful communication, and high-quality products! I absolutely love my new yoga mat. Namaste!

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