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  • Bright, eye-catching multi-colored rainbow beads – babies will love them and will keep them engaged
  • Contains Beads made of food grade silicone; Sewed in a soft resilient thread making it durable
  • Extremely soothing for itchy gums and teething issues, spongy chewing for relieving comfort
  • Safe, non-toxic, well rounded with no sharp edges – will not get displaced or dirty, as it is worn on neck
  • Sterilizable in Warm water; Tasteless and Odorless; latex-free - keeps moms worry free
  • Wholesale Price : as low as $ 11.44
    Min SRP [?] This is the MINIMUM Suggested Retail Price for this product. Most retailers sell at almost $2-$5 over the Min SRP. : $ 15.25 USD   
    Item Wt : 54.00 gms. approx

    Wholesale Discount: See Chart

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    Babies are very delicate. A lot of attention is required as they grow; their teeth start growing, they start to move their hands and legs and whatever looks bright, they tend to take it in their mouth. It is necessary to be attentive to what they are chewing on. Teething necklace is really helpful for mothers in such cases. Also while nursing their babies, it is great that the babies are focused on beads and moms can easily change their clothes; sponge them; massage them and other daily baby care. This necklace is very safe for infants taking it in their mouth as it is made of food grade silicone. It does not have any taste and chewing it, is very comfortable for babies and to their on-growing gums and teeth. Moms too can wear it for looking stylish as well as engaging their babies to play with them.

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