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  • Course designed by Swami Omananda Saraswati; includes a set of book and 2 CDs.
  • 8-week well structured integral yoga home program .
  • Course contents; guided meditation, guided relaxation, breathing techniques and yoga exercises .
  • Includes specific yoga techniques to help in 60+ health issues.
  • Focused on four aspects of yoga; Yoga Nidra, Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation
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    The “Beginner`s Course” is a set of book and 2 CDs. It self-practice course that consists of guided meditation, guided relaxation, powerful breathing techniques along with yoga exercises. The course will progressively lead and teach you the Yoga practice in an extremely easy-to-follow and practical manner.

    The course has been formatted as an 8-week home program of Integral Yoga. Each week will cover four aspects of yoga- Yoga Nidra (first CD), followed by the Asanas (Book/Manual), then Pranayama and Meditation (second CD). It is perhaps the only one of its kind available.

    The course has a manual, 60-minute audio CD with 4 powerful meditation practice sessions and a 90-minute audio CD with unique techniques of Yoga Nidra or deep relaxation.

    The course has been designed by Swami Omananda Saraswati- an Integral Yoga Teacher, a Yoga Therapist, Researcher, and the author of 6 books on yoga and meditation. For over 20 years he has conducted public & private yoga classes, seminars, workshops, retreats, and helped many people towards a healthier, more natural lifestyle.

    I love your store, products, service and care for the customer!!

    the book arrived quickly and on time . I find the layout unattractive but the content good /

    Everything I ordered exceeded my expectations... I am working through the Beginners yoga Audio CDs and learning a lot. The Danga really works, I had to use it several times and it does the trick ; opening up either side of my nostrials.

    Products arrived promptly as promised

    The quality of product is known to us as past users. The service is second to none and response time excellent. Thank you.

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    thank you Swami

    I recieved my products in excellent condition and within one week. Thanks very much.

    I did receive my order and am very satisfied with everything. Thanks


    thank you, i received the package and i am very pleased!

    I received my order in the time-frame you said I would. I am pleased with the yoga book and CD`s. Thank you very much.
    Shirley Wofford

    I had recd the products in tact and I have immensely gained and benefitted from, ideal way of self-learning techniques through these invaluable aids,especially by those who are unable to persoally attend yoga coaching classes. I would recommend to those of my age groups of over 80 to learn yoga or pranayama through books and products of Health and A.Shanmugam, IAS (Retd)

    I did receive my order, I am happy with it. I like the CD`s, they are helping me with meditation.

    I am very happy with the book and the CDs, amazingly fast delivery! Thanks so much!

    I received the order quickly and am very pleased with it. I love the toothpaste and will be ordering more. Thank you for such good service.

    The Beginners Course (with 2 Audio Cds) is fantastic, I am only in my fist week, but already loving it. The Rose Wood Mala Beads are beautiful!

    I have been practicing yoga from Gaia videos for about 4 years now. I was shocked to discover just how out of shape I was after only three days of following this course. This is the information I have been looking`s great. I`m having a little trouble getting it all scheduled, but on the days I manage to do all 4 practices I feel great. I will definitely be continuing my business relationship with your website and will recommend it to others.

    got the CD`s and book , thanks.

    Review not Provided.

    Hi, when the item i purchased was recommended to me i was also told its arrival would take about 7 to 10 days and would be delivered hassle free right to my front door. Exactly right!! Great job folks, and thank you very much!!! Oh, and I`m really enjoying the book and am finding it really useful. Warm regards to all involved, ciao, Pat Wheatley

    Very happy to have a friendly, helpful, positive source to find alternative health products and information.

    Received quickly - thank you. Eye-cover - great! Book & CDs: I like the approach and the explanations are great for understanding and thence to motivation. It is helping my recovery from heart "arrhythmia" operation, and I hope prevention. For this a big thank you.

    On the other side: your index is 2 pages wrong - both in Sanskrit & English! TWOT - total waste of time!!! Very poor proof reading and unacceptable! (I paid my money in full - I expect professionalism!)

    It would be also far more convenient to go from the daily sessions direct to the exercise. NO CROSS-REFERENCES. No - we have to go via the index: 3 steps not 2. 4 steps because it is wrong! And write in the correct page no. - 5 steps!! - Again TWOT & NOT customer friendly!!

    Such a pity that an excellent work is spoiled by lack of attention to detail.
    But thanks very much!! for the good overall work!

    Easy to follow. Practicing daily.

    I am very happy with the choice of products on your website and the quality and price of what was delivered to me.

    Very nice. i am happy with the product.
    It is as promised.

    Review not Provided.

    Very pleased with my purchase. Great shipping even when I messed up the address!
    Excellent communication. Quality products!
    Will purchase from again.

    The product was not exactly what I wanted. Was more interested in the proper positions. However that is a very good program and have found it very useful. Would highly recommend it. Have not had time to look over your other products to finb what I want.

    Thank you for your email. Yes we have received the goods we have ordered through your website. Unfortunately we have not yet had time to review it but will be looking forward to veiwing in the near future.
    Best wishes to you
    Maya Hansajati

    I have only completed one of the DVD`s out of the 8 that were sent. I find the "instructor" to be a bit boring, and I also feel that he rushes through the kriyas. I have become used to the relaxed, comforting voice of Maya Fiennes which is probably why I find this instructor`s voice flat and boring. I hope the next 7 DVD`s are more interesting.

    Thank you. I have received my order of the beginners Course with 2 audio CDs and I found the materials very useful and informative.

    It was received in a timely manner in good condition. I like the illustrations and presentation. We have not had an opportunity to us it, yet.

    i like the product, I didnt know that the videos were just audio,i was looking for something that showed me more some positions, but nonetheless, good stuff thank you

    The order arrived sooner than expected. I have very much enjoyed the Beginner`s Yoga and intend to give it as a present this year.

    Thank you!
    Montserrat Zuckerman

    Very satisfied with your product. Just finished reading the book and it was informative as well as inspirational. Will definetly reccomend it to friends!

    The order was shipped and received very promptly--thank you. I unfortunately have not had enough time to explore everything fully, but at this point i am very satisfied with your product and service. Thank you--

    I love your products. They have a very natural feel, rinse off easily, are not harsh or irritating to even my daughters sensitive, fungus prone skin. They also smell wonderful. Just that pure savory smell of the herbs they are made from. Your service is excellent, it was easy to order and the products arrived very quickly. I would like to better understand the more subtle differences between the dry herbals-perhaps some more information on when you would use one vs. the other. That is a joy to find. Blessings! Betsy.

    The product was receive on a timely manner, but I was disappointed that I had mis-read the product describtion. I thought I was ordering video - dvds not just audio cd. As a brand new person to yoga - I can`t just read the book / picture and figure what to do. Joyce

    Items arrived a lot quicker than I expected. They were very well packaged, and in excellent condition. Very happy with service.

    I received the merchandise as promised in a timeiy manner.I am still reading the books slowly trying to absorb as much as possible.Great product as expected! I will be ordering more in the future thank you.

    I am enjoying the yoga program, however I was disappointed to find that the second track of the meditation cd is damaged. I don`t know if just that cd is replacable, but overall I am happy with the content of the program. I appreciate your follow up email...thanks for that.

    Although, an item was missing from my package. It was quickly sent out once I let them know. Will do buisness with again.

    Review not Provided.

    I haven`t had a chance to use my book and CDs yet. I plan to start using them on July 21.

    Very happy with the service. I received the immediately upon payment. Thanks.

    Thank you for your fast and efficient service in sending my order. I am enjoying getting to grips with all its recommendations and shall enjoy exploring its contents at my leisure.
    Best wishes
    Alice Greene

    I thought the cd was yoga practice, but it was yoga meditation. I tried it anyway, it was great as a meditation tape, so if that`s what your looking for, you`ll enjoy these cds.

    I am disappointed in the beginners course cd as the quality of the recording is very poor which is very important when listening to yoga nidra ect. Thanks James

    I have read through the two books, but have not been able to listen to the CD`s yet. I am very satisfied with the products and would definitely recommend them. There`s was a wealth of information in the two books.

    Review not Provided.

    i recieved the product, im having a really hard time getting into the cd. my anxiety keeps me from getting to my consiousness. my kitty is constantly trying to bug me while the cd is playing. have any advice for me?? what is my next step? thank you sarah

    great quality product and good, easy explanations & charts/diagrams,
    any similar advance courses available ?

    I was very pleased with my first purchase and loved the merchandise. I received my order in 3 days and was very satisfied.

    I received everything ordered in a timely fashion, but have not had the opportunity to use them yet.

    it was shipped quickly, and i started reading immediately. thank you.

    Everything is fine. I just haven`t started yet. The holidays, you know! CB

    Product was recieved prompty and in perfect condition. I am very happy with the course and would highly recommend it. Thank you.

    The qualtiy of the information in the items is exceptional. Great starter tools as well as reference tools for beginner to advanced levels of Yoga and like-minded thought and practices. A gentle recommendation in regard to shipping the items. The packaging left items , even books subject to damage. A little more detail to how items are packaged could help. All in all service was excellent. And replacement shipment of CD's was great. I also received replies to my emails in good time as well. Blessed Be!

    The items arrived in a timely manner. Thank you for sending them so quickly. The items, as expected, are great and will be coming back again.

    Namasta, The products came very quickly. And I am very happy with everything. the books and CD's on meditation and yoga are well written and easy to understand. They are very helpful. The mala bead are also helpful in my meditation. Thank you for your wonderful products. Sheila Moore

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    I received the order promptly, and so far, have yet to try the tapes, but I am looking forward to it.

    Great product..received it very quickly and I am happy to be performing your yoga program.. Thanks!

    I received my order very quickly and have read the book and listened to the CDs. I love them. Thank you very much for your service.

    Thank you for the order. I received it in good time and appreciated the follow up to check everything was OK.

    Your service and products were excellent. You did not give me an adjective that adequately describes my feelings about my purchases. I am very pleased with my order. The packaging was well done and the time between placing my order and receiving the products was short. I'm well satisfied. Thank you.

    Review not Provided.


    I'm very pleased with my purchase and have already learned a great deal. Thank you for your prompt service, excellent communication and quality product.

    Items came quickly and in excellent condition. 1 item was out of stock, and upon notification refund was quickly received. Customer support is very responsive.

    Review not Provided.

    Hari Om Thank you for providing a great service. I received my parcel within a week of ordering. I look forward to using the beginner CD and booklets in my preparation for classes in the new year. Om Shanti. Sarita (Jill Spencer)

    everything was great

    The products were received in good order. Thank you. Best regards Brigitte

    Received promptly, a worthwhile purchase.

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.


    Haven't had time to give to it yet as my father has been real sick

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    practising meditation - but not long enough to say it has made a difference in my life

    Review not Provided.

    I received my order but have not used it yet

    Review not Provided.

    I received my order earlier than I expected, and am very happy with the quality of it. I will use your site again in the future, and will gladly recommend your service to family and friends. Keep it up!

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    Very good delivery time, & great customer service.---------------- 3/24/2006---------------

    I have been doing th eyoga nidra every day. I haven't tried th e yoga in the book. I don't learn as well from reading...a dvd or cd of the yoga postures might have been better for me. I will eventually get to it, as it seems a reasonable way to begin yoga practice . Thank you very much!

    Review not Provided.

    We are very pleased with service and the timely maner in which delivery occured. thank you.

    Immediate good point - The package arrived very promptly, within 7 - 10 days after I ordered online. Immediate bad point - the economical, compact packaging was appreciated, but some bubble wrap or wrapping paper would be wise with your more fragile plastic containers; the Neem Leaf powder container was cracked, and some of the contents had leaked out. It's a bit difficult to transfer it into another container without more spillage. That, however, is my only complaint. Re: the products ordered: 1. I ordered the soaps for myself and as gifts, and would certainly recommend them - they smell great, and while they don't last ages, they don't disappear within days like other 'natural' soaps I have bought do. 2. I also ordered the toothpaste and tongue cleaners as gifts and for myself. The toothpaste is pleasant and seems to work - no list of ingredients on the packet though. The tongue-cleaners are great! They were the most-appreciated as a gift, with positive comments from everyone I gave one to. HIghly recommended! 3. The basil teas were bought only as gifts, but I shall be buying one for myself, after hearing a friend rave about the refreshing taste and effect. 4. I've nearly finished the jaggery - a fine replacement for sugar. I shall be buying more, I'm sure! 5. I bought one Neti-pot as a gift, and one to keep. The gift was to someone who already knows how to use the pots, I've had no feedback yet. I haven't used mine yet... I've been told it should keep better than copper neti pots do. 6. The following - Neem-Sandal Cream(1.75oz), Neem leaf powder, Herbomineral - I lent to someone who has been suffering from various allergy-related skin disorders or most of his life. He will hopefully try them out and let me know how they work. Even if they don't work for him, I tried the cream on a rash and it was effective. It smells *very* similar to a Japanese herbal 'Kampoyaku' cream, made of wild yam amongst other things. I wonder what the common ingredient is? 7. I cannot yet give feedback on the Amritdhara Supplement or The beginners Course with 2 audio Cds. Overall, despite one damaged item, I shall certainly be ordering from you again, and shall (continue to) recommend your site to friends. It's surprisingly difficult to find a site able to ship overseas, and the postage rates are very good. Thanks! - Maria Godebska ---------------- 1/11/2006---------------

    I got my stuff quickly even though it was the holidays. My Dad loves his Neti Pot. It has already help him feel better. My sister loves the 8-week Yoga course. The section on Conditions and Disorders is amazing!!

    The yoga Beginners course I've ordered from you was the second best buy of this year for me - first being the Jala Neti pot. It is simple, clear and easy to use, yet at the same time it combines the explanation of the metaphysical and physical elements of yoga and meditation - something which most western 'styles' of yoga omit, as they mostly focus on weight loss or shaping the figure. The way all the parts are integrated is very clever as it eases one into getting used to regular practice without even noticing. I was after a combination of gentle physical excersise and streching and spiritual and mental wellness together (something I believe the regular practice of Jala Neti brought me to - some kind of 'awakening'). With this course - that is exactly what I got. I would (and did) recommend/buy this again without a hesitation. The promptness and accuracy of your service is excellent too, but that should go without saying anyway. I have two questions - 1} where do I go from here (ie. what course next, what is the next natural progression level)? and 2} do you publish in other languages as well? With kind regards Tereza Henderson-Spoors

    Because I do not have the availability of a leader lead training. This will be a great start for me. Thank you

    All arrived safely. I have been in and out of town so I look forward to the meditation and opportunity to use them. Thanks for everything.

    I think this is an excellent product and I'm very pleased with it

    Review not Provided.

    Thank you for your prompt service! I find the bood so easy to read and to follow. Thanks!

    All items met expectations.

    In spite of the delivery issues (which I don't consider your fault), I am very pleased with my purchase. I have not yet used the enema supplies, but I have used the Tulsi Ginger tea (delicious, even plain!) and the Yoga course. I must say that I absolutely love the Integrated Yoga course! I was pleasantly surprised to discover how simple the exercises and postures started out. Just goes to reinforce the idea that Yoga isn't in the complexity as much as it is being present in every position and movement. I have fibromyalgia and many exercises leave me hurting for days. The exercises for the first week of the course leave me feeling pleasantly sore when I finish (like a good workout), but when I wake up the next morning I feel great! Thank you, as always, for offering such wonderful products and such fantastic quality!

    good speedy service, very happy with the product, thank you

    Thanks for the fast delivery of the very good products :-)

    fast service, great items....I am very pleased and will be a future customer,,highly recommended,,thank you!!!! ( I want to click excellent since good doesn't reach the level of satisfaction but good is the highest the feedback form goes).

    I received my order in a timely manner - thanks. The book on Integral Yoga is amazing - a simple introduction into 4 complex subjects.

    Review not Provided.

    I am enjoying the Yoga Nidra CD. Thank you.

    Dear sr, I have ordered and received the product, however it was exremelly disapointing as the book looks more like a cheap copy which does not motivate at all. Regarding the DVDS it's even more disapointing as no image comes on, therefore one cn listen to them but can not see anything I would therefore be very greatful if you would take your product back and refund my money. I look forward to hearing from you soon In antecipation I thank you for your interest in the matter

    Your service was wonderful and the products are great. I just haven't decided if the Neti pot is right for me yet. I seem to experience headaches for a few days after using it, do you have any suggestions? THANKS. Lori Adrian

    Review not Provided.

    The order arrived quite quickly. Everything was is good order except the mala bag-one seam is not sewn. I t wasn't really enough to return the item. I will eventually get around to repairing it.

    I haven't had as much time to get into the program as I thought I would. It seems a good program although the CD that I did listen to did not have great quality

    It was purchased as a gift for someone else. I have not been able to experience it. From the surface, it looks good.

    Good products, fast delivery. I found the Yoga Mat to be a little expensive though. Keep up the good work -:)

    Review not Provided.

    Review not Provided.

    There wasn't a place to check GREAT so I guess good will do. I really enjoy the cd's and the book also. I am trying to follow both, but sometimes its hard to spare the time. Great product.

    Review not Provided.

    Haven't practiced entire process yet but the product seems to exceed my expectation. I like the option I can access my yogi when I need help. Thank you and please keep up good job.

    I am truly impressed by your service. I received my order after 7 days. Impressive. I also referred a friend who's order also took only 7 days. Thanks for the service. Damian J. Formosa Malta

    The Yoga Nidra CD is excellent and Practice everyday. Namaste Ketna shah

    Review not Provided.

    I am very pleased with the products and the service. My only complaint is that I did not receive the cd that was supposed to accompany the Health and Pregnancy book. There was no cd with it and no indication that it would arrive separately. Otherwise, everything is great. I will continue to order from you in the future. Thank you. D Dobrzeniecki

    I decided not to confirm order yet. Maybe in future. Thank you. Namaste.

    Excellent, as always.

    Review not Provided.

    I did receive both packages. I have not had a chance to try them out yet but am certain that they will be great!

    Hari Om, Yes I have received the complete order, and I am very pleased with both the products and the service and will continue to order from you in the future. I have already made and received a second order and am pleased with that as well. Thank you very much for the quality of your goods and the efficiency of your service. D. Dobrzeniecki

    Your follow-up emails are very helpful and the products are great. Thank you for being there.

    Dear Prakasini, Thank you for your email. I have received my goods, thank you. So far so good with my yoga! Kind regards Carol
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