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  • Made from stainless steel; non-allergenic, non-toxic and durable
  • Protects from tongue disorders and bad breath
  • Has optimal flexibility and length to ensure scraping of entire tongue surface
  • Smooth and non porous body to prevent accumulation of wastes
  • Non-gagging design for better results, available in a set of 12 pieces
  • Wholesale Price : as low as $ 7.79
    Min SRP [?] This is the MINIMUM Suggested Retail Price for this product. Most retailers sell at almost $2-$5 over the Min SRP. : $ 8.99 USD   
    Item Wt : 200.00 gms. approx

    Wholesale Discount: See Chart


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    The H&Y Tongue Cleaner is made of pure and unalloyed element- stainless steel tongue cleaners are time tested to keep away tongue diseases. It has a good flexibility ensuring proper cleaning of the tongue without any cuts and nicks..

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