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  • Robust Rubber material - thick, durable and eco friendly; non-synthetic
  • Plastic cap with natural rubber gasket; leakage proof - easy to open or close
  • Reduces swelling, inflammation; Effective aid for high fever relief
  • Suitable for rehabilitation of injuries and to aid physiotherapy exercises
  • Wholesale Price : as low as $ 3.9
    Min SRP [?] This is the MINIMUM Suggested Retail Price for this product. Most retailers sell at almost $2-$5 over the Min SRP. : $ 10.90 USD   
    Item Wt : 200.00 gms. approx

    Wholesale Discount: See Chart

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    The cooling rubber ice bag is very suitable for cold therapy. It is made of skin-friendly rubber material and provided with a leakage proof plastic cap. Cooling is immediately required if there is any injury, sprain or strain. It prevents swelling, inflammation, blood clot formation which helps in early recovery from injuries. Its use is also recommended for patients doing physiotherapy exercises and for rehabilitation of injuries. It is water-proof, light-weight, easy to store or carry.

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