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In an ardent yogi’s life hygiene plays a very important role. Being unhygienic is considered being lazy and disrespectful towards one’s body, a body that is considered a temple in the Hindu mythology. Since body is where the ‘aatman’ resides, it becomes holistic, almost worthy of praying to. Hence, keeping the body clean and ailment free becomes a necessity for a person who follows yoga closely; yet, Yoga does not believe in trying to “clean” the body with chemicals. Chemicals further pollute the already ridden body and make damages where it should’ve healed, hence yoga strictly believes in cleansing the body with only the purest, most natural of things. We at Soulgenie, follow the same principles of nourishment and cleansing with nature, which is why we sport a range of Personal Hygiene and Body Care products that have been derived from the nature and are in their purest forms. We have products like, neem and sandal daily cream, jasmine and cheese soap, rose water soap, neem and basil soap, sandal soap, sandal and turmeric soap, and various other Body care, Foot care, Dental care and Skin care commodities. These products not only bring you closer to nature but are also a healthier and safer alternative to the chemical ridden products we use every day. The harshness of chemicals dulls down and harms the skin, and hair, taking their toll slowly but steadily enough. Hence, using more natural and chemical free products is advisable in yogic lifestyle and in general.