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Soulgenie Products

Consumer Shopping -

Soulgenie has developed and offers unique products in the health, fitness and natural living space through its website Each product is created and developed with the customer requirements in mind. Offering products well accepted for their quality and usefulness by people in over 100 countries. Most of our products have a usefulness approval rate of over 90% since our inception in year 2000. Go To Site >

MarketPlace AND Dropshipment

The most popular trend of the day, the Dropshipment Seller Program, was developed in-house by Soulgenie in the early 2000s as a model to facilitate holistic and natural health practitioners to allow them to make available their products to the worldwide health, fitness and natural health audience through our platform. To this day, the successful model continues to be a facilitating medium for vendor-buyer interactions. Go To Site >

Wholesale B2B

This vertical supports Smaller Retailers Worldwide by offering them access to quality merchandise in Health & Wellness … right from the most economical source. It addressesthe small micro needs of small retailers by offering wholesale discounts for even small quantities of assorted items.Cutting through the logistic nightmare to offer deliveries at doorstep for small lot quantities, and Graded Increasing wholesale discounts based on relationship parameters like longevity of relationship, are some of the pioneering steps that are offered through this website Go To Site >

Soulgenie Services

Ajarya Yoga Academy

Soulgenie has started yoga academics at Rishikesh by flagging off its Academic wing, Ajarya Yoga Academy in Rishikesh. This academy is focused on providing professional yoga teacher training programs to facilitate the propoagation of Yoga Worldwide, while also providing unique yoga learning experiences in the form of Vedanta retreats, self-empowering yoga retreats and much more. While full-fledged Directors and Faculty conduct the programmes at Ajarya, a Board of Advisors and an Academic Council with yoga Gurus from around the world guide the overall direction at Ajarya.
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Holistic Health Community

A comprehensive Yoga and Holistic Health Directory to browse Yoga & Holistic Health by country. You will find Teachers, Studios, Retreats, Events and Websites listed in the form of a tree structure. All listings are ranked as per a proprietoryHNYDirectory Rating system, that allows us to project to the web visitor what would be most relevant to them.

The Health and Yoga Community is a dynamic, ever-growing section of Yoga enthusiasts from around the world. The Community is purely a people-to-people service to facilitate Yoga teachers and enthusiasts help each other. The Community has over 16,000 teachers and studios receiving over 500 enquiries. Go To Site >

Info Place

Authentic Yoga Information is difficult to obtain and where the access is easy, the costs are prohibitive. At HealthAndyoga, a wholly owned property of Soulgenie, werealise the significance of genuine Yoga Content. The InfoPlace is a simple, Yogi to Yogi service, a platform where writers and readers meet i.e. a facility which works both ways - for authors who wish other Yoga Enthusiasts benefit through their writings and Yoga Readers who are eagerly looking for authentic Yoga Reading. It includes features such as the ReadingRoom which is an initiative for Yoga Enthusiasts to allow them access to genuine, original Yoga Content. All books on the Yoga reading room have been made available by the authors and publishers of these Yoga books. We believe that seamless passage of authentic Yoga is the motivation of these authors for these listings.The complete hard copies or downloadable versions of books listed in the reading room can also be made available Go To Site >

Certification Place

The CertificationPlace is an online model to assist Education Providers find students for their courses as also assist students find courses most appropriate for them. The Education Providers are provided a comprehensive platform to list their educational and training programmes. Automated online form-based submission to provide maximum information as well to quicken process of listing.Provision to showcase textual content as well as photographs to project courses and programmes. Free promotions and marketing by Direct Communication between Education Provider and Student. The rapidly growing popularity of this platform is the UNIQUE attraction of a 'Pay per admission' model. No listing fee. The Education Provider pays once the student pays fees for admission into a course or a program. Go To Site >

Retreat Place

Wellness Retreats, Yoga Retreats and Holidays...Your Search stops here!! Capitalizing on the huge opportunity presented through a growing demand for Wellness Retreats, and our natural expertise in this domain, the RetreatPlace offers an ever-growing collection of Retreats... All at one place! Ithelps the visitors search or browse through a large collection based on desired needs, and then, shortlist and make enquiries directly to one or more programs of their choice. For the businesses offering retreats, a choice between a listing fee OR a pay-per-click model, helps them come on board to showcase their offerings. Go To Site >