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Products in HealthCare

Soulgenie has pioneered bringing quality – and often, rarely known - products in preventive and therapeutic health care AND fitness to the global citizen since year 2000. A lack of awareness and education about these fascinating health care products, has had us tapping onto this opportunity to develop, source as well as improve these products to help them reach users on a global scale, leveraging the power of the Internet. Our range extending to over a 1000 products and growing further every day find their way improving the lives of millions of people around the world... Read More.

Due to our expertise in holistic health care as well as internet delivery mechanisms, we have been able to bring seldom used products such as Neti pots, Enema Kits into the mainstream with astounding results!

Soulgenie offers these products to both – individuals as well as retailers / wholesalers through a seamless internet enabling mechanism to help reach these products all over the world

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Holistic Health Travel & Tourism

Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Retreats, Ashram Stay experiences, Ayurveda Detox Packages, Spa Vacations – We at Soulgenie provide it all. With our expertise in holistic health care AND being located in India, the World Capital of Yoga and Ayurveda, it was an obvious extension for Soulgenie to provide these wonderful experiences to our global visitors. We at Soulgenie have exclusive tie ups with providers in leading tourist destinations for health travel, such as Kerala, Goa, Rishikesh, Dharamsala and more. With end-to-end packages including... Read More.

logistics and travel management, we provide the most amazing healing holidays to our global customers through hassle free and safe holidaying experiences. To this date, Soulgenie has provided scintillating travel experiences to individual travellers, many of them single women travellers from around the world, which speaks of the trust and capability that Soulgenie has developed among its patrons.

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Yoga Education

Since its inception in year 2000, Soulgenie has focussed on bringing the esoteric world of Yoga into the mainstream. By bringing forth a wealth of yoga information through interactions with leading yoga organizations, teachers and institutions, and unravelling of traditional texts and teachings, we have created yoga content in a way that is palatable to the Western world. Our experiences have brought us into contact with leading teachers of Yoga who have collaborated with us in our efforts to make yoga accessible to all. Extending our learning and experiences... Read More.

in this domain, we have forayed into the domain of Yoga education through Yoga Teacher training programs and Yoga Certifications, all aimed at equipping Western professionals with tools to propagate the richness of Yoga among their own communities. Through this domain, Soulgenie continue to play a pioneering role in bringing the power of Yoga to the world stage.

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Online Community Building

Realizing the unbridled reach of the internet since our formation, we decided to leverage this power to build a community of professionals in our domain. We have continued to do so right through our existence and we now have arguably the most extensive directory of yoga and holistic health professionals across the world. Extending to yoga studios as well as naturopathic doctors NDs, we have set about on the ambitious path of having the world’s holistic community under one roof. Looking at a scope beyond a database directory...
Read More.

our community portal offers features such as job boards and recruitment facilitation, besides interactive features wherein users can directly touch base with providers of their choice. The Holistic Directory offers a way to Soulgenie to quickly enable its product introductions to reach a worldwide community for a fastest access to market at a global level.

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B2B Platforms for Products and Services

Soulgenie since its very early years has recognized the power of the Internet, both as a collaborative and enabling mechanism, and use this strength to widen its business scope. Besides seeing the natural advantages in reaching the consumer directly, Soulgenie has consistently recognized the power of the smallest business owner – whether the Product Retailer OR the Service provider. This recognition has spurred us to develop business models using our technological expertise, for the benefit of these providers... Read More.

Through this website itself, we allow for smaller health care retailers worldwide to source products of their choice from a large variety basket, at the best possible prices and with an ease unmatched by the best business standards. This is enabling the smallest retailers worldwide to bring to their customers hard to find products from the world over.
Our Selling MarketPlace models allow for smaller retailers worldwide to reach their Products to our customers enabling a win-win business connection. This has helped smaller retailers find new customers for their products.
Our RetreatPlace helps retreat providers in exotic places around the world to promote their retreats while enabling clients worldwide to find ‘hidden jewels’ and vacation options of their choice all under one roof.
Our CertificationPlace models allow for holistic education and training providers from around the world to reach a wide pool of interested learners, while allowing for the students to choose between a wide variety of courses.

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Corporate Executive Programs & More

Leveraging its experience and access to top Yoga professionals and health providers, we considered it as a natural extension to provide access to these services to the stressed executive in the Corporate World. This has led us to offer Corporate Yoga programs, including the development of pioneering modules such as the Insta SeGA or Instant Relaxation through Simultaneous Experience of Guided Awareness – an exclusive yoga module developed by Soulgenie for the stressed executive, wherein only 20 minutes on-the-chair... Read More.

can make a big difference in vital HR parameters of Employee turnover & Absenteeism, Productivity metrics besides boosting Corporate Image.
With its growing experience Soulgenie continues to conceive and develop to fruition innovative business models that combine our USP of domain expertise with our technological competence, and our considerable Internet business experience

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Internet Business Expertise

Having established itself in the early Internet Business years, Soulgenie has seen much of the ups and downs of the ever-evolving Internet landscape. The extremely dynamic nature of Internet business and the fact that Soulgenie continues to be a self-funded and self-sustained organization, has meant that we have experimented with most of the known technologically enabled business models. We have developed and have been working with Affiliate (Associate) programs, Drop-Ship models and various B2B Markeptplace models to realize our business goals. Read More.

In addition, being born in the Altavista years, even before Google, we have consistently been on top of the Internet Marketing changes that have taken centre stage from time to time. We have developed and grown in house, e-CRM modules for maximizing our engagement with our customers with astounding results. Even today, Soulgenie prides itself in totally organic, non-advertising based marketing for its sustenance and growth.

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Pioneering Human Processes

Realizing the choiceless need for efficiency and processes to be competitive in the Internet space, Soulgenie while placing enormous emphasis on Human capital has constantly sought to innovate to get the most out of the its talent pool. Working within constraints of limited availability of skilled manpower for its pioneering needs, and then training it to deliver optimally in the most efficient manner, has been a challenge. These challenges have resulted in opportunities and have led to the evolution of processes – for recruitment, training... Read More.

output measurement and welfare – that have been immensely satisfying. These processes – the constant development and refinement of which remain an integral part of our resolve – have led to the creation of new job positions such as Internet scientists, On-boarding specialists, Internet Marketing and Social Media Managers, Affiliates, Content Mangers and much more, long before these became mainstream jobs in the Internet World. Process focus has led job creation, followed by a quantum increase in quality, efficiency and most importantly, improvement in Employee Satisfaction Index. We consider this as the single most satisfying experience in our journey so far.

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