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About us:

Investor Relations & Team Building

Soulgenie stands at the cusp of great opportunity and action. E-commerce in India has only just started flowering and Soulgenie – being an India based enterprise – along with its extensive decade long experience in e-commerce and profitable background, is uniquely positioned to tap into this humongous opportunity. Many such opportunities have been identified and Soulgenie has commenced working towards realizing these.

While, being a cash-rich company, we are positioned to work single handedly and purposefully towards our goals, we do realize that faster growth and scalability brings the need of like-minded partners.

To this end, we are happy to invite proposals from potential investors who share our vision and thought processes and may be interested in partnering with us. Please feel free to contact us with your introductions and we will be happy to share with you our plans.

Likewise, we are always looking to scale up our enthusiastic team with quasi-entrepreneurs, young professionals, and creative thinkers who would like to become co-partners in our exciting journey, as we grow while loving what we do!

If you feel your services could be of use to us, please feel free to be in touch with more details about yourself.


To leverage our expertise and passion in traditional and supportive health care with our strength and experience in the e-domain to help improve the lives of people around the world.

To realize our dream of a global community where nationalities / cultures take back seat to the higher common traits that bind us such as health – both physical & emotional; and other similarities such as love, compassion, and shared values

To create innovative models in products & services, by constantly challenging traditional, exploitative and inefficient business modules, while benefitting all through greater efficiency and lower costs

Background & History

Our strength and understanding of the e-business world goes a long way and was initiated in year 2000 at the bust of the 1st Dotcom boom cycle. Scarce business funding meant an urgent necessity for business viability from Day 1. AND we came out with flying colors!! Soulgenie continues to be a consistently Profit making e-venture, every year, right from its inception, a rare hallmark in an industry which still works on future discounting models. During this time, it has more than just survived the subsequent dotcom cycles and grown consistently and profitably at a remarkable pace.

Pioneering Business Models: Soulgenie has consistently focused upon creative and pioneering business models made possible by an energetic and creative team, where an informal, amorphous structuring has led to conceptualizing and execution of these business models with minimal resources and without need for advertising.

Interests & Properties

Soulgenie is an exclusively e-enterprise. It has working expertise and experience of various e-tail concepts and models and has been successfully implementing them in its growth history. Creating and effectively using models like Affiliate programs, Dropship programs, 3rd party Sellers on own website, e-CRM modules have been in practice and the hallmark of Soulgenie e-tail properties even before they became mainstream practice.

Through such efforts, Soulgenie - through its retail properties - prides itself in being a consistently profit-making high growth e-tailing venture in the vertical of fitness, health and yoga – a rare occurrence in an industry which works on future discounting models and where profitability remains an elusive dream for most e-tailers.

Soulgenie has further deepened its connect in the e-tailing segment by moving beyond retail customers. Our expertise in micro-servicing has led us to engage small retailers / healt-care professionals worldwide to service their product needs through our B2B website.

Yoga Education & Yoga Travel Services:

With its domain experience in yoga and natural health, a Soulgenie property has evolved into a leading revenue-based platform for Yoga Educational Courses and Yoga Holidays & Travel worldwide. With this platform throwing up enormous opportunities and possibilities, we are poised for an interesting leap in our growth trajectory through this vertical

Holistic Community & Information:

Soulgenie through another of its online property has evolved into a leading listing provider for holistic and yoga practitioners worldwide. Offering a meaningful single point of exchange between members of this community, it offers a recruitment / placement model for helping such professionals, thereby emerging as a niche job portal

Likewise, with its rich compendium of natural health and yoga information, articles, online books and reading, Soulgenie properties continue to evolve towards greater dominance in this vertical.

Future Direction

With an over 14 year successful journey in the Internet business space, Soulgenie stands at an exciting inflexion point headed towards a steep growth trajectory.

Deepening its reach through a multiplicity of channels, scaling up of its product and services range and a move towards process oriented growth have been identified as the key areas that are expected to help Soulgenie move to greater heights.