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Valuing Relationships :

We at Soulgenie have always had the concern for the smallest customer, and this has been our guiding principle since inception.

In tune with this philosophy, Soulgenie Wholesale serves to reward smaller retailers, shops and establishments, the same way as large and volume importers – with relationship being the guiding principle

Accordingly, several innovative discounting structures and pioneering concepts have been developed by Soulgenie to help the smaller retailers grow with minimal risk.

Breakthrough concepts like Start- up bonus discounts commensurate with larger volume discounts, growth-effort metric discounts, Longevity discounts are just some of the plans that are helping smaller retailers worldwide towards a sustainable growth.

The bottomline… we at Soulgenie value association and relationship, just as one would value business volumes, and therein lies the charm in associating mutually.

So, if you are a smaller retailer, wellness center or a health care professional and feel that our products may be a good fit with your clientele, you can rest assured that with Soulgenie you will always have the best discounts available to help you compete in the marketplace.

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