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The key to following a yogic lifestyle has always been a strong bond with nature; it is nature that guides a yogi in his everyday chores and activities. Yoga preaches that the closer you are to nature and your natural form, the closer you get to attain the ultimate goal, salvation. Upon accepting the life of a yogi, almost every aspect of a person’s life changes; from eating habits to the utensil one uses see a drastic change. The clothing is freer, airy and made out of natural fiber, the food is lighter-prepared in a different way; old habits change and new ones take their place. Hence we sport household supplies that help you transition to the life of a simple yogi and commodities and essentials you may need after following that life. From belts and splints that aid in physical transition, to mala beads and yoga mats that aid in psychological one; we have them all. We have products like hand knotted yoga jewelry, clothes and accessories, yoga mats, massaging aids, aroma therapy oils and burners, enema kits, yoga devices and acupressure aids. Natural products like, real wood bracelets and necklaces, coconut shell cups and hair clips, are also available for wholesale as well as retailing. Our products go through strict quality checks; therefore you will always get your money’s worth.

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