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Nozzle - Tapped - Enema Supplies

  • Enema Kit Attachments- Set of 2 Nozzles. Made of Superior quality plastic.
    Easy to Assemble.
  • Long Douche Nozzle- 5 inches- may be used for douche or deep enemas.
  • Short Straight-In Nozzle- 3 inches with detachable tap - Helps to control water flow.
  • Tap may be connected to any tapered attachment OR to a colon tube as needed.
  • Doorstep delivery within 7-12 days, with standard shipping (Postal orders 'may' take a little longer).

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Enema Kit Attachments - Set of 2 Nozzles
3 inch Nozzle with attached tap.
5 inch Nozzle

These Superior quality nozzles make the practice of enema very comfortable and effective.
Short Nozzle is designed so that the tap has a firm grip over the nozzle, to prevent leakage and for better flow control.
Also includes a separate douche fitting attachment.

Both Straight In Nozzle & Douche Nozzle are made of plastic. These attachments are to be used with an Enema Kit. They can be bought as spares, as one needs to replace nozzles and tubes periodically to maintain good hygiene.

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