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Pet Grooming & Shedding Glove

  • Imitates human’s Right hand;100% Hygienic; Stick-on strap to fit snugly, keeping the pet healthy
  • Protects from germs by preventing direct touch;Suitable for all breeds with long or short hair
  • Detangles &removes loose hair from the pet; Stimulates blood circulation by massage while soothing pet skin
  • Bath Brush:180 effective Silicone bristles; reach difficult parts and cleanse them of dirt and mud
  • Free Size; Made of Blue Rubber & Black Fabric; Easy to wash; Long-Lasting

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Pet grooming glove brings the human feel and touch to our pet without touching it directly. It is very safe and hygienic to use. It has silicone bristles which work as a bathing brush for our pets. It enables us to clean the pet entirely even cleaning its most confined or secret parts like behind and between legs. This glove helps in improving their health by massaging as it stimulates their blood circulation. It removes loose hair and dirt from their body. It is also helpful in removing loose hair from floor, furniture or other places to keep home clean and safe. Also, this glove makes them feel our love and passion. This free-size hand glove has adjustable Vel-cro strap to fit it on hand. It is easy to clean and dries quickly cause of its fabric material.

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