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Face up Rollers

  • Manual beauty tool; Relaxes stiff and exhausted face muscles – reduces puffiness under eyes.
  • Handy manual operation; 6 flower shaped rotating massager that move effortlessly alongside either side and all surfaces of the face and chin
  • Helps delay Ageing effects - Improves skin elasticity, resulting in a toned face line and uplifted skin; Rhythmic movement improves blood circulation
  • Tool to enhance beauty – slimmer face, prominent law line; helps treat cause of double chin
  • Also for Strengthening flaccid muscles of the neck – effective for turkey neck; durable and light weight

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If you are seeking that perfect and attractive face line, then this face up roller can help you achieve it. This manual beauty tool gently massages the tired muscles of the face, rejuvenates them by improving the flow of blood in the skin cells. It relaxes your eyes, reducing the puffiness under them. With regular use of this massager on your face you can get a prominent jaw line and upliftment of your facial skin. The face up rollers have been designed in such a way, ensuring flexibility and adjusts to any face shape. The rolling massage pellets on either side of the clips being based on the technique of rhythmic face massage gives you a slimmer face. It can also be used to massage the flaccid neck muscles to get rid of turkey neck. The massage tool is a natural and safe way to reduce the signs of ageing. Being light in weight can be carried and SSShhhh....don't reveal your beauty secret!

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