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Lunch Box - Stainless Steel

  • Stainless Steel Lunch Box -Healthier alternative to harmful plastics and odorful materials
  • Sufficiently large in size; Double Decker Box - Food remains Fresh and odor-free
  • Includes an extra shelf – a Total of 3 compartments to keep the food separated and manageable
  • Travel friendly - Easy snap-on clips that keep the container lid fastened – suitable for Dry meals
  • Smooth bright finish of stainless steel; Dimensions: 15cmX15cmX8.5cm;

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This Stainless steel lunch box is a perfect carrier of your food. Home-made nutritious food remains fresh and healthy in this corrosion resistant lunch box. This stainless steel lunch box is highly durable with large capacity and can be easily bought from Soulgenie your wholesale buying platform. Bigger size breads and a healthy amount of cooked veggies can be kept without intermingling. This wholesale available square shape stainless steel lunch box is easy to carry, clean and the best way to keep your food fresh. It is a healthier alternative to be safe from harmful plastics and odorous materials. The lunch box has been provided with an extra shelf giving you a total of 3 compartments to keep the food separated and manageable. It is travel friendly with an easy Snap-On clips that keeps the container lid fastened and is suitable for both Dry meals as well as meals with gravy.


Jun 13, 2019

Why Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes are your best bet?

Now-a-days, we cannot imagine our lives without plastic. It is ubiquitous. So much so, that microparticles of plastic have been detected in our food. Yes, a recent study published in Scientific Reports found potentially toxic polymers in fish which are eaten by humans! Plastic pollution is causing o...
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