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    Detoxification (or ‘Detox’) and Cleansing is a process of flushing out the harmful toxins and excess chemicals that builds up in our bodies due to the accumulation of artificial hormone and enzyme infested products that we ingest. Fasting follows the same principles; in fasting, small quantities of foods or no food at all is taken to rid the system of the toxin overload. Yoga believes that Detox, Fast and Cleanse are a necessity for total physical as well as mental wellness. Hence we cater all products related to Yoga and fitness; from simple yoga mats and mala beads to complex Enema kits and Jala Neti Kits, we have it all. We believe in the ancient yogic principle of ‘nature to body’, hence our products are organic, toxin-free and established to maintain a yogic lifestyle. Yoga also believes in the principle of complete overall health, not just physical but also psychological growth and serenity, hence for a complete and rounded health and wellbeing, we cater Detoxification supplies and tools, Personal care products and Cleansing tools, all under the same banner. These products are available for wholesale as well as individual sales. We also have various CD’s and books that explain the relevance and need for the said lifestyle. We at Soulgenie know and propagate the mix of a true yogic lifestyle with the modern one, a simple, effective and reliable cocktail of practicality and natural care.