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Detox and Fasting

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In this fast running life , our body is losing its luster both internally and externally. Unhealthy lifestyle and irregular eating habits have left our body, soul and mind grueling. The best way to pull ourselves out from the unceremonious, hollow and unhealthy - the so called modern lifestyle is to move towards nature. As said “in every walk with nature one receives for more than he seeks.” The contaminated food and even the air we inhale every minute is pulling us towards the edge. But, there is always a ray of hope even in the darkest hours. The ancient art of detox and fasting is our stellar. Detoxification techniques using the right tools are greatly helpful in eliminating harmful toxins from the body. has developed nature cure products based on the guide lines of ancient knowledge of yogis from India- the birthplace of yoga- A land so diverse “that even a restless soul can find its home". So after extensive research and self observation, Soulgenie has come up with some of the best natural ways of detox to cleanse the whole body. Recommended by our experts and on high public demand we have manufactured products like the Neti Pots- best for nasal irrigation and to make breathing easier, and Jal Neti Salt sachets. Our products include pure Copper Tongue Cleaners for complete oral hygiene, Home use Enema Kits for colon cleansing and constipation, Eye Wash Cups for eye cleansing and relaxation.

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