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qSwipe Lite Copper Tongue Cleaner

  • MADE OF 100% PURE COPPER AND NON-POROUS - Has germicidal properties.
    Does not accumulate any bacteria or germs.
  • PREVENTS BAD BREATH - Helps to remove food debris from tongue surface.
    Prevents cavities. Enhances taste.
  • LONG AND FLEXIBLE - Provides firm grip for safe and convenient use.
    Completely non-porous material that helps to keep the scraper clean.
  • NON-GAGGING DESIGN - Reaches till the back of the tongue comfortably.
    Entire tongue surface gets cleaned.
  • WHOLESALE DISCOUNTS - Makes for an excellent Gift.
    Beautifully wrapped in an exquisite pouch.

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Discover the unparalleled oral care experience with the qSwipe Lite Copper Tongue Cleaner—a timeless remedy meticulously crafted from pure, unalloyed copper. This copper tongue scraper is not just a tool; it's a trusted companion in your journey towards better oral health, and it's available for wholesale purchase to elevate your product offerings.

Made exclusively from 100% pure copper, this scrapper embodies purity and effectiveness, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a natural touch in their oral care routine. The germicidal properties of copper have been scientifically proven, setting it apart from tongue scrapers crafted from unnatural materials. Embrace the natural touch of copper with qSwipe Lite—the ultimate solution for maintaining a clean and healthy tongue, available for wholesale orders.

Why choose a copper tongue cleaner over conventional options? The answer lies in its unparalleled flexibility, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience without the risk of cuts or nicks. qSwipe Lite goes beyond the capabilities of a toothbrush, effectively removing mucous, bacteria, and debris from your tongue. Say goodbye to bad breath as regular use of this copper toung scrapper promotes better oral hygiene and prevents cavities, enhancing your overall taste sensation.

At, we understand the importance of natural, effective products. Our wholesale shopping site not only curates items proven to be impactful and mindful of nature's balance but also offers the qSwipe Lite Tongue Scraper wholesale purchase, ensuring your customers have access to this trusted oral care essential.

For over two decades, the qSwipe Lite Copper Tongue Cleaner has been a favorite among thousands. Trusted by Health Centers, Spas, and Natural health shops, this copper tongue cleaner has earned its reputation as a reliable oral care essential. Join the ranks of those who swear by its efficacy and experience the benefits firsthand. Consider offering the qSwipe Lite Copper Tounge Scrapper as part of your wholesale product selection to provide your customers with a holistic oral care solution.

Key Features of the qSwipe Lite Tongue Cleaning tool:

1. MADE OF 100% PURE COPPER AND NON-POROUS - Harness the germicidal properties of copper without worrying about bacteria accumulation. Enjoy a truly clean and hygienic tongue-cleaning experience with our wholesale tongue scraper.

2. PREVENTS BAD BREATH - Bid farewell to bad breath by efficiently removing food debris from the tongue surface. This copper tongue cleaner doesn't just maintain oral health; it enhances your taste sensation.

3. LONG AND FLEXIBLE - With a design that provides a firm grip for safe and convenient use, qSwipe Lite reaches the back of your tongue comfortably. The non-porous material ensures the scraper stays impeccably clean, making it an excellent addition to your wholesale oral care products.

4. NON-GAGGING DESIGN - Designed for comfort, this copper tongue cleaner covers the entire tongue surface without triggering the gag reflex. Say goodbye to compromises in your oral care routine with our wholesale tongue scraper.

5. WHOLESALE DISCOUNTS - Looking for the perfect gift or addition to your oral care product lineup? qSwipe Lite comes beautifully wrapped in an exquisite pouch, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate quality and wellness. Consider including this tongue scraper wholesale in order to provide customers with a natural and effective oral care solution.


Dec 27, 2018

Why Tongue Cleaning is Essential for Oral Health?

Tongue scraping is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that was initially unknown in the West. Many ancient cultures emphasize cleanliness of not just the teeth, but also of the tongue. Traditionally, Indians have used tender twigs from the Neem tree as toothbrushes. One end of the twig is chewed till it ...
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