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qSwipe Lite Copper Tongue Cleaner

  • MADE OF 100% PURE COPPER AND NON-POROUS- Has germicidal properties.
    Does not accumulate any bacteria or germs.
  • PREVENTS BAD BREATH - Helps to remove food debris from tongue surface.
    Prevents cavities. Enhances taste.
  • LONG AND FLEXIBLE- Provides firm grip for safe and convenient use.
    Completely non-porous material that helps to keep the scraper clean.
  • NON-GAGGING DESIGN - Reaches till the back of the tongue comfortably.
    Entire tongue surface gets cleaned.
  • WHOLESALE DISCOUNTS- Makes for an excellent Gift.
    Beautifully wrapped in an exquisite pouch.

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    $ 3.46
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    $ 2.97
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qSwipe Lite Tongue Cleaner is made of pure and unalloyed element- Copper. Copper tongue scraper is a time tested tool to keep away tongue diseases. It has a good flexibility, that ensures proper cleaning of the tongue without any cuts and nicks. Its very effective in the removal of mucous, bacteria and debris from the tongue compared to any tooth brush. Regular tongue cleansing results in better oral hygiene and prevents bad breath. Its easy and safe to use.

Copper has been scientifically known to have germicidal properties, hence it is a much better option compared to tongue scrapers or cleaners made of unnatural materials.

Soulgenie.com is a trusted wholesale shopping site, that comes up with products that are proven to be effective and made keeping in mind the natural aspects of all products.

qSwipe Lite Copper Tongue Cleaner is one of our best selling products, which has been a favorite of thousands of people for more than two decades. Health Centers , Spas, and Natural health shops vouch for qSwipe Lite Copper Tongue cleaners and so do we.

Kind Words From Our Customers

Review not Provided.

To whom it make concern : Of course we have many tongue cleaner hear in Germany but your tongue cleaner is the best one on the market. Thank you very much for your good product.
Many regards
Jan Erik Oehlund

The products are very good, better then expected.

Review not Provided.

Only one of the Tongue Cleaner has not been well finished, as i found a small bit area was very sharp, that i could have wounded my tongue if i didn`t check and use it straight away. Then i used the metal polisher to smooth it.
Apart from it, the rest of the products are very well and the delivery was very fast. Thank you!

Really good

I have been using the stainless steel neti pot and the copper tongue cleaner from HealthandYoga.com for years. Recently decided I wanted a second neti pot for travel. The H&Y neti pot keeps being improved... this new one has a slightly bigger capacity than my older one, which I appreciate. The tongue cleaners last a long time, but it is always good to have extras on hand, since they eventually break from metal fatigue (but that`s normal). The order arrived very quickly, considering it was shipped to the US from India. Thanks, Health and Yoga!

I am very satisfied with the products I have purchased. It is always a pleasure to shop at H&Y. Speedy delivery and wonderful products. Very professional!

I love your product, I ordered in bulk so that I could share with family members and friends. Your product is the best available and I will continue to order as needed. Your shipping was fast and on time. Thank you

The shipping was strict. Requiring a signature was too much.

great job!

Both products are great! Thank you.

The shipping was so quick and the tracking readily available! The Tongue Cleaner is hard to find in the U.S. and I`m delighted with it, the masks are 100% professional and I love the Vetiver Bath Scrub, although it`s small - I should have noticed the size when ordering, if I had, I would have ordered two! It`s a great scrubber for the feet especially, I think.
Will definitely order from this company again, thank you.

Very well made. A little piece of copper art that`s very useful and effective.

Nice products
Website has sufficient stock of natural products not easily available

Great products.

Excellent products!! I have been using the toothpaste and tongue scraper often and I really enjoy both of them!! Awesome website you guys have! It was totally the copper material of the tongue cleaner that sold me on it.

All of these products are excellent and delivered very quickly! I was suprised at how fast the order came in with normal delivery service! I highly recommend these products, (especially the toothpaste and tongue cleaner) and have no doubt that all other items from Health and Yoga will be great as well!


Received the order in well packed and good condition. Very efficient and prompt service. Request you to allow all items to be bought in India as well, since I could not buy some items required. It is hard to understand the reason for this discrimination. Thx.

Both products I purchased arrived in excellent condition. They were well packed and arrived promptly. The products are good quality and well priced.I would definitely recommend to others.

Very good products.

Everything is OK. God bless you!

First, I could not believe how quickly my order arrived from India, via Germany, to Indiana! It was just a few days - faster than many shipments I`ve received from companies inside the U.S.
Second, all of the products I ordered were exactly what I expected, and are working very well for me.

I have received all items. thank you

I had no internet till now! The toung cleanser arrived 4-7 days after the order1 I am very pleased with the service quality and coorporation.
Thank you.


Loving my tongue cleaner, came very quickly in the mail, woul not hesitate to reorder Angela in Canada..

Very slow shipping.

I love your products... I have ordered several times and I never have any problems I also buy your products for other people and they love them as well! very happy to do business with you

no fuss, product was as indicated and of high quality. Received goods promptly via international post.

Review not Provided.

We like the product and fast service

Review not Provided.

Thank you very much for the order! My honest feedback is that the tongue scrappers are very narrow. I pictured they would be like the one I currently have which is as broad as my whole tonge and does it side to side in one stoke. Yours are pretty narrow and I feel like I need to use it on one side then on the other in a second pass. Not a big deal though.

works great!

Review not Provided.

I have been using your tongue cleaner for about a year now. My husband has better oral hygiene than I do but on our yearly dental checkup, I was the one with very little bacteria in my mouth. He then wanted a tongue cleaner so I order him one. I think they are awesome and definitely recommend this to anyone.

I loooove the tongue cleaner. I told my Dental Hygienist I was using it & she was ecstatic! I am telling my friends about it too. I used to use one my Dental Hygienist gave me free, but it was not made out of copper! This one is so much better.Overall, a very easy & pleasant transaction with this seller. Excellent communication. A++++++ in every way.

I love the tongue cleaner. I bought 2 in copper, but I wish I would have also bought a stainless steel one as well. The tongue cleaner is gentle but thorough. My breath has improved. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

great quality..sending to friends and relatives!

great quality..sending to friends and relatives!

Product is good. I like it very much. Thanks for your your help. It does for me a good job. Thanks again.

great quality..sending to friends and relatives!

Review not Provided.

Thank you for these top notch products!!

I love all your products, my only concern is the price of shipping. It cost more for shipping than the products.

I loved everything!

Your service and products are good except the Kesk Nikhar Hair Tonic. When I use it, a lot of hair fell from my scalp, the smell is so strong, it will not go even if I clean it with another shampoo.

Good quality, fast delivery. As usual.

Absolutely wonderful service and product! Thank you.

Received my order of 1 copper tounge cleaner and 1 stainless steel neti pot + salts very quickly in the mail and the quality is what I expected given other reviews I have read. I would definately recommend this site to anyone. Thank you

Review not Provided.

I am very happy with the tongue cleaner. I bought one for my husband as well. It took about three weeks to get here but it arrived well packed with instructions. I would order from them again. Thank you for your service.

Nice material

Review not Provided.

Good service and prompt shipment. Product is in good quality.

I have loved it. Thanks -:))

Received my order swiftly. The items were just as I expected. I was ver pleased. Thanks

Review not Provided.

Excellent quality products, and reasonable prices. The delivery was quick, and thank you for the gift of the additional product to try!
Nice touch!

Excellent transaction, easy to use website and prompt service.
Thank you.

Very satisfied with the service. It was promptly delivered and no slip up. Thank you.

Excellent product, fast delivery & a good price. I also like the fact that you do not apply an exchange rate, but charge in $ and I get the visa exchange rate by my own card company.

very good and fast delivery!

I`m happy with the items I`ve purchased and the shipping to Singapore was affordable and incredibly fast - within a few days.

Product I ordered were shipped together, I received them in a timely manner, and I received exactly what I was expecting.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Great products. Thank You!

Everything I ordered exceeded my expectations... I am really enjoying the copper tongue cleaner ; less to a gag reflex.

The products work well and where delivery very quickly

Tongue cleaner is very effective and is now part of my morning routine.Toothpaste is good too.
I bought a neti pot from you 2 years ago but never started to use it. Took a trip to Kripalu Mass. in March and committed to using it on my return home. It is great! Instruction easy and good quality item.Also part of daily routine, feeling great!

Very satisfied with the speed of delivery. The products are exactly what I expected. Thanks!

very happy with service and product.

Just what I needed! Love the salt with my neti pot: right amount, no stinging. I no longer gag cleaning my tongue with the tongue cleaner.

Great products & fast service. Thank you :-)

The tongue cleanser was just average, the toothpaste ok, a little bland.

Thanks for easy shipping! My order came as expected! Now my 7 year old wants a tongue cleaner ASAP! Love it!

Review not Provided.

Both me and my mum have really enjoyed our tongue cleaners and the toothpaste is great too.

Good deal, items were quickly here. Happy customer.

Review not Provided.

Excellent service!

I like my copper tongue cleaner. I am very pleased it came so quickly, about 10 days. The last time I ordered one, it was over a month waiting for it.

I find it very good.

Wow! This product really works. I noticed a difference the very first time I used this tongue cleaner. It was well worth the price.

Great products & service, Everything was great.

Everything went well, I received the product and I do like it! And I do appreciate your follow up. Thank you!

My delivery was very fast and packaged well and with care! I am very impressed with the quality of the enema kit and the neem leaf powder. The neem basil soap is nice, my skin is left very smooth after use. I`m enjoying the tongue cleaner as well. Very simple to use and clean. The herbodent toothpaste cleans well, I just don`t really care for the taste, but we aren`t meant to eat it so as long as it does the job it is sufficient! I will be ordering again from health and yoga. Very happy that I found them!

High quality products that work as advertised.

Order was sent one week after order date.

all products meet or exceed

Review not Provided.

Except for being bent in a triangle shape and needing to be rounded before use (otherwise you can cut your tongue) everything with the tongue brush is good. Good price, fast delivery to the USA. On the last two deliveries though one out of two tongue brushes were left out of my order along with one out of 8 tubes of toothpaste. On my last order of 8 tubes I only received seven. However, I was refunded without question and it was taken care of quickly. Thanks!

I love your products and service

I am very happy that you worked with me on the delivery of these tongue cleaners ,which I received today, and appreciate that you sent them by a method you don`t usually use and this must have been more time and effort for you .I was delighted to see the lovely wrapping especially as some are gifts and look forward to purchasing more from your company in future .Thank you .

I ordered the pack of 2 Neti pots and tongue cleaner a couple of weeks ago. The products arrived within a week, I was amazed at how quick my order was processed and sent. I love the products and will be telling all my friends who suffer with sinus about the products available. Thank you, Aileen

Thank you, I`ve recieved the order. It works well.

Love it, thanks

Fast service and great products. I love all the products (tooth paste, neti, relaxation cd, tongue scraper). I will definitely be purchasing from your company again. Thank you very much for such a wonderful experience.

The quality of the tongue cleaner is very good and works well. It is the best tongue cleaner that I have owned.

I was so surprised at how quickly the parcel arrived!! I also really liked how informative your site was. I was researching home enema kits. Health and Yoga had some handy advice. Thank you, and goodluck to you guys your doing a wonderful job


This is the second order I have placed with your company and it was received promptly and exactly as described. Great customer service as usual and nice products.

A truly happy customer,



Review not Provided.

Works great love it!!!

Review not Provided.

This is my second purchase. My old one is still good I just want an extra for my travel bag. I love this product so much I intend to promote it in my affiliate marketing.I was using a plastic tongue cleaner before but your copper one is the best. It really really put a stop to bad breath.

Thank you very much for the fast shipping! Everything is great and received in good condition,i feel so refresh after using it. i`ll definitely recommend this website to my friends!

I have received tongue cleaner in 10 days after I ordered it on your site. It came by ordinary mail and I now use it every morning. I feel different when I do it. I think I have better quality of life. Your site is great. Best regards from Bosnia.
Maida Džanic

Review not Provided.

Hello !
We are very happy we receuved our order so quickly and all is as we expected to be. Thanks a lot !

Completely satisfied with both the item I ordered and the customer service. I would order from this site again!

Surprisingly prompt for OS delivery, love the products you offer, and prices are SOoooo good, thankyou, Susie

Although website navigation and order process are a bit cumbersome, the order was processed perfectly and arrived sooner than expected. Thanks.

Fast service and excellent quality. Thank you!!!!!
I am now ordering 3 more Lotus seed mala beads.

I received all items. The delivery was very fast. Excellent.

Great place to order from.

Product was exactly as described.

Keep up the good work.


i received fast shipment and excellent products. The neti pot is very good it has helped me with my sinus problems alot. I will be purchasing from healthandyoga.com again.

Review not Provided.

Overall I am pleased with my order. One problem, however, is the earrings I received were not the same ones that were pictured on the website. They only have 3 orbs instead of 4, and have a long chained area instead of the additional orb, as well as other design differences. This was disappointing and I do not like them as much as the ones pictured. I think it is important to receive what is advertised. If you do have the ones pictured, I would prefer those ones. Please let me know if anything can be done to remedy this error.

I really am enjoying using all of the products purchased.

I have just received the product thanks you.

Products arrived promptly and well packaged.
Soaps will be given for presents to household memebers. Tongue cleaner very effective (suggested to me by someone else who uses one, but who purchased it elsewhere). Will provide feedback on soaps once they have been tried.

The product was as advertised so I was happy with that. Thanks

Arrived in post no worries very handy piece if equipment does the job very well clean tongue clears the gunk off

The best tongue cleaner ever! I love the quick and reliable service provided.

Thanks a bunch Aloha

I received the order quickly and am very pleased with it. I love the toothpaste and will be ordering more. Thank you for such good service.

Great prices. Quick shipping. Product as decribed. Highly Satisfied customer!

the catheters did not fit the health and body tin enema kit I had purchased last year. I was hoping for the same size to replace the tube that came with the kit.

Very fast delivery, beautiful wrapping and labels. I will purchase more. Thank you.

I got it and love it. Works as advertised.


I bought the herbodent toothpaste, and at first, it felt a little weird, and tasted different, but after you get use to it, it really tastes fresh and feels good, and if you go back to using regular toothpaste, it just doesn`t feel the same anymore.

I use the toothpaste along with the tongue scrubber for a more effective clean. What I do is spread the toothpaste all over my tongue and wait a couple of seconds to let it soak in, then I use the copper tongue scrubber to scrape it all off.

Ever since I been using these products, I can see that my taste buds has improved a lot.

I highly recommend these products to everybody I know and to anybody reading this review.

I received the tongue cleaner. And it works great. It is easy to handle

Everything sent performed as indicated. Extremely happy with purchase.

Thank you so much! I recieved my purchase in a timely manner. I had intentions of useing the mala beads on my yoga alter. But, my seven year old son is using them to do his `breathing` before bed time. How super cool is that?! I never would have thought he would be receptive. So, once again...THANK YOU!! xoxo

Very pleased with everything. Thank you.

all`s well!!!!

Review not Provided.

I love the products but did not realize they were being shipped from India and would take so long to get to me. I was very sick for three weeks when I ordered the pots but they did not arrrive until I was over my respratory ailment. I would like to order more of the toothpaste but will it take so long to get here? Much luck to you and your business.

Surprised at just how quickly my order was received. Very pleased with the service.

I was positively surprised by quick delivery from the U.S. to Central Europe. I am also happy with the quality of the products.

the tongue cleaner is very effective. I would recommend it to everyone who wants their tongue clean and fresh breath everyday. Health and Yoga More Power!!!

What a terrific product! My mouth feels cleaner and healthier after each use.

I am very pleased with the products purchased. The order was handled in a timely and efficient manner.

Everything I received was in excellent quality. The video that came with the neti pots was so simple and well done, I was immediately able to go and do it after I watched it one time (the booklet was initially overwhelming, it made it seem so complicated). Even my 4-year old liked the video and wanted to do it too.

I love everything I got, it seems of the highest quality. The toothpaste is the best I`ve ever used, it makes my mouth feel like I just came from the dentist. I didn`t think a toothpaste could work so well!

The herbomineral product smells and feels wonderful. The Neem cream seems of the highest quality as well, though it didn`t cure the skin problem I`m having. I`m sure it will help other things that come up though.

It all came in around a week, and the free shipping was fantastic, I always appreciate that. :)

Love your products, and will continue to do business with you.

Thank you,

Melissa L.

This was my second purchase from Health and Yoga and I`m very pleased with all the products I`ve received. I agree with prior people about the bracelets being a bit tight. I`m not a large person, but they are tight on my wrist. Other than that, everything was fantastic!

Very happy to have a friendly, helpful, positive source to find alternative health products and information.

I love the products I receive from Health and Yoga. I purchase the tongue scrapers and they are the BEST that I have ever used. I have given them out to my family and friends. I couldn`t go a day without it!! Thank you. Karen Cash

Great products and fast shipping. Great company to do business with.

I appreciate the fast delivery for France, and the professionnal courtesy showed.
The products are good, satisfying, and I certainly will do some more shopping some day.

I received my product in a short amount of time and it was as I expected. I am very pleased with my purchase and would not hesitate to order from you again.

the contacts involved with this order were very possitive experience. the quality of the products is excellent. th error in initial shipment cuased much delay in the receipt of one item, hessonite mala, and caused inconvenience and expense to me with no compensatuion. otherwise satisfactory.
best regards,
jonny bearmon

Happy with all of the products received.

Review not Provided.

everything arrived in good condition...we are using the produts. thank you!

I bought the two netti pot set and was VERY happy with the purchase. As i recall timely delivery, good packaging. Iam feeling he benefits of the Neti Pot already.

I have only been using the paste for three weeks but I find it far superior to commercial paste.Only takes 1/3 the amount of regular paste and I find the taste very pleasant.I would recommend it highly to anyone who is fed up with all the stuff that is put in commercial paste.It tastes natural!

The stainless neti pot is of excellent quality. The (apparently) silicone gaskets seal very well. I was amazed at how quickly I received my order. As I recall, it was here in Florida within five days of my having placed the order. Excellent quality and excellent service.

No problems. Product as advertised, delivered as specified.

Thanks. :)

We got your products in good time and the service was great.

order came sooner than expected!

Thanks i received them very quick after pruchsing online..so pleased..Thank u

Thank you!

Thank-you very much. Neti pots are great, and instructions very good - I was already using a neti-pot, but didn`t have such detailed instructions. Now I`m putting them to much better use & getting better benefits. Delivery was very fast.

Thank you, very good

excellent products, prompt delivery. Very important for my health....trust this company, they followed through..thank you

Product received is not correct. I have placed two orders to date. The first on 12/12/09 with order id of 117925. I ordered one stainless neti pot with 25 salt pakets and one tongue scraper. I received this order and it was perfect. On 1/3/10 I placed an order (as a gift for my mother)with order id 11870. The pot arrived with no salt packets, as ordered, and one tongue scraper, which I did not order for my mother. How can this order be corrected?

Very quick delivery. Excellent product, easy to use. Good instructions.

The Nettie pot works. All who suffers with severe allergies should consider using it.

Everything came in time for our holiday gift-giving. We are delighted with the products, thank you so much!

I like the products, the tongue cleaner and neti pot.

good experience starting with helpful product description through ordering, delivery and satisfaction with product

Love, love, love the Neti Pot. How have I lived all these years without it???
Loved my whole order and the toothpaste is just
d-e-v-i-n-e! I will be back!

Review not Provided.

Quality products; I`m very pleased.

I am VERY happy with my purchase and delighted that someone had the product I was looking for. I could not find anything as well made for the purpose here in my city.
Thank you for such a fine product.
Gail Clark

The stainless steel Neti Pot was a great suprizse. It was perfect. I am able to do the kriya the same day. Accompanying instructions booklet was a gem. It had lot of usefull hints and tips to do the Jala Neti Kriya right.

Surya Srinivas, Toronto


My order arrived weeks ago, everything that I ordered was there and in fine shape. We`ve been using the Herbodent toothpaste for about 4 years now and it makes a great "stocking stuffer" at Christmas:-)

Everything is fine here and we hope that you have had a fine Holiday season!


I love the tea and the tooth paste of which I shall order more. It makes me mouth feel very clean and fresh.
Thank you,

Recieved order. Love the cleaners!

Review not Provided.

Great internet service and speedy delivery. Good pakaging and a solid looking product.
Thank you.

Hi - Products arrived - safe and sound. Love my Neti pot, so much so, that I sent two to close friends! Never a problem from Health and Yoga. I will purchase from you again.


received my order and have been using the neti pots. thank you.

I am completely satisfied with my purchase and the products I ordered as well as the free tounge scraper I received. The Neti pots I ordered were supposed to be a Christmas gift to my girlfriend and I but when she encountered a sinus cold I let her open them and she is estatic with its performance. The web page is user friendly and the service is appreciated.

great product, super speedy delivery time, i am very satisfied.

Excellent speedy service with high quality products. Would recommend to anyone.

Ronald L. Trainor bought:

Product 1 : 2 Stainless Steel Neti Pots + Jala Neti video DVD + Pure Neti Salt (20 Packets)

Product 2 : Jala Neti Salt 100 Packets

Product 3 : Tongue Cleaner

I received these products within a few days and the quality was perfect, everything you advertised. I will be buying from Health and Yoga again. Thank you

Ron Trainor

excellent product and value. everything posted on website was true. will reccommend this website to friends. thank you

Third time i have ordered and always very quick & efficient delivery. I enjoy the neti pot and have given several away. Keep up the good work.

The Neti pot is very sturdy and I like the nozzle. Having never used a neti pot before, I`m learning to get the appropriate flow. However, I had noticed a scratch in the stainless at the bottom inside when it arrived, but it was not all the way through. But while the scratch is the same as before, now 5 little pinpoint pits have appeared at the bottom with the base metal showing through. Is it still safe for me to use it? I`ve never used anything harsh to clean it and or pointed to stir in the salt.

Review not Provided.

I was very pleased with your service and your products and the way they were presented and packaged.

Thank you, Regards, Brenda Smith

I was definitely pleased with my purchase of the neti pot.

Works as advertised!

Even though the nettie pot is supposed to be made from stainless steel, there is a very small amount of rust on the inside bottom where there appears to be a stamp in the metal. Other than that I am very pleased with the pot and the training materials.

Review not Provided.

The neti pot is great. The larger size gives enough saline solution to really clean the nasal passages, and the instructions are big help. I used a neti pot fot several years but never figured out how to clear the back of the nassal passages until reading your instructions.

Received 2 pots quickly. Work very well and like that it is stainless, clean and sturdy. I noticed one pot has a dark scratch(?) on the inside bottom. Tried to rub it off but hard to get at. Is it still ok to use?

Order arrived so quickly I couldn`t believe it was coming from India! And, I love the Neti Pot. I`m glad I shopped around and got the stainless steel pot. Very easy to use and great instructions!

The neti pot arrived very quickly.
I`ve tried it for the past 2 nights but am still having some swallowing issues so I`ll be checking out you faq in just about 2 seconds!
And by the way, thanks so much for asking!

Using this technique is very new to me. The booklet was very clear and the DVD helpful too. It works great and leaves me feeling great. The quality of the pot is much better than any I`ve seen first hand in stores. I`m glad I found your site. Delivery time was somewhat longer than expected because I didn`t know it was traveling so far. Box arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for the great service!

This was my second order for Neti Pots. My daughter and my husband decided my successful use of your wonderful product was worth imitating! I had researched the different pots and yours, hands down, is the most sanitary out there. The stainless pot goes into the dishwasher regularly, is large enough for me to do both sides without remixing the salt and water, and for the first year in my 66 years, I have not had a Fall cold which always ends in chest congestion. I attribute that to my daily use of your pot! I do not have allergies but my daughter and husband do so we are hoping for the same results for them. Also, your timely shipment and information online as well as that which comes with the pots was very helpful.

We received our neti pots in good order, along with the free tongue scraper! My husband is hooked on his neti pot! Needless to say, I am thrilled. And the shipping was very fast. Thanks so much!

Neti pots were recieved promptly and in perfect condition. We have spread the word about neti pots to 6 more people. thanks

Love the product.. And received in a very timely matter.. Thanks so much...

The Neti pot came very quickly, especially since it was a trans-Atlantic delivery! The product is great quality, with very clear instructions. I`ve been using it pretty much every day! I`ve just used your website to buy some toothpast and I`m looking forward to using it more in the future! 5 Stars.

one of the items shipped with minor damage. healthandyoga took care of it and quickly sent a replacement. they are great to do business with and very nice people. rest assured, they are there for the customer.

The stainless steel "neti pot" is much better than the small, plastic one I bought at the drugstore. It is large enough to hold 2 cups of liquid and easy to clean. Thank you for your product!
Patricia F

The e-commerce transaction was smooth, the shipping was very fast, the products are excellent and the price was the best of the web. I would purchase from Health and yoga anytime!

love the netti pot, and the excellent instructions. good work!!

Love it and would recommend your products to anyone!! Thank You so Much!

Thank you for checking in with me! Both items arrived promptly and work great. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I would recommend your company to anyone who wants high quality items and great service.
Thanks so much,

neti pot good to use, tounge cleanser ok, this is my 3rd attepmt at a new one as my old one was very thick and strong but I dont semm to be able to get.Gave my free one to a neighbour, must ask her about it! This one is still a little flimsy but does the job without hurting or cutting the tounge.

I am very pleased with the product. It is so easy to use. My first experience with the neti pot was a plastic squeeze bottle and this stainless steel pot is beyond compare. Thank you.

Thanks. I did receive the order in time and the product is ok. It is difficult fo find this type of product in my country and I am so great thankful to yours.

Best regards.

Luis R. R.

Both of my orders arrived VERY quickly. Quality is quite good. I am using my yoga mat every day. Best of luck.

Love the products and delivery was excellent!

The tongue cleaner has been received. I love it!! It works great.

Review not Provided.

I use the Neti pot every morning and cannot believe how much better I feel. Your product is superior to what I could find locally in stores and I think the instruction booklet and CD were extremely valuable and absolutely crucial to assuring proper use of the Neti Pot. This is an incredibly effective product but, in my opinion, to assure quality of product and safe usage should be purchased from a reliable source such as Health and Yoga. Thank you for a wonderful product that improves my health and quality of life, and for your dedication to outstanding customer service. Sandra Kay Stock

Will most likely order more neti pots soon.

I loved both products and began using them immediately. They arrived on time and were packaged beautifully.

everything arrived in great shape. I like the tongue cleaner and I love the incense. The price for the incense was great and shipping pretty reasonable, so I wil definitely come back and/or recommend. Thank you.

I enjoyed the products I received and they arrived packaged nicely and in good time. Thank you!

I`m very happy with my purchase, I received it in less time than what they promised. I was able to feel the difference the first time I used it. Your mouth feels fresher right away.

It took a little longer to get here than I thought it would, but then I didn`t realize how far it was traveling. I am very pleased with my order.

Nicely wrapped in a pouch. Shipping was fairly fast from India - US East coast (10 days). Competitive prices, reliable service and go d customer feedback. I`ll buy again.

My wife and I both love you tongue cleaners. Their size and shape allow for easy cleaning right to the very back of the tongue without gagging. Thanks for a great product.

This is my first time ordering from health and yoga.com and my experience was excellent and satisfactory. I am enjoying the toothpaste I ordered and feel as though I have finally found a product that I plan to stick with. Please don`t stop carrying this product!! I want to turn others on to this product and would love them to use your site to purchase. Thank you greatly for such professionalism!!

I am very satified of the order.
Especially the book Yoga Food and Health, which allowed me to further change my habits in accordance to my believes.
Thanks a lot, Alain Minnoy.

Review not Provided.

Very Happy Thanks

the order took about 3 weeks for delivery. It works fine. Thanks again

Thank you; your tongue cleaner is great, and I was impressed with the care that when into its packaging.
Madeleine Friedman

Received the product and love the tongue cleaner. It is most effective and easy to use.

the tongue scrapers are the best i`ve ever used, however i was a little disappointed in the size of the liquid product i purchased.

The neti pot is amazing and has exceeded my expectations by far, I can breathe! The tongue scraper is a nice addition to my brushing routine as well. Thanks!

thanks got here quickly and good product

Thank you very much. I appreciate every item and am very pleased. I did think the books woud be hard copies, although the e-version is acceptable. If you have any promtions please send them, I do intend to order the toothpaste again soon!
God Bless

Fast friendly personal service. Tongue cleaner an excellent product that works really well. I will recommend it to my friends. Many thanks.

I was hopeful that this item might help me eliminate chronic post-nasal sinus problem - it has not but it has become part of my daily routine and certainly has not exacerbated the problem.

I had used a small, ceramic neti pot I received as a gift. I had chipped the area around the nasal spout and went looking for a replacement. I`m very happy with the stainless steel pot. It`s practically indestructable and the nasal spout is more comfortable. I also purchased the tongue scraper and natural tooth paste. The scraper works as described. Not sure it`s helping anything but I`ve only been using it about a month. The toothpaste takes some getting used to after using mint flouride paste my whole life, but my teeth feel less sensative to hot/cold and my gums feel fine. I`m very pleased so far with everything I`ve received!

I have received my order on time. This is second purchase and as a gift. I find this product very useful and I can not immagine that shal not use this product for the rest of my life.
Thank you very much.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Product delivered as promised. Very satisfied.

Good Product

Review not Provided.

The whole family really enjoys the Herbodent toothpaste. It tastes great, and really leaves your teeth feeling clean. We also really like how well the tongue cleaner works. It`s edge is smooth, and is made to be easy to use. Thanks very much, too, for the fast shipping time!

Love the tongue scraper, it is the first one I have found that actually does the job. I bought three: one for me, my hubby and my daughter. We love them! I wouldn`t buy any other tongue scraper and I highly recommend to anyone.

Everything arrived and is great!! Thanx sooo much!!:)

Review not Provided.

arrived quickly & well packaged

I received my order in a matter of days. Very happy with the quality of everything

Very efficient service, arrived within the predicted time.
Packaging damaged, but products intact.
Very pleased with the products.

didn`t know what a difference a tongue scraper could make for oral health.
great price, quality product. thanks!

The order came quickly, and I love all the products I got. The toothpaste leaves my teeth feeling clean, and has a great taste to it. The eye pillow is great for unwinding at the end of the day. Thanks!!!

Everything was perfect.
I can`t say nothing more.
Thank you very much.

Eric Mathieu

Neti Pot works like a charm. Very good products and very satisfied.

Wonderful product. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

All my purchases with Health & Yoga have been delivered swiftly and have met my expectations. Thank you.

Great service as always. Will do business with again shortly.

I was surprised at how quickly my order arrived. I recently ordered something from Amazon.com and paid extra for expedited shipping. It took forever and it was domestic ship!

Glad to get the Neti Pot and the Tongue Cleaners. Nice quality items received in a timely manner.

The Neti pot took a little getting used to but my ENT doctor says she`s happy I got one.


I love your products and prices. I gave the netti pots and tongue scrappers for presents. They were surprised at first but I expect them to come and appreciate them in the future.
Thank you

Most pleased with all products. Nasal issues are slowly improving. With dedicated use I feel I will come to better breathing and comfort.
Thank You, David

All was as advertised. I appreciate your customer service it is top notch. Thanks Jules and Shauna

I was interested in purchasing a neti pot to help with some sinus issues I have had for several years. I did some research on the internet, and found many positive recommendations for your product, along with logical reasons why yours was better (stainless steel, larger size, etc.) After using it for several weeks, I fully agree. Wonderful. Shipment was fast, and the whole process smooth. The instructional DVD was nicely done and helpful as well. Thanks for everything!!




Never recieved your product!

Your service is excellent. Thank you.

Quick service. I am a repeat customer that continues to be pleased by all products purchased to date.

great product, received promptly. thanks

Health & Yoga is an excellent company. I received my shipment without a problem. The stainless steel Neti Pots are the best and cost less than other places. The tongue cleaners are good,too.



I love your products. They have a very natural feel, rinse off easily, are not harsh or irritating to even my daughters sensitive, fungus prone skin. They also smell wonderful. Just that pure savory smell of the herbs they are made from. The Herbodent toothpaste is fabulous, the best I have ever used. Your service is excellent, it was easy to order and the products arrived very quickly. I would like to better understand the more subtle differences between the dry herbals-perhaps some more information on when you would use one vs. the other. I`m thinking now of the Herbomineral and the Skin Aura. We`re kind of experimenting with the two, but would appreciate any more advice you can give as to the reasons to choose one over the other, or do they do pretty much the same thing? Also, we have a lot of scalp problems-dryness, patchy sore spots, and I wondered if you have something for that, or could recommend how to use the products for the scalp? I will continue to buy your products because they are the "real deal"-not just the same old junk put into a pretty bottle, but something of real value for the health of our teeth and skin. That is a joy to find. Blessings! Betsy.

This was my second order and both times, service was excellent and shipping very quick. Thank you very much!

I think the tongue cleaner is a great idea and I use it every day. It is an excellent product. I also flush my sinuses out every day with a nasal irrigation system as I have a chronic sinus problem. However, since I have been flushing out my sinuses, the infections have been few and far between. If I do get a sinus infection I continue to flush out the sinuses 2 or 3 times a day and the infection is not so bad and clears much more quickly. In fact, since I have been using the irrigation system, my doctor has taken me off my regular medication as I no longer need it - the flushing out is doing the job much better than the medication did!

thank you


I have found you service to be very good. I also have liked the layout and the information provided on your website. Hence, I have now purchased a number of items through you. I have been using all of them to my satisfaction. Thank you for your hassle-free service. Also, the jala neti faq is what brought me here initially. Excellent service to all. I have had to patiently self-teach myself, but now am direly in need of an instructor to be sure things are being done properly even though they feel correct. Your faq has been invaluable and indispenible in being able to safely develop my practice. Thank you.
Have a great day!!

I`m enjoying the toothpaste & tongue scraper. I look forward to trying more products!

A fine product. Quick shipping, reasonable price.

thank you for the great service and prompt delivery.

Hi, Please ignore my earlier email. When I returned home from work, the package had been delivered. I haven`t tried the tongue cleaner yet, but appreciate the care in packaging. Thank you, Debra Beauchamp

Review not Provided.

I have received all the products and am very satisfied with your service. Your products are first-rate, fresh and unspoiled. I was amazed at the quality of the Vitalvulva salve; no rancidity whatsoever. My only problem is with the glycerin ingredient in Herbodent Herbal Toothpaste. I am not able to use it as often as I like, due to an allergic reaction to glycerin.

The quality of everything in the order was outstanding. I am especially enjoying the mala beads which are an extraordinary aid in my spiritual practices. Thanks!

it works fine. better than the plastic ones they sell. not as rough. i would reccommend it.

Hi. The product arrived as described. No complaints and no problems were encountered. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

arrived in a timely fashion and was exactly what I wanted.

Received my items and everything was fine. Very Happy

Quick, efficient...and I really do like the toothpaste...A little scary at first, but it leaves my mouth - all over - feeling great. My family and I use our tongue scrapers every day...Thank you for your quick, efficient service and great products. I will return

the products came very fast and in good condition. I love them both

Products arrived in excellent condition, promptly. Quality is very good. Namaste

Thank you for your outstanding products. I ordered a netipot and 3 tonque cleaners. I received in time. Both are fantastic. Thank you again for the outstanding service even we never met. Superiour. Thanks again.

Erwin Hogers

Have not received product yet. waiting patiently (sort of)...

Items arrived, promptly, well packed and as described. More recipes for herbal/ayurvedic enemas gratefully received by email, if available, since the enema kit instructions did not go into much detail about these.

Many thanks.

Review not Provided.

great products

I`m still trying to get the hang of the neti pot, but so far I love it. It`s saved me a few doses of OTC meds already.

I am very pleased with the Jala Neti Kit and the tongue cleaner. The spout was loose on the pot, but that is what I expected. I had to tighten it up. It made sense to leave it loose, so as to not compress the washer while in storage, which would preserve it longer. The pot worked better than I expected and I like the large capacity. The smoothness of the pot surprised me.
The tongue cleaner works very well. I like the shape of it and the finish. It is smooth and feels clean. The tongue cleaner does not have a bitter taste or roughness like the last one I tried. Thank you for the quick delivery. Everything was in good condition when it arrived.

Thank you!

Your service is great and I am pleased with the products that I ordered. I partically like the tooth paste. The sandals are comfortable .......my feet love them.:)

The neti pot`s box did arrive rather severely damaged, but the neti pot itself was not harmed. The products I ordered are of excellent quality and the customer service I`ve received has been truly exceptional. Thanks so much!! I will definitely shop with Health & Yoga again and have already recommended you to several friends.

I really like your products. It`s all natural and works so well. I`m going to tell my relatives and friends about you. Thanks.

Review not Provided.

The service you provided was exceptional. It is a pleasure doing business with you! Do you ship directly to APO addresses? The order I placed was sent to another country and it would be very efficient to ship directly. You have gained my trust and have provided a great opportunity for a service member to value your products and wisdom during these difficult times.
Paula Morrow

great delivery time and great products. especially loved the toothpaste and the tongue scraper (and soap and rest of stuff). thank you so much. will order again.

i never rec`d the tongue cleaner.

Everything I ordered arrived as was communicated. Your service is excellent and very quick. I utilize the neti pot, tongue cleaner & toothpaste with great joy. My sinus problem has been minimized with regular use of the neti pot. I purchased the same items for the my family and they are also having good results from using the products. I will do business with you again, very soon. I am telling other relatives, friends and co-workers about the products. Thank you again.

good product

Absolutely nothing I`ve tried has made such a difference in my rosacea/acne as the Neem Cream and Skin Aura - amazing stuff.

Review not Provided.

It was unexpected, but a bit delightful to get a package straight from India! I like the item and am pleased to have ordered it.

high quality tongue scraper - well packaged and smooth delivery to U.S.

I am very impressed with your speedy delivery as well as your high effeciency. Thank you.

I am very happy with my tongue cleaner. The speed and accuracy of the order was very good also.
Thank you.
Cathy Bohland


Both the stainless steel pot and the tougue scapper works wonderful. Thank you

The buying experience was one of the better that I have ever made. The item was more than I expected and customer service was superb!

I recive my goods verry fast but i pay hi fees here in my country.

Thank You.

I did receive the pkg in a timely manner but the box was destroyed and haphaserdly put together. There was salt all over the pkg b/c several had busted> I am very happy with the netty pot but disappointed with the care that it was sent. Also, the tongue cleaner was bent badley.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I love the neti pot. The week I received it I caught a cold and I honestly feel that using the neti pot helped in getting rid of what I considered potential sinus infection "matter".
The tea is very good. I am not sure about the skin auro paste yet. The tongue cleaner is alright not to impressed. I have not used the enema equipment yet.

Great! Thank you!

very happy with the products, especially the jala-neti. It has really helped to clear my sinuses

Everything was received in perfect condition. I just love my new tongue cleaner! It is so much better than the terrible plastic one I previously owned. Namaste, V. Salas

Delivery was faster than expected. Great service- very satisfied

I am very happy with my order--i received it very fast, and the products are wonderful--im sure I will be ordering again soon--thank you!

I recently purchased your oral care kit, and I have to say, what an outstanding combination! Your stainless steel Neti pot is holds just the right amount of water in it, as it is not too small--unlike some other companies pots. Also, the tounge cleaner is invaluable for cleaning off all that hard to remove gunk on my tounge. This is something that my tooth brush just can`t do. Also, the herbal tooth paste always leaves me with a clean and fresh feeling mouth. Outstanding products!

I loved it! And it came with a nice pouch for storage. So glad I found it and will definitely pass info along to friends. Thanks!

I`m very grateful for this quality product that works so well.

Was delivered quickly and all products used so far have been satisfactory. Was conserned with the packaging of the toothpase - it was not sealed. I am hoping this is due to the fact that it is packaged in India and the country`s regulations differ from USA.

I like doing business with an honest company and appreciate your interest in customer feedback on both your products and your service. I was pleased with both. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

The product is excellent! It arrived in good time from India, but in a flimsy lightweight paper package that was torn open and the product was ready to fall out. I`m surprised it even made it to my house in such an envelope. I would encourage you to look into better packaging material. Thank you.

I only received one (1) of the tongue cleaners instead of the two (2) I ordered. Thank you.

It works as advertised.

i have a stainless steel tounge scrapper but like yours (mine now) better the toothpaste tastes great bob

The ordering process was quick and easy -- just what I desire for online purchases. The shipping rate was fair, and the product arrived as expected. I`m delighted to have found your company! Because of the positive service, I am apt to order again.

Review not Provided.

Excellent. Great follow up. Items were good with good packing. Will come back for more !

Thank you for your very good tonque-cleaner! I wish all of you a very nice christmas and a happy new year! Best regards from Stuttgart and Jan Erik

Delivered to the wrong address. The correct address is George and Yolanda Morales ,707 Briercliff Drive, Orlando, Fl 32806-1301. Please deliver the items to the above address. Thank You

I liked your toothpaste very much & I will be ordering more in the future. Thanks for shipping so promptly.

Excellent service just like all the purchases I have made from you. I've always received high-quality products in the past as well as with this order. I will continue to order from you. Thanks for providing such value! Kent

everyone loves using their tongue scapers. they are packaged very nicely also.

wonderful.. love the products.. thank you.. kathleen

Review not Provided.

As before, very fast delivery, well wrapped and just as ordered.

I am very pleased with the products ordered from you. I will be ordering the products again. I'm am sorry for not responding earlier. . . life has been hectic. . .Thank you. Boni

Transaction was excellent and order was handled with email updates. Surprisingly fast delivery. Very happy with products as well.

received items, they work just as expected

First class product and service

Review not Provided.

love the copper tongue cleaners !!! will get more for family and friends...

Review not Provided.

I purchased 2 mala beads and the tassel on the Quartz has shedded and fallen off. The one on the citrine has started to shed too. I love them, the quality is good but now I worry about the thread that holds them together may start breaking. my name is Doreen LoRusso- dlorusso@ bellsouth.net. please response. Thank You

Thank so much. We love the toothpaste. It is the best!

true products for a better self, nicely packed, quickly delivered. its good that money can also do this. please come up with jala neti pot for kids, they will love it.thank you!

Thank you so much for the fast delivery, wonderful communication, and high-quality products! I absolutely love my new yoga mat. Namaste!

Excellent!! I've been looking for the stainless steel neti pots that you sell since I bought my own four years ago at a yoga studio in Sedona. I'm a yoga instructor and LMT and now that I know were to get them I'll be ordering more for my clients. Thank you. sincerely, Peter Strom

The service was excellent.Love the heabodent herbal toothpaste.Thanks soo much for your service.

I was amazed at the speed in getting the products and am very satisfied with products. Have you ever gotten the diebetic powder in? Thanks Louann

Review not Provided.

I am very pleased with my purchases. I will definitely purchase again! Thank you!

got it. like it.

Tongue cleaner is excellent. Have not had time to use enema kit yet. It seems complicated.

Review not Provided.

Excellent! I am very happy with your service. -Jason

Very nice. Matched the description as advertised.

Received my order within 1 week which was a very fast delivery. Products are of a high quality. Thank you.

I love my neti pot! It is wonderfully designed and neti makes me feel great. I wish more people were open to the practice. Service was incredible - about 3 days delivery to Australia! Thankyou.

Love the Netti and use it daily and found the video very helpfull. Thank You

My order arrived just fine. Thank you for your customer service.

I would have selected "good" but my order was missing one tongue scraper and I sent an e-mail but I got an automated reply that my order should arrive soon and was unable to be tracked. My e-mail said that my order had arrived except for one tongue scraper so I don't think anyone read my message. I have since moved and have a new address: 1518 Drake Drive Erie, PA 16505 I love the neti pots, though. My husband and I really notice a difference when I use them. There are several people I have told about them and I am even planning to buy a few more as gifts, but I wish it was easier to figure out how to send a customer service problem to a real person.

Everything was fine, thank you. I would order again.

Everything arrive perfectly. The Neti pots are super, and the tongue cleaner works better, far better than any I have previously had. You should try to market them to doctors offices that are involved in prescribing large amounts of antibiotic since that will cause yeast on the tongue. Thanks again for the great service. Regards - Mark

I received the neti pots, toothpaste and tongue scraper in a very timely and efficient mannner. I am extremely pleased with everything! Thank you! You need another category, better than "good" for those who are Extremely Pleased!

I am very pleased with the products. I will say that sometimes your malas are strung almost too tight. Namaste, Roger

The product works great and the service was perfect. Thank you very much.

Thank you for the service and product. This is my second purchase from you guys. The products are quality and the service is right on...thx much...Bill.

My sister has a terminal illness and she experiences a terrible taste in her mouth and tongue plaque.Nothing seems to help.The metal tongue scraper is a lifesaver for her!Thank-you!!The toothpaste color is a bit freeky,no big deal, your products are special. Thanks again! Deb

Review not Provided.

thanks, great

Very pleased with the product and the quick delivery. Thanks!!

Review not Provided.

100% completely satisfied.

Everything was received fine and the product is great! Thanks you for your kind service...co

Yes i did receive my products and i am so happy with them. I love the tongue scrapper and the toothpaste was new compared to american products. it took some getting used to but i like it better than any other. thanks for great service and great products. i couldn't be happier. yours, marc cavello

I am pleased with the product and was happily surprised how quickly it was mailed to me.

Your service and products were excellent. You did not give me an adjective that adequately describes my feelings about my purchases. I am very pleased with my order. The packaging was well done and the time between placing my order and receiving the products was short. I'm well satisfied. Thank you.

The order arrived promptly. It was well packed and all the items were there. Excellent service.

My order arrived very quickly and in good order and I am pleased with my purchases. Thank you

great, thanks very much

I received my neti pot and tongue scraper in a very timely manner, and I am very satisfied with both products. Thank you very much.

My Neti pot and tongue cleaner have been invaluable tools to promote my personal health and hygiene. The products arrived in a timely manner and have functioned beyond expectations. The support of infomation on use of the Neti pot has been very helpful as well.

I at first struggled with the transition from pressurized nasal washing to the neti pot, but I now find that a twice-daily habit, in combination with the medications my doctor recomended, has made me nearly allergy symptom free. Thank-you for all the advice on the website, and a well-designed neti-pot. I did find though that there are some scratches in the finish on the pot, and the pot is rusting in these spots. I am not worried yet, as iron is a benificial mineral, and the spots are not in a place likely to eventually cause a leak.

Can not fault it. Thank you. Fred Etter.

thanks for the products, love them, will buy some more thanks

Received promptly. Great service.

Review not Provided.

wonderful tongue scraper! thank you

It works just the way it should...... Thanks

Received the products ok. Tongue cleaner works great for an extremely inexpensive product--cheapest and best quality health product I've ever purchased. Haven't tried the neti pot yet due to overwhelming life circumstances, but appears very sturdy, and love the DVD as part of the package. I will definitely recommend your business to others.

Had I realized the time required for proper nasal drying after irrigation, I doubt I would have ordered the neti pot. That practice has not worked out well for me, however it makes a great flower watering pot and, sort of, um, instant bidet!

excellent shiping, products as described, super happy with communication and fast shipping thanks a lot Tom

Great products and service Thank you

Part of my order was broken when I received it (Bulb Syringe 9fl. oz). The plastic connector that is inserted into the opening of the bulb had a hairline crack, so when the thin black plastic nozzle was inserted, some water would leak out from the connector before it got to the nozzle. This has made it unusable since most of the water leaks out before getting to the nozzle. The rest of the order was good.

The toothpaste is very nice. It tastes great and cleans my teeth very well. I will buy more soon.

Review not Provided.

Thankful to have found your presence in this life my friends. Thank you so much for serving all of humanity with your supportive natures dealing with the wellbeing of all through health & harmony. Peace & Plenty, Leela Alvarez

seems to work fine thanks

Great product and surprisingly fast shipping halfway around the world! I am glad I found your website! Thanks!

Review not Provided.

I recently purchased a tongue cleaner made of cooper. ALthough I like it I was under the impression it was suppose to be stainless steel which is what I have used in the past. It works fine but I would have preferred a stainless steel version

It was received as expected. The prices are reasonable and the web site is well organized. Thank you!

Everything i hoped for when i chose to buy from your site

Greetings! I have received my order, thank you. The toothpaste is wonderful, I love it. It's a little too "hot" for my children yet, but they'll adapt when they're older. Tongue scraper is great; I just wish I didn't have such a strong gag reflex -- I can't take the scraper as far back as I'd like. All in all, a very satisfied customer. Great service and informative website.

Review not Provided.

You guys are fantastic. Ship quickly, good quality products, great attitude and fantastic customer service. No complaints. Keep it up! Thanks! Chris, Toronto, ON, Canada

Everything arrived on time and in great condition. Some of the products were Holiday gifts and they were well received. Thank you so much! Vaden

What a great experience! My order was processed quickly and arrived here like lightening. It was packaged very well. And all of the items are of the highest quality and quite easy to use.Instructions are clear cut. I would gladly do business with you again! Thank-you. KH

Great products

I received the products extremely fast considering where they were coming from and want to thank you for that. I plan on coming back for more things sometime later :) All the best..

Thank you very much for the quick delivery!

Your product is the beat. Much better than the cheap plastic toung cleaners you find in stores theses days. I bought some for the people I love. Thanyou! Lorrie

Review not Provided.

Everything arrived as expected (except for leaking salt packets which make the package a grainy mess) and in plenty of time for Christmas. Thank you. I can't wait to see how the neti pot gets used and reviewed by my mother. I'll let you know. Terri L. Coons

I had no problems at all. My order arrived promptly and was well packed. Thank You!

Review not Provided.

I was amazed by the delivery's rapidity as my order arrived in 2-3 days and also by sending a confirmation e-mail to ensure that the order has been delivered make me feel even more secure (I do shop on the internet and this is the only time I have been asked if my order has been received!). Least but not last I am so pleased with the product's quality. I could tell a lot about it but the best way to experience it is to try them. Thank you all at healthandyoga. Florence

I am enjoying my Herbadent toothpaste and tongue cleaner.

Hi, I received your product in a prompt manner. thank you so much for this wonderful product. I love the tongue cleaner. My mouth felt so much better after the first time using it. My breath is alot cleaner and my mouth feels cleaner. I use it at least twice a day. I am way less self conscience when talking with people. What a gift! Thank you for this wonderful product.

I received my order quickly and am very satisfied with the products. Thank you!

Everything was received in good order. Thank you for the great products and service. Tom Miner Bow, New Hampshire USA

I am happy with the products I ordered and the timely delivery. Thank you.

The product and packaging are fine. It seemed to take a long time to get to me. Thank you for asking.

Excellent products and service. Very fast shipping. Many thanks!!

Good products & shipping was fast - less than 7 days

Review not Provided.

Great Delivery! I am using the toothpaste consistently and am very impressed. Very refreshing taste. Leaves my mouth feeling fresh for hours. Getting used to tongue scraper. This is a new devise to me. Seems to do what it claims to do.

Excelant. prompt service and quality goods. thank you very much.

thank you very much for great products and am using tongue cleaner every day..


Very fast shipping, and excellent products. Very happy with the purchase. Thank you!

Good transaction. Shipment was fast. The tongue cleaner works very well, but I find the grass yoga mat a little too slippy. I'll keep it because if has a nice look. Thanks Michel Dion

Deivery was much faster than you led me to believe. No problem there but I could have been travelling and tried to order to shoot for having it arrive after my return, or something :) The neti pot is good. Excellent seal to nostril, good size. The screw-on nozzle is a little odd--it wiggles slightly (doesn't leak, though), and prevents the pot from draining fully. Also, the pot could use a deeper lip at the top or a more nearly horizontal (and therefore longer) nozzle: if I fill it reasonably full, some water pours out the top when I use it unless I'm quite careful. Great manual! Much good information, and free of the new-age misinformation that pervades most neti instruction. Tongue cleaner is a little asymmetrical. Doesn't harm it in use, but it's less professional than it could be. Overall, happy. Many thanks! -Ben

Review not Provided.

The delivery was quick and I was very satisfied with the products - thank you.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Great service

I am very pleased with my order, everything was of the highest quality, as always. I am especially pleased your company took the time to check with me on this order. I have never had that kind of service from any other company.

Everything came and was fine. I have been using the tounge cleaner daily and I like it far better than the stainless steel opne I had been using

I received shipment in 7 days. Excellent service! Everything was as described.

I recieved my order quickly and like the toothpaste and tongue cleaner. thank you.

Toothpaste, tongue cleaners, and soaps are great. The enema kit tubing is leaky.---------------- 8/26/2006---------------

Review not Provided.

I purchased for 5 people with the order I placed. So I unfortunately won't benefit financially. However I must do it sometime because I am getting certified on ayurveda.

The product is wonderful! It's the best tongue scrapper I've ever used. However, the shipping was very slow. I ordered it 7/16/06. An email to me on 7/17 indicated it would arrive within a week. I actually received it 7/31. I don't understand why it took so long - or why it wasn't mailed simply first class.

All the products were great. Thank you for the fast delivery

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Great Product, Great communication, Would recommend this website to friends and family. Thank you

As always good service and great products.. I have always been satisfied with this company.

Verry good service, as a mater of fact I liked the sandles so mutch I orderd a pair for my wife and she already got them. Thankyou

Review not Provided.

The tongue scrapers arrived very quickly - only a few days after placing the order. They are the best tongue scrapers that we have ever used. Thank you. Namaste.

I absolutely love the soaps I ordered, and the toothpaste is such a great change from flouride rubbish I had been using, thanks a lot

In this feedback form, I'm given the choice of Good, O.K. Not received or Not Satisfied. Why isn't Excellent one of the choices?? That is what I would have picked!! I will be a repeat customer.

I really like the toothpaste, soap and tongue cleaner. The monster yoga mat I bought is not sticky enough and I slide around alot because I sweat alot. So I still use my old mat. :(

Review not Provided.

Received the order in the time specified, and in good condition. Was somewhat surprised / disappointed in the narrow width of the scraper. Previous scraper I have used had a wider radius thereby providing more coverage and less "gagging" effect. I was able to reform this unit to a wider radius, but suggest you consider a redesign or offer as an alternative.

thanks for the super fast service. both my boyfriend and I use the tongue cleaners. Wish I had ordered them a long time ago ! Makes a big difference in our oral hygene! thanks again

I'm very pleased with my recent purchase. The time it took my order to get here seemed longer than needed, but the package was traveling across the world--so I'm not terribly concerned about that. I find that using natural products and discovering ways to further cleanse my body make me feel healthier and happier. Thanks.

Received package on time and in good condition. Many thanks!

Couldn't be happier with both the product & delivery. Everything went flawless! Thank you much!!

Thanks. Everything arrived quickly and is in good shape. I've been using my Neti Pot and tongue cleaner and they're very good. I recommend your products to others. Thank you.

Fantastic service! My package arrived in just days, much faster than I expected, and the items are of top quality. Thanks for a great purchase experience!

My order arrived promptly, and was complete. No problems here, and very satisfied with your good service. Thanks.

i was very satisfied with my purchase and received it in a timely manner. while ordering online, i selected to have my neti pot come with salt. i didn't receive the salt nor was i charged for it. this will not prevent my shopping health and yoga again. thanks.

good shipping, best prices and good packing. many thanks

I have been using your toothpaste for a while now, and i would not change it for any other, until I can get it. Delivery has always been so quick and efficient. Also I am so happy with the tongue cleaners,I find myself getting them for all the people in my life who show a bit of interest. For thse who don't although it is against my nature,I try and make them realise that once you try it, you find it very hard not to keep using it. It becomes such a normal part in everyday hygiene, personally i feel like i forgot something important when in those rare occasions I forget to use it. Thanks so much for your products.

Review not Provided.

Great products. Thanks!

Review not Provided.

Great product. Sandalwood mandala has gorgeous smell. I wish the beads were a bit larger.The aroma compensates though. I love it.

Review not Provided.

i love the products and your desire for customer satisfaction is appreciated. all that i ordered is of good quality and i will likely make more purchases with you in the future/.

I was very pleased with my order. The quality of the material far exceeded what I had expected. If i need anything else I will be sure to contact you and refer you to my friends. Thank you for your service. Joe

i really like the toothpaste, thanks.

Great Product

I love having the tongue cleaner. It really is amazing how much cleaner my tongue and mouth feel after using it. Thanks, Joe Long

I thought the copper tounge cleaner would be a little more sturdy like the stainless steele cleaners. It still works though.

I was very pleased with the service and the speed of delivery. The directions on the tongue cleaner seemed a little vague; or maybe it's a simpler thing than I realized. Thanks.

Review not Provided.

I was delighted with my order! It arrived in good time, and the SS neti pot is wonderful. I've wanted one for a long time, and knew it was time to buy when I saw your SS version at a very reasonable price. It's making a huge difference in my health and happiness. Thank you!

I recently ordered all your cleansing products and am totally bowled over by your speedy service! Clearly your good karma clears international paths, it took only 4 days to get to South Africa. The quality of your products matches the quality of your sercice - I am totally satisfied and am already getting great results from the Enema kit and Neti pot. Bless you, I can't wait to order from you again! Rod Cape Town, South Africa

Very speedy service! My order (tongue cleaner/Neti Pot) arrived within a week. They are both fantastic and have become part of my everyday cleansing regimen. Thank you very much!

Review not Provided.

Hello, I have received the herbal toothpaste and a tongue cleaner - love both! The toothpaste has a very pleasant taste, and the tongue cleaner does exactly what it is described to do - and I DO feel the difference! Thank you.

I have received the tongue cleaners. They are easy to use and work great. Thank-you

Everything was great and arrived very fast. Thank you, I will definitely do business with you in the future.

i love the tongue cleaner...use it every day. i especially want to share its use with close friends. i have not yet used the yoga rug, but will soon

Review not Provided.

Hi Just to let you know that I have received my order and it was complete and the delivery was in the reasonable time limit. I enjoyed using the tongue cleaner and will pass my comments to my friends. Thanks again Nahid

The order arrived swiftly and was well packed. Thank you.

Great Service

Review not Provided.

I received the items fairly quickly and am satisfied with them. I think the neti pot is great, good quality. I like the individual salt packets as it is easier than keeping a little container of salt in my bathroom cupboard. i like the tongue scraper also, not too sure if i'm using it right but it's interesting. thanks again!

Everything arrived in a suitable time and fashion. I am very satisfied with the products and prices. I will continue to shop through your website.

happy happy happy... love the tongue cleaner, I lost the one I had before and couldn't find a better one than yours...and I live in Los Angeles.

Had no problems. I'm a happy customer!

All items were received quickly and in great condition. I am very happy with your products and service and would certainly continue to shop and refer others to your company.

Thank you very much everything is great regarding my order. Shipping time was fast. KEVIN J. SOKOLOFF

I admittedly have not really had the opportunity to use the Jala Neti Kit, but I do really enjoy the toothpaste. My gums are not bleeding as much and are starting to look healthier. Thank you for your incredible customer service.

The soap was awesome. Thanks

soap is great and the tongue cleaner works better than my previous one which was composed off a metal material.

Products were received very quickly and were just as described. I would definitely order again from you.

Surprisingly painless!

Thanks for the prompt delivery that arrived quicker than most Australian orders. The products is simple and effective. I have been plagued with a coated tongue for years and it is now much improved

It is a good product. I have enjoyed it thus far. Thank you for very fast service.

Review not Provided.

quick shipping, excellent product. Thanks!

My wife and I are really enjoying the tongue scrapers and we are happy with your services. Keep up the good work. You can also send us a monthly newsletter or catalog if one exists for your co. whether online on via post. Thanks again, Telly

I did end up receiving the package shortly after it was re-sent. The tracking page for the shipper says signatures are required but I was not asked for one. It was left on a car in the driveway. I expect that the first package was brought to a wrong house and left there.

I received your product promptly. It is a great product. I would definately order from you again. Thank you.

I was VERY pleased by your products and your service. The products I ordered were exactly as advertised and arrived promptly. Your kept me very well informed on the progress of my order via email. Excellent job!

Products and service 110%

Neti Pot is awesome, and have alleviated sypmtoms I have had for years. Thanks

Review not Provided.

I believe the Herbodent toothpaste is excellent. More refreshing than any toothpaste I ever had before. As long as my teeth don't turn green, I'll be happy. Now the tongue cleaner is pure copper and I dry it religiously after every use, so it will not oxydise. I wish you would have plastic ones like the ones I found in India. Much more hygenic. I am very glad that you exist and will find other products to satisfy my health needs. Namaste Andreya

I have not received the purchase as of 2/13/06

great products and service

Hiya items arrived in doublequick time, & I am very happy with them. Namaste Graham

great products at a great price. Quick delivery. The neti pot is fabulous , since I just quit smoking and have sinus problems for years. This is the first time I have been able to breath trough my nose at night. Thanks For everything!!!

Delivery was very quick, and we are enjoying cleaning out our sinus cavities. Thankyou very much. P.s. I tell all my friends about it.

The products were as promised and I am satisfied. I would consider using you products in the future.

Review not Provided.

Was disappointed that the package arrived in such poor condition. The box arrived partially opened, bashed in and torn. The product appears to be undamaged although I have yet to use it.

Dear Folks with Health&Yoga: I received my items in just a few days after placing my order, fast, efficient and excellant service. Very satisfied with the products I ordered, the stainless steel Neti Pot,stainless steel Enema Pot and equipment, tongue cleaner,Herbal toothpaste and Neem Leaf Powder. I was given the necessary information on how to use and care for the products which was very helpful. Everything arrived in excellant condition and will be functional for a very long time because of the excellant qualitiy. I'll definitley be making future orders for more of your great products. Thank You ever so much. Sincerely, Linda

The ordered arrived as you said in about a week. I like the scrapper, the rudrasha beads and have not tried the skin paste, but will soon. Do you sell an ayurvedic paste for rayasana taken with warm water or milk? 2 examples are Maharishi Amrit Kalash and Dabur Chyawanprash Awaleha Special...both have as the first ingredient Indian Gooseberry and then several other herbs? thanks, James Lind jamesnow@hotpop.com

Review not Provided.

The status e-mails are a great customer service device. Also, I received the items I ordered in a reasonable amount of time. The last follow-up e-mail was excellent as most companies do not send that type of e-mail asking if an order was received and offering assistance. The Neti pots work fine and the instructional video was very helpful. Thank you.

Product is great just as expected. Responsiveness of customer service and communication excellent!! Thank you.

Immediate good point - The package arrived very promptly, within 7 - 10 days after I ordered online. Immediate bad point - the economical, compact packaging was appreciated, but some bubble wrap or wrapping paper would be wise with your more fragile plastic containers; the Neem Leaf powder container was cracked, and some of the contents had leaked out. It's a bit difficult to transfer it into another container without more spillage. That, however, is my only complaint. Re: the products ordered: 1. I ordered the soaps for myself and as gifts, and would certainly recommend them - they smell great, and while they don't last ages, they don't disappear within days like other 'natural' soaps I have bought do. 2. I also ordered the toothpaste and tongue cleaners as gifts and for myself. The toothpaste is pleasant and seems to work - no list of ingredients on the packet though. The tongue-cleaners are great! They were the most-appreciated as a gift, with positive comments from everyone I gave one to. HIghly recommended! 3. The basil teas were bought only as gifts, but I shall be buying one for myself, after hearing a friend rave about the refreshing taste and effect. 4. I've nearly finished the jaggery - a fine replacement for sugar. I shall be buying more, I'm sure! 5. I bought one Neti-pot as a gift, and one to keep. The gift was to someone who already knows how to use the pots, I've had no feedback yet. I haven't used mine yet... I've been told it should keep better than copper neti pots do. 6. The following - Neem-Sandal Cream(1.75oz), Neem leaf powder, Herbomineral - I lent to someone who has been suffering from various allergy-related skin disorders or most of his life. He will hopefully try them out and let me know how they work. Even if they don't work for him, I tried the cream on a rash and it was effective. It smells *very* similar to a Japanese herbal 'Kampoyaku' cream, made of wild yam amongst other things. I wonder what the common ingredient is? 7. I cannot yet give feedback on the Amritdhara Supplement or The beginners Course with 2 audio Cds. Overall, despite one damaged item, I shall certainly be ordering from you again, and shall (continue to) recommend your site to friends. It's surprisingly difficult to find a site able to ship overseas, and the postage rates are very good. Thanks! - Maria Godebska ---------------- 1/11/2006---------------

no problem, prompt shipment,thank you

Your tongue cleaners are very effective and have met all expectations. Thank you for a great value on a great product. I may have been distracted while ordering but I was quite sure that I had ordered the Neti Pot, Tongue Cleaner and Toothpaste kit and not the package of 3 tongue cleaners. As I mentioned I may have been distracted while ordering but it might be worth your time to investigate. My wife is enjoying having her own tongue cleaner so we are quite happy with the outcome.

Review not Provided.

I received my order very quickly and I'm very satisfied with it. The steel Neti pot is just amazing, easy to clean and great to travel with. The salt packets are also very convenient when you are in a hurry or don't have access to salt. I find them great for traveling purposes. However, one point to improve is that while I didn't have any problems at home, I noticed that humidity gets to the salt easily in very humid places and it makes the salt to lump in the packet. It doesn't affect the salt's performance, but using a material which provides a better seal against humidity in the packing can definitely improve the product. The video is very clear too and has helped me develop the initial steps in Jalaneti. I'd suggest to include chapters for preparation, stage 1 and stage 2. I was a bit disappointed not to see the demonstration or instructions on how to perform stage 3 of Jalanet (in through the mouth and out through the nose). Overall, I am fully satisfied with my purchase, and have been positively surprised to see your post-sale questionnaire. Keep it up! regards Francisco Almendra

Thanks for sending the goodies expediently. We're enjoying the neti pots--the instructions are very helpful and easy to follow.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

The two boxes of the Jalal Netis were slightly torn but otherwise everything arrived in good condition and very fast. My family was very happy with the products.

I am very satisfied with my purchases. You offer great customer service. Thank You, -------------Scott

Order received in great condition--very attractive packaging with easily comprehensible instructions. Good product. Thanks.

Thank you very much for the great product and super service. Matt Prine

Thanks, the tongue scraper is fantastic. Your service was great. --john v.

Wonderful speedy service! Have we ordered everything you offer yet? (Smile) Seems like it, and I must say every single thing has been a wonderful product. We especially enjoy the Herbodent toothgel, the Herbomineral skin wash, and Your Neti pot and Tongue scraper--the best we've ever used! So happy to have found your website! Thanks so much.

Thank you!

Thank you I have received my order and am very pleased with it. The service was exceptional, before I knew it my order was here. Thank you once again.

Thanks, Fast delivery and product was alright

nice and prompt - thanks

very good service, good products

Review not Provided.

no problems at all, fast delivery and handsome use of the product.thanks again for letting feedback work great service. do you have any product or herbes working like afrodiasicum ?

Great product. Love the explanation video. I love the tongue cleaner. The best I have ever seen.

Thank you. All was received in good condition.

fast service

I have had nothing but satisfaction when shopping with health and yoga. being in Australia I was worried about delivery etc. but it has been an excellent experience.

I received the yoga mat and tongue cleaner very quickly and was very happy with both products. I have been using the mat for my morning routine and enjoy it so much more than any sticky mat I've tried. I am so glad I found your site and will recommend it to friends and collegues. Cindy Dudgeon

The neti pots work fine. The problem is they are pitting, revealing an unknown dark metal underneath, even though we rinse them thoroughly. This is disappointing and we will be replacing them. For my information in buying replacements, is the stainless steel 18/10 or ? Also, what is the thickness of the stainless coating? And what is the mystery metal underneath the coating? The booklet seems more than adequate. However, we cannot view the CD-ROM on our new MAC.

Everything is satisfactory and arrived quickly. Thank you.

Hi, yes, I received my order of two tongue cleaners in a timely manner - thank you. I like using the tongue cleaner, and consider it the most important part of my oral cleansing routine. For some reason, though, my boyfriend who is also very much into health, doesn't feel the need to use his tongue cleaner on a regular basis. I don't know why! Oh well, at least I like using mine!

I received my order of 2-Tongue Cleaners quickly and they are working very well for us.

My recent orders of Orohi herbal toothpaste, tongue cleaner and Jasmine cheese soap arrived so early I couldn't believe it. Infact it arrived far more faster than most local orders, if not all. I was very impressed about the efficient service. The products too are good. I don't worry about swallowing some toothpaste by mistake, because all the ingredients are natural. Samuel, Canada.

The Jasmine Cheese Soap was good and the Tongue Cleaner was O.K. I just expected something a little more elaborate for the Tongue Cleaner. Thanks.

This is my 2nd neti pot from Health & Yoga, and I'm very happy with the new one. It seems you've made it more durable and changed the shape somewhat to make it easier to use. Thanks!

very effecient service/delivery


I hope you received my response, I must have pushed the submit button my mistake before I was quite finished. Please let me know if you received my note with regards to the use of the catheter, I mentioned that I was confused by your instruction to dispose of the catheter after only one use. Thanks Edward Emmons

My stuff came very well packaged and in a short period of time. Thanks!

Love the tongue scraper and the Neti Pot!!! I have been recommending the Neti Pot to everyone. I have never breathed so well!

Your customer service, quality of products and speed of shipment were all impeccable. The copper tongue cleaner is far superior to the preformed one I had been using previously. The stainless steel neti pot with the tapered tip, long spout and extra holding capacity surpass my old ceramic one by far. It was good doing business with you. Thanks! Cindy Spalding

Review not Provided.

Everything was in order as per usual... thanks!

Review not Provided.

I received my order very quickly and found everything to be satisfactory. Thank you.

Thank you for checking to ensure that my delivery was received. It was received when you said it would be here. The stainless steele Neti Pot is great. I would not be without it. Previously, I had a ceramic pot, but it broke. The copper tongue scrapper works very well. I prefer it over the plastic one I had before. Thanks Again.

got them, like them, thanks.

I have come to enjoy the tongue cleaner now that I am using it properly. The package came quickly, Thank you. The amritdhara bottle has proven difficult to use. I have a hard time getting the drops out.

Everything is fine. It's exactly what I wanted. The service was very fast and I appreciate that.

I am very satisfied. Thank you for fulfilling the order. Namaste :-)

Review not Provided.

Couldn't be more pleased. Thank you.

I got my order very quickly (within 5 working days If I rember correctly), which was a pleasant surprise. The goods were of a high quality and had been accuratley described on the website. I also think that the goods are very reasonably priced. Thanks for your superior sevrice.

Thank you so much! I received my order in a timely way. I really like the products!

Concerning my Jala Neti, I am so glad you offer this invaluable product. The only source of Neti pots around here has only ceramic and plastic -- neither of which perform as well as stainless steel (according to other research I've done), especially with daily use. I use my Neti pot once a day to rid pollen, pollutants and bacteria. So far, it is working very nicely and I've had no allergies or colds. I received the Neti pot when I had an allergy and my stuffy nose was completely alleviated -- I could not believe how well it worked to clear my sinuses. I'm convinced. Thanks for offering this wonderful product at a reasonable price, with quick delivery.

The products arrived timely with no problems. The tongue scraper is a great product and I use it everyday. I'm still trying to learn how to use the jala neti pot. The CD has been a great learning tool. Thank you for your service.

Review not Provided.

I'm very happy with my order from your company. It arrived very quickly, especially coming all the way from India to the US, and the products are of excellent quality. The Jalaneti video has been very helpful with learning the second stage of the cleansing procedure. Thank you so much!

I have found your products excellent. As regards to service, I think this is the best service I have come across till now. Delivery is so quick and efficient. Thanks you so much!!

I was very happy with everything. High quality, quick service. Very great.

Everything is good, thank you!

Thank you .... i have reieved the products in great condition

Review not Provided.

Items were shipped promptly, and when they arrived I was surprised at how well they worked!

thank you health and yoga, i am very impressed with everything you sent me and am enjoying using it all especially the neti pot for my nose, i have suffered from nasal congestion for years but now i feel much clearer in my head and ears. the toothpaste is very good and the tongue cleaner, I have yet to sit with my beads for meditation but i plan to do that this weekend. thank you!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

We received our products very promptly, packaged very nicely, and are very pleased with all of it. My husband had been told by his nose surgeon to flush with a syringe... after many months of doing this did get a terrible ear infection. I was thrilled to research and find the best product! LW

Honestly, I have forgotten what I bought from you. Kathleen

Products are "different" but extremely practical! Exceptionally well made! Thank you!! F. Karaway

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Everything was fine. Go on doing such a good job!

Review not Provided.

I have been wanting to contact you to let you know how very pleased I was to receive the tongue cleaners in the mail so very quickly after I placed the order. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the tongue cleaners and they are working very very well. I have looked for several years to find a quality tongue cleaner...yours is the very best I have found. Thank you very much. Sincerely. Dr. A.M. Lockard South Africa

Your service is fast and efficient. My two recent orders arrived within days. I particularly love the Herbodent toothpaste -- and I couldn't survive without my tongue cleaner and net pot! Your customer service is excellent. Many thanks

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Products came in quickly and I have used the netti pot and am quite happy with the results. Am able to breathe easier and know it will help with allergy problems as well. Thank you.

I am very happy with the product I have received.

I have received my order.

Service and product were excellent. Bill Miller

Review not Provided.

I was very pleased with my order... thank you!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

quick delivery and good product ...thanks.

I love the Neti Pot, and the tongue scraper. No complaints, except I thought your shipping prices were a little high.

love all of it. The neti pot is actually allowing me to breath from my nose again. Sometimes afterwards I get really congested, but then in 5 to ten minutes I'm all cleared up, which is a huge triumph over being constantly stuffed up. Also, the tongue cleaner is simple and effective.

Thanks, I am pleased with the products, especially the tooth paste!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

There were no directions provided for its use and as a 1st time purchaser I have not used any of the products because I am not sure how to use them.

I would have paid a little more to have a tongue scraper that didn't have such sharp edges. Otherwise, I'm happy with it.

Love the sandals and I cannot believe I ever lived without the tongue cleaner!

Ordering from you was a positive experience. I got my package in the time I expected and I am very happy with what I ordered. Than you.

Thank you very much for your very efficient and fast despaching service and your friendly manner. The products are really good quality and a joy to use. The Herbomineral leaves the skin incredibly soft, even after the first use. The soaps are wonderful and I am not using anything else on my skin! I really enjoy the Tulsi Ginger tea, it's a very stimulating and pleasant drink, really lifts you up! Thank you again til next time. Best wishes Lida

So far I am please with the products. I really like the toothpaste. Thank you, Mary Rease

I received everything in perfect condition and very quickly. Thank you

it was very fast as i expected and the product was really good too in future i will be putting more order.

Everything arrived in a reasonable amount of time and everything is functioning fine with wonderful results. Thank you!

Thank you so much! The package arrived on time and I am extremely happy about the rpoducts. I will give them to my clients to promote health and joy. Anastasia http://www.steadybliss.com

The copper tongue scraper/cleaner is a superior product. It is the most effective tongue cleaner I have experienced to date and have purchased one for each member of my family.

products are great. thanks

Review not Provided.

I like the products but the delivery just took too long in my opinion.

I had always wanted to try out a neti nasal douche. I was very pleased with the product and especially the DVD that explained the how to's of doing it. One point it missed was what is the benefit of level two neti over level one? The tongue scraper was not really an improvement over the spoon I had been using but that is not a big deal.

I received all of the products that I ordered and I am enjoying them all. Thanks again, Patricia Sterr

i received the items very quickly, thanks for the prompt shipping!

I am very pleased with my products and the service is very good too. Many Thanks

I think the neti pot AND the tongue cleaner are invaluable health/hygiene tools! Thanks for selling a reasonably-priced quality product!

The products were received on a timely manner and is working out fine.

The only slightly critical thing...the neti pot had a gray smeary substance inside which was difficult to clean--I was hesitant to use it without removing this--just a bit of bother as it was so difficult to scrub inside there. On a positive note, the quality of the neti pots is wonderful, much better than anything I could find locally. The video disc made my first sinus irrigation simple and enjoyable. I would not have believed that I would be able to enjoy the benefits the first time! Thank you so much for your friendly internet service and your good product. Brian Arnzen, Portland Oregon USA

Your stainless steel neti pot has greatly enhanced my hatha yoga practice.

I like the tooth paste, as well as the tongue cleaners. Thanks to you, I have my tongue cleaned twice a day, and love the fresh sensation in the mouth after cleaning. I'll be ordering more tooth paste from you. Thank you.

Everything received in good condition. Thanks very much.

prompt friendly service, thank you

Review not Provided.

Thank you for following up on my recent order. It arrived promptly and in good condition. I'm very pleased with my tongue cleaner and enema kit. They were both as advertised and a good value for the price. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Received the tongue cleaners in a timely manner. They were as described on the website. Thanks!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I am very satisfied with the product and the efficient delivery. We are enjoying it very much and look forward to doing business with you in the future. Peace and Love. Ronda R. OBryant

Review not Provided.

received the product in a timely manner and am happy with it.

Review not Provided.

I received my product in a short time, and have been using it, and love it. I epscially loved the way it was packaged. Great product, at a great price. Thanks and I'm glad I found your site! Namaste, M. Dykstra

I must apologize ..I thought you were resending these items to me again. I just woke up . I am sorry.. I am very pleased with my products.

Glad you liked my comments. I give you permission to use them in any promotions you do. Sincerely, Jim Furlong Albany, NY

Unexpectedly eco-friendly packaging was a nice addition, although I'm having a difficult time of thinking of uses for the bags. Delivery was faster than expected, and the tongue scrapers work very well!

Review not Provided.

Haven't tried the product yet, but delivery and condition at arrival was just fine. Will let you know when I do try the product.

It is that I was looking for. Very Good!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Thank you, my order arrived within ten days and I am enjoying everything -- I especially love the toothpaste. The neti pot is very easy to use I think because it is larger than most that they sell here. You will hear from me again. Isn't the internet an awesome thing?

I am very satisfied with the service and the products ordered.


Hi, I did receive order a while ago and I did respond to say I have it. I was sent an email confirming you read this. Why am I getting this email again?????

excellent products. What do you recommend for shampoo... is the soap ok? (maybe a bit dry?

Everything arrived sooner than expected and in excellent condition. Your toothpaste is still my favorite product. Thank you

I really like it. Received it promply and it is packaged cute

My package had been opened when I received it and was'nt packed very well. I don't know if the post office did this or what. Everything was OK though. Thanks

Excellent products and prompt delivery. One thing I noticed while I was placing the order. After I had completed it, there was a suggestion that I should add another product. It was a good idea, but when I started to add the item, I would have had to enter my credit card information all over again. I had already put my card away so I just stopped. Perhaps, you could make the suggestion before the order is submitted. Just a thought. I will order the item the next time. Thank you.

It was faster than I expected. thanks!

My products arrived as promised and I am enjoying them all!

Review not Provided.

I love my Neti pot! It feels wonderful and it was very easy to learn.(the cd-rom was a great help)The tongue cleaner also works well. I will definately use your company again and recommend you to others

Everything was fine, and the products(Neti pot and tongue cleaner) are great. Thanks very much. My only problem was the shipping method, whenever i receive packages using fast courier services like DHL i pay taxes 100% over the final cost( products + shipping expenses). When I receive packages from UPS (itens marked as Gift) I dont pay those taxes, but I saw the products came from Asia so I dont know if its possible to use UPS. Thanks for the great customer service.

great - thanks!

It was Received in fine codition.

Everything arrived just fine!! Great service! Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

The SS Neti pot is great as is the toungue cleaner. It is absolutely necessary that my information is not ever shared with anyone and do not send any unsoliced email. I have received 2 msgs since the order and I hope this is not from info I gave to you.

Very fast delivery. The incense sample and tongue cleaners are both great purchases for me. Thank yo.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

very satisfied . . . love your product!

your shipper DHL was a pain to deal with. fedex or ups works a lot better.

Great products! Thank you! They came packaged very well. I will purphase from you again.

VERY good, in fact! Thanks for the excellent service. I also would like to commend you on the new design for the neti pot. It's much improved over the previous version.

The parcel arrived ok. Many thanks

Namaste Deliver and date of receipt it's all OK. About Stainless Steel Neti Pot, It's ok but I realize that it cannot be fully replenished because water falls on my face. I was used to a plastic neti pot with a neck little narrow without this problem. About Tongue Cleaner I found that one have to be very carefully to avoid little injuries on the tongue. Perhaps this tools is too much sharp.

Review not Provided.

Very fast shipping. I'm very pleased with the neti pot. It has really helped my sinuses.

Review not Provided.

excellent product, very fasy dervice on your order

great products

Very nice quality merchandise, and excellent service. You have a world class business. Thank you Brian

I couldn't be happier with the mat. It's great! It's really pretty (green is my signature color!) and I have very much enjoyed using it. Several people in my yoga class have complimented the mat, and I've already referred one person from the class to your site to purchase one herself. I think that it's great that it's washable. I was thrilled with the low price, the attentive customer service while the order was being processed, and the speedy delivery. Thanks a lot!


Received promptly

Thanks. All is well. Aloha, greg

Excellent. The products are outstanding, just as described and the delivery was timely. Thanks!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.


the products work very well and I received them promptly-Thank you

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Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Wow this is the best invention since toothpaste! I will definately be buying more for gifts to friends and relatives. It really works! Thanks.

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Review not Provided.

Everything as described. Thanks a lot

Received the order fine, thank you

Came in great shape and I love it! Margaret

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Oops. I thought I was to reply to the email. But, I will repeat my reply here. I am fairly satisfied. I have yet to see all the results I had hoped for, but I am satisfied with my purchase. The package arrived quickly, which is also a plus. I have only used the Neti Pot once as I'm still struggling with the idea because I always hate water anywhere near my nose. I have a history of poor oral health due to heredity, etc, so I am hopeful that the toothpaste will be a great help in improving my oral health (which has not responded to even regular and "obsessive" brushing and flossing). Thank you.

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Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

thanks very much, very nice

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Great service and delivery. Very happy with purchases.

The order for 5 tongue cleaners was delivered quickly and was very good quality. Infact, I had ordered 2 tongue cleaners for myself and my wife a month earlier from you, and this next order for 5 tongue cleaners was for my friends. I do have to share a little issue - the first 2 tongue cleaners each had one edge slightly jagged, and we use it only from one side, nevertheless I was impressed by the effectiveness. I found the next order of 5 tongue cleaners to be of better quality, and both sides were very smooth - in any case I am impressed by its effectiveness and recommend this product to all my family and friends.

Everything fine. Thank you

I am very pleased with the quality of the products and my rapid receipt of the same. Thanks. Hereafter please send all e mail messages to my residence address--hsager@netscape.com. Harold Sager

Review not Provided.

I was very pleased with my products and the time it took for delivery. I will certainly order again. Many thanks, Dale Cheung.

Not only has my order been filled quickly but additional orders by me since this original order have also been filled. Your delivery service is outstanding. The Jala Neti pot technique has been a dramatic health aid for me, and I am astonished that mainstream doctors never suggested it. Keep up the good work! -John

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Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I am pleased with both the enema kit and the tonque cleaner. The shipment arrived quickly and safely. The stainless steel can is very good quality and I am very happy with it.

Very happy with product. Will order from you again.

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Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Fast service. Great communication!! Thanks!

Review not Provided.

Yes thank you order received and very effective the tongue cleaners are - good purchase

This is my second e-mail requesting information about and order placed by me, for two tongue cleaners, on 5-18-04. I still have not received the products, nor a reply from you. My credit card has been charged, as I can see from my latest billing. Please reply: Gerald Flanagan, 131 Rogue Manor Circle, Grants Pass, OR, 97527.

Review not Provided.

Hello Prakasini. Thanks for inquiring! The order has not arrived yet. Patrick Wuotila. May 14/04.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

thanks for the cleaners, they work great!

Taste and accompanying breath smell of toothpaste was a little strong but otherwise o.k. Tongue cleaner worked well.

thank you for the tongue cleaners. I received them in early April and we have used them well. Thanks! Leah

I ordered the diabetes powder but don,t understand how to use it.The same with the powder for the skin.I have tried the diabetas powder in water and wonder if this is right?

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I was once again very happy with the service I received from your company.

I feel th neti pot does help keep my sinuses clear. Living in ND we are exposed to dust and enviormental alleregens year round. I have ecouraged my family to start using it as well. I find it best to use it every day in the shower. Thank you, Joy

I was greatly surprised to receive my parcel so quickly in Montréal, Canada. I wonder why I have to dry out the pot after use if it is stainless steel. Will the salt water affect it? Even with the tool provided, it is not easy to dry out the spout. Alos, compared to the form of a plastic pot I had before, I find that if I fill the pot with 500 ml, i have to be careful that the water does not come out the top. Marc Thibault

Yes I have recieved it and enjoy the products very much

Review not Provided.

Everything came on time, in good condition. Thanks.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I received my tongue scraper about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have not received my Prenatal Yoga video yet. I am kind of concerned as I thought I would have received this order by now. Can someone please look into this matter because from the email that you sent me you''ll were going to send my items a week after I placed the order. Thanks..

Our order arrived quickly & in good shape. We have really enjoyed learning how to use the new products together. Thanks, Matt & Amy Tucker

I'm so very pleased by the wonderful care you have taken to deliver my recent first order. Everything was packaged well and delivered timely. The quality of each product I received far exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

We received them! Thank you!

I have not received my order, and it has been more than 10 days since I received the email below.

received with thanks

Review not Provided.

Yes, I have received them. Thank you so much

I''d like to know that status of this order. I have not been informed since receiving this invoice. Thank YOu,

Hari Om, Yes I have received the complete order, and I am very pleased with both the products and the service and will continue to order from you in the future. I have already made and received a second order and am pleased with that as well. Thank you very much for the quality of your goods and the efficiency of your service. D. Dobrzeniecki

Thanks, I use the products every day!---------------- 3/4/04---------------Thank you, I received my order quickly and am using the products everyday. -Bob

I wonder if you can help me. A few weeks ago. I ordered 2 Tongue cleaners from you. The money was charged to my credit card, but I did not receive conformation. My name is Terry Boomsma. Address. 265 union ave, prince Albert, Ontario. Canada. The transaction date was Feb 28th To, WP-CYBER APPROACH NEW DELHI This was made buy World Pay. $14.90 us dollar $20.51 Canadian. Look forward to your reply. Thanks Terry.

Hi there! I received my order in under 10 days, and I am QUITE pleased with the products and your excellent customer service! I will probably be making more purchases for friends and family.

Hello. I replied to the Email. Just saw this link. Product received. Good shipping Time. But The soaps were not as good as the ones I was used to ordering. Is you have nay questions, do not hesitate to contact me. regards, Sid Shroff

Got it. Very satisfied.

The Neti pot is great. Easy to use, easy to learn and helps me feel great. I use it first thing in the morning to start my day out right. I like the tongue cleaner as well. The toothpaste is fine, but I probably wouldn't order it again. Thank you

Review not Provided.

I received the order very quickly and I'm very satisfied with the quality of the products and your service. Thank you very much.

Forgive me for taking so long to reply. I placed the order on a weekend and received the items on the next Tuesday. I was pleasantly surprised. The neti pots were for my husband and son (I already have mine and love it.). They both are pleased and have become regular users. The copper tongue cleaners are elegant and better than anything I've tried in the past for the same purpose. And the toothpaste is better than any I've used. Thank you for your caring products and service. Doris D

I got it. It is much better than other neti pots I have used. -Jay

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Great products, fast shipping! I love my neti pot and tongue cleaner. The copper tongue cleaner is much better than the plastic ones you get at the drugstore

Hello, have received. thank you Jamey

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I received my order about 3 weeks ago. Thank you for making sure that I received them. So far Im very satisfied with the products I ordered. Thanks again.

Everything arrived in good condition and in a timely manner. I was very pleased with my first purchase from you and plan to buy again! Thanks!

Received the order in good time and I'm very pleased with the products.

I wanted to let you know that my order was received today in good condition. Thankyou very much. Joe

I found the service and response to my questions to be outstanding. I had an issue with one of my neti pots rusting regardless of my proper cleaning and drying routine. I'm watching the new one for any signs of rust - but so far all seems well. You stand by you product guarantee and for that I thank you. Namaste

Dear Prakasini, Yes, I have received my order. My only complaint is that everyone in my family seems to love the Neti Pot as much as I do, and they keep trying to borrow it! I guess I will have no choice but to pass your website along. Thank you for a truly great product. I had a ceramic pot before, but I broke it within two weeks of purchase. The stainless steel is perfect. I will recommend your company to everyone with a nose! Sincerely, Anastasia Ralye

I received it, but one of the neti-pots was broken. The spout was not connected to the pot. My life has been insane for the last month, so I hadn't had time to contact you about a replacement. Thanks, April

Dear Prakasini, I've received the 2 tongue cleaner in good shape. Thank you very much for a very good service. Best wishes, Abla---------------- 1/19/04------------------------------- 1/19/04---------------

Received the goods and am happy with the items. Thanks.

Review not Provided.

Received quickly, items just as described. Tom

Review not Provided.

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Dec 27, 2018

Why Tongue Cleaning is Essential for Oral Health?

Tongue scraping is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that was initially unknown in the West. Many ancient cultures emphasize cleanliness of not just the teeth, but also of the tongue. Traditionally, Indians have used tender twigs from the Neem tree as toothbrushes. One end of the twig is chewed till it ...
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