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  • Double-Benefit Tongue Cleaner – Natural Protective properties of Ayurvedic Neem Wood combined with Effective Tongue Scraping; Eco- friendly – No plastics, no pollution; biodegradable – BPA and Chemical Free; made from naturally grown and monitored Neem wood
  • Skillfully handcrafted with strategic Angular Head for easy and maximum coverage of tongue - Single hand operation - thick and generous cleaning to effectively remove grim white coat and dead cells.
  • No sharp edges, so no nicks or cuts. Sleek Design, Comfortable Grip, anti-slip and better grasp - natural shine; no polish used- organic and safe – Natural Healing Properties to provide complete oral care and to be bad breath free
  • Easy maintenance ensures hygienic use every time; sterilize in warm water before use; Universal size - ideal for adults and children; attractive plastic-free packing -ideal for gift or travel.
  • Size: Surface head- 2cms; handle- 17.5cms. Color available- natural unpolished wood. Light and durable
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    This T- Head Neem Wood Tongue Cleaner is the best organic product that you can opt for. It is Eco- friendly and completely recyclable. Without polluting the environment and maintaining its balance, it is biodegradable. Completely environment friendly- made from naturally grown and monitored neem wood; no harmful chemicals used in manufacturing- BPA free and 100% pure neem wood; skilfully crafted to maintain the natural shine - no polish used - organic and safe. The 45° broad surface head is made with no sharp curves or edges, thereby eliminating any risk of nicks. This neem tongue cleaner allows thick and generous cleaning by allowing for maximum coverage of the tongue, and the sleek design reaches to distance areas. It effectively removes a grim white coat and deals with cells. The comfortable glide allows one stroke movement.
    This unique handle is designed keeping in mind a distal oblique grip. The smooth curvy and the long handle allow a comfortable grip. The anti-slip formula enables you to hold it better, making it an effortless grasp. The fine quality neem wood used to manufacture this magnificent angular tongue cleaner is naturally loaded with healing and medicinal properties. Regular use of this T- Head Neem Wood Tongue Cleaner removes bad breath and provides complete oral care. It is easy to maintain, ensuring hygiene with every use. Just sterilize in warm water before using it. One universal size - ideal for adults and children. It comes in attractive plastic-free packing and is ideal for gift or travel. Being light in weight and non-bulky, it is best to just slip in your handbag or pocket. The neem wood makes it durable and robust. It does not split or break with time.

    All products were good. Liked them all.

    However, vetiver bath scrub and neem wood tongue cleaner seemed much more pricier than local shops.

    Feb 09, 2021

    Neem Wood Tongue Cleaner – Organic Way to achieve a Healthy Tongue!

    Are you aware of the benefits of Neem tree? In this blog, we would like to enlighten you about the usefulness of a wooden tongue cleaner and how effective it is in cleaning the grimy coats of the tongue. Before that, let us find out the importance of Neem Tree. Neem Tree is considered as one of the ...
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