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SteloSwipe Tongue Cleaners - Surgical Steel - Set of 2

  • 2 pcs set of the best-selling HealthAndYoga(tm) Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Tongue cleaners
  • Each tongue cleaner has uniquely identifying color on the robust stainless steel grip
  • No Synthetic grips. Fully steel - Clinically Hygienic, Non-toxic and completely sterlizable
  • Smooth scraping on tongue surface with no sharp edges; no nicks and cuts; broader coverage
  • Flexible, non-gagging - Suitable tool for plaque removal, bad breath and to restore oral hygiene

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This wonderful economic product has high utility factor. These both cleaners are color coded. One has pink color stripes at handle and another one has green color stripes on the handle. Thus it is really easy and non-confusing to pick your fixed cleaner between the two. Also it can be one buy fulfilling two people requirement. These both tongue cleaners hold equal surgical property of stainless steel. This is a unique tool for high quality tongue cleaning. These tongue cleaners are sterilizable. They remove bacteria and other harmful particles from the tongue outside effectively. They have suitable length which provides a comfortable tongue cleaning. Also the contoured colored handles help in former grip. Always wash the cleaner before and after use to maintain oral hygiene. Select any color between 2 and use that color coded handle one only to avoid oral germs. This can help in maintaining optimum oral hygiene. This product can be a utility gift to present a couple.

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