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Bamboo Wood Tongue Cleaner with Guava Wood Handle

  • 100% Organic and Ayurvedic – made from naturally grown bamboo and guava wood- no chemical used, COMPLETELY BPA free. Eco- friendly product – biodegradable- no soil or air pollution.
  • Surface or scraping head made from superior quality bamboo; broader, generous scraping surface- optimal tongue cleaning; covers maximum area at the back of the tongue, mildly removes white coat and dead cells – no sharp edges completely safe
  • Wide surface vertical grip handle made from guava wood- loaded with natural properties; assuring safe guidance - convenient and comfortable grasp
  • Non-clinical Soothing and Unique Design - rewarding solutions for optimal oral health; useful shape- worthy for any adult month size; waterproof smooth surface - durable and enduring.
  • Lightweight – ideal product to travel with; before use sterilize in warm water – clean every time. Product details: Total length-18.5 cm; surface area (head) -1 cm wide; handle-8.5 cm. Available color – Natural Wood.

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To eliminate bad breath it is necessary to have a proper tongue scraper that can effectively clean your tongue. Boosting up your self-esteem these Organic and 100% Ayurvedic tongue cleaners will gradually eliminate oral problems. Being made from naturally grown bamboo and guava wood, the tongue cleaner is free from any chemical and is COMPLETELY BPA free. To avoid polluting Mother Nature we have especially used an Eco- friendly and biodegradable material in the composition of this tongue scraper that can easily decompose in the soil. Then why waste money on the plastic ones which are bad for your health and even for the environment? The wide surface or scraping head of this tongue cleaner is made from superior quality bamboo. Give yourself the best-deserved tongue cleaner with a broader area to cover the entire tongue. This cleaner generously scrapes the tongue surface with optimal tongue cleaning. With maximum coverage area from the back of the tongue, it mildly removes white coat and dead cells. No sharp edges make this tongue cleaner completely safe for your mouth. Based on the anti- skid formula, the guava wood handle has been given a vertical grip. The vertical one-hand grip is known for orienting better while providing a comfortable grasp. The antibacterial properties of Guava wood is a rewarding solution for optimal oral health and is suggested by dentists as an ideal oral care tool. With a standard shape, this bamboo cleaner is worthy of any adult mouth size. Its waterproof smooth surface provides it durability and endurance. Being lightweight, it is an ideal product to travel with. To keep it germ-free every time, sterilize it in warm water before use. So add this new and Ayurvedic tongue cleaner in your organic oral health kit.

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