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qSwipe Copper Tongue Cleaner - Superior Quality

  • Premium Copper Tongue Cleaner + 1 Free Organic Storage & Travel Pouch - High Quality FDA listed Tongue Cleaner.
  • PURE COPPER offers Broad Spectrum Hygiene as per Ayurveda - Flexible, Thicker, heavy duty gauge and non-gagging design ensures it is gentle on the tongue - without risk of nicks;
    Anatomical Shape allows complete tongue surface cleaning.
  • NATURAL DETOX & IMMUNITY BOOSTER - Removes bad breath, prevents plaque and tartar build up; Improves sense of taste.
  • CYLINDRICAL HANDLES offer a comfortable grip; No wearing-off rubber handles
  • SAY NO TO PLASTICS- Comes with an Environment-friendly Travel/Storage Pouch
    (No Plastic Case) Aesthetic, Discreet, ‘Non-Yukky' , Non-Printed, Organic, Moisture-Absorbent Pouch.
    Can hang from a mirror peg OR place in toothbrush cup.

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The ancient science of Ayurveda has always recognized the importance of copper tongue cleaners for oral hygiene. Copper's anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties make it very useful to maintain oral health.

Soulgenie keeps the Ayurvedic principles in mind, ensuring high quality premium tongue cleaners are made of 100% pure copper.

Regular tongue cleaning helps to remove bad breath and reduce chances of tartar build up. Tongue scraping should become a part of one's daily oral hygiene routine. It should be done after brushing of teeth. Tongue cleaner helps to remove food debris, and smell-causing decaying bacteria. It totally cleanses the mouth, refreshes breath and adds to one's confidence and sense of well-being.

Copper tongue scrapers are far more effective in removing gunk than plastic tongue scrapers. They are environment friendly too. Plastic may retain some bacteria and odour, but copper is easier to clean and will not let any microbes thrive on its surface.

Soulgenie qSwipe Copper Tongue Cleaner is designed for quick non-fussy tongue cleaning. It has a wide curve which enables thorough cleaning of the entire tongue in a few strokes only. The bold handles provide a firm grip that do not slip out of the hand providing complete control of the cleaner. It has high fatigue strength which makes it long lasting. The edges are well-rounded and thick for a smooth experience without fear of cuts or scratches.

Being pure copper, the tongue cleaner may get tarnished with time but the anti-bacterial properties of the cleaner do not get affected. You may scrub lemon on the cleaner once in a while to restore shine. Comes in an aesthetic looking organic cotton bag.

Just like a tooth brush, do not share your cleaner with others to maintain hygiene. Always clean the scraper before and after use. Add tongue cleaning to your daily oral care routine and have a sparking smile and fresh breath always.

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