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Gel Cushioned Arch Sleeves for Extra Support | 1-Pair

  • Pair of Spandex Sleeves with Inseam Gel pads - treats sore feet, arthritis, calluses, Plantar Fasciitis, pain
  • Gentle Relieving compression on sole of the feet for instant relief - Superior Grade Inbuilt Arch Gel pads
  • Protects from Foot rolling,limping andFlat foot; Can be reused after hand wash
  • Nude Colour; Comfortable for day long wear; Comfortable under shoes, flip flops or even bare feet
  • 1 size works for all; Easy to wear – keep pointed side of gel-pads towards toes and the broader end towards heel

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Our feet tend to tire from day long standing and walking. To avoid such painful conditions which can be harmful in the long term, it is advised to use Arch supporting spandex sleeves. They have inbuilt gel pads which are directly in contact with sole of feet. This contact softly presses the sole providing them instant relief from unbearable pain. These sleeves hold the gel pads firmly placing them at the exactly required contact point. They are reusable and hand washable hence economical as well. Sleeves keep the foot related painful issues as such Arthritis,sore feet, plantar fasciitis, flat foot and others at bay. They can be comfortably worn under shoes, sandals and other footwear for hours. Please note: place the pointed side of gel pads towards toes and the broader one towards heel.

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