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5-Toe Spacer - Silicone

  • Soft silicone gel guard fits on all toes perfectly, protects feet muscles from over-exhaustion
  • Easily bendy and almost tensile texture allows complete snugness and reduces friction
  • Realignment, straightening, spacing and supporting the feet are few of its many features
  • High quality silicone provides the best possible comfort with its soft and breathable design
  • Come in a Pair - Standard size-fits most; reusable, washable, long-lasting design

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The toe separator straightener helps in correcting Bunion – Hallux Valgus and providing protection and support to the toes. The tool comes in a pair and with 5 customized crevices that fit comfortably on each toe, providing ample strain, space and separation. The toe guard and separator can be used to help the feet muscles relax after a long day of standing, running or after any other kind of physical activity that worn out the feet. The 5-Toe gel separator aims to provide comfort with minimum efforts required. Hence, the soft gel texture, that provides flexibility along with a snug feel. The guard can be worn while sleeping, reading, watching TV, and other leisure activities; it can also be worn with wide toed shoes, actively. After going through various Quality Checks, the product comes out as the best version of itself, making it a must have for people who like having ‘happy feet’

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