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Gel Bunion Guard | Three Toe Separator

  • Great for fighting Bunions, Hallux Valgus, Crooked, Overlapping, Hammer, and Deformed toes
  • Made from soft and flexible gel silicone, the guard protects feet from bunion pain and discomfort
  • The guard is designed such that it stretches and shapes itself around the toes to reduce friction
  • Snug and comfortable three toe-separator doubles up as forefoot cushioned insole
  • 1 Pair - Standard size-fits all; Durable and reusable guard, promises long-lasting comfort

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The soft gel Bunion guard is great for the correction of Hallux Valgus, Overlapping, Crooked, Hammer, and Deformed toes. The silicone based guard sleeve hugs the toes and helps them realign. Made from high quality silicone, hence the guard is soft and very comfortable; it can be easily worn inside shoes to protect the feet from corns and callus. The gel bunion guard is a must buy for people who are physically active and/or suffer from any kind of feet ailments, because the gel guard is nothing short of a feet whisperer.

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