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NaturoFloPlus Enema Bag Kit - 4 Quart (Liter)

  • Rubber bag for Enema with 4 Quart capacity - Open top; Easy to clean; Can be used for couple of runs.
  • Kit also contains- Superior quality Silicone Tubes, Clamp, Catheter, 2 Smooth Nozzles and 'S' hook.
  • Colon wash(Enema) helps reduce acne and skin problems, bloating, headache, back pains, constipation and chronic fatigue.
  • BEST for Deep Enema sessions. 4 quart bags hold more liquid making them suitable for high intensity enemas.
  • Strong stainless steel S-hook (instead of plastic hook) prevents any slippage during enema.

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The Question is why you want to use an Enema. So imagine there is a water pipe at your home and you never clean it, lets say for 25 years. What do you think this pipe looks like What do you think this pipe smells like with its brownish sluggish sledge full of bacteria and germs. This is more or less the picture of unclean colons because we are putting so much food so much sugar and more, without full expulsions. But with the colon cleanse we can flush out all the bacteria and can easily detoxify our body. The water bag enema helps get the water so deep that you can get the most thorough cleanse without having to refill in between. The enema bag kit will help you to remove the waste and toxins from the colon. And this process will fill you with energy. There are a couple of things that we recommend when you perform an enema. Firstly, enemas must not be contraindicated for you or your condition, for which you need to consult your medical practitioner. ONLY then do the enema water wash and that too a maximum of 1-2 enema a week for general cleansing. Perform in the morning on an empty stomach. Be very gentle while inserting the tube; use coconut oil or some lubricant. No Boiling water in your enema bucket, only lukewarm water. It is very important to stay hydrated after your enema session. The Best way is to have fresh veggies, drink some coconut water and fresh juices so that it will hydrate your cells. Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy

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