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Deepzer Colon Tube - Rubber - 26Fr - Enema Supplies

  • Retention Colon Tube - Helps retain water inside the colon during enema, without leakage. Recommended for people with previous experience of Enemas.
  • Made of Soft durable Rubber Latex; Brick color; Entire Length - 40 cm;
    Diameter of Bulb- 2.5 cm ; Diameter of Tube- 26 FR (8.60 mm).
  • Suitable for those finding it difficult to retain water inside the colon during enema.
  • Before Use- Lubricate the outside of the tube properly with any oil, Vaseline or KY gel to facilitate easy insertion and removal.
  • Excellent alternative to hard plastic retention nozzles.
    Can be easily hooked on to the existing nozzle or enema kit.

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During the enema process, some practitioners have a difficulty in retaining water in the colon. So, to be able to hold water in the colon, one needs to use this Deepzer Colon Tube. It creates a "plugging" effect that helps to retain liquid for a longer time without difficulty. It has multiple holes to let the water flow out of the colon gradually. Its bulb shape prevents leakage.

IMPORTANT : Remember to properly lubricate the entire Deepzer Tube on the outside- along the entire length (the bulb & tube). This will help in easy insertion of the tube in the anus and the colon, as well as withdrawal after use.

Soulgenie Deepzer Colon Tube can be easily attached to any existing Enema Nozzle or Kit. It is made of soft rubber. Diameter of the Bulb is - 2.5 cm. Diameter of the stem/ tube is -26 Fr (8.58 mm).

It is not recommended for amateurs and those suffering from latex allergies.

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