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Colon Tube - Rubber - Close End

  • Made of thick, stiff and durable red rubber latex ; Length 50 cm / 20 inch approx.
  • Varying thickness options – ranging from 22FR to 34 FR thickness
  • Thickness (mm) = (Size in FR) x 0.33 ; Conversion: 1FR = 0.33 mm
  • Closed ended has closed rounded bottom with only one side opening
  • Closed ended is often preferred by those seeking more Comfortable insertion and slower flow

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Enema nozzles by themselves do not deliver the water high up in your colon. Colon tubes when attached to enema nozzles provide a deeper and thorough cleanse. 20" long, close ended along with additional side slit for liquid flow Available in sizes 22 Fr., 24 Fr., 26 Fr., 28 Fr., 30 Fr., 32 Fr. and 34 Fr.

Kind Words From Our Customers

Excellent products!

Impressed with delivery time, very quick. I believe everything is in order. We have ordered before without issues. On you survey form “Not Recieved” should be “Not Received” as it spelled incorrectly.


Arrived safe. Good product.

Great experience. The products were as advertised, the shipping was prompt, the entire process fully met/exceeded my expectations.

got delivery and happy with product and your service.

thank you.

I am very satisfied with my order. I have no friends at this point to recommend the product that I ordered but will in the future if the occasion arrises.

I highly appreciate your products for enemas, I have`nt found those silicone tube and rubber colon tube in my country, Quebec, Canada. The next time I`ll need to order, I will certainly take some other health products, just for try, for the feet or for the mouth. Gratefully, Carole. :-)

Service is always great and the product is always as advertised.

good quality, not too stiff or soft

I got the supply well before my date of departure
to U.S.A. very efficient service.

I received the tube. Thank you.

Quick delivery and product as advertised.

Comfortable and convenient to use. Most importantly, quite portable and easy to take along on tours as well and storage.

But have doubts if the nozzle on bulb will come loose over a period of time.

I have received the items in good condition soon after I ordered them. I haven`t used them yet so cannot comment on their effectiveness. I have previously used the silicone hose and like its flexibility and durability. Also have used a rubber colon tube that was smaller and allowed easy entry. It is becoming thin in places after many years. I did not remember what size options were available. I think now it was the smallest which I would order again.

Delivery took three weeks

got it

Thank-you for the great service.

Having coffee enemas in a stainless steel bucket is better for you than a plastic one.

Received my order a few days after I ordered. Everything was discreet and well packaged. Love what I ordered and will definitely order again soon.

I have received the catheters, thank you. My wife tells me that I ordered a bigger size than she wanted, so I`ll be ordering a smaller one soon.

I have been totally pleased with the quality of the colon tubes I have received from your company. I also appreciate the packaging of the product. Your quick response to my sending an order and my quick receipt of the product will ensure my continued association with your company.

Great place for shopping.

I received all the items as described.

Always great quality and fast service.

Received, Thank you

i got my order on time ok -happy with order thank you very much...will order again some time later, clinton labombard

Review not Provided.

excellent supplier , fast shipping , good prices , great packaging , easy to follow web page

Review not Provided.

Great service.

I`m happy with both the products, I`ve ordered and the service uptil now.

Review not Provided.

Excellent delivery time and good products. Thank you!

I got what I ordered and in good time. So i`m happy.

Quick delivery. Received items in eight days.

Very timely and prompt service thank you

Very fast shipment received in France
Good communication, good product, I recomm ` `ending`ing`.

Fast service and correct products received. Thank you.

Thanks for sending to me the PVC Enema Hose and the Rubber Colon Tube, bot do it very well.

Very fast shipping.

I receieved the shipping on time..... whatever I used is excellent

Yes I received all of my requested items and am very satisfied with them all. I have purchased from you in the past and have always had great service and very prompt shipping.The colon tubes work very well, this was the first time that I have ever used one and am very pleased with the ability to reach farther into the colon for a better cleanse. Thank you so much for the prompt service and your continued support of healthier customers.

i recieved my order in a very reasonable ammount of time at this time i have used my closed end colon tube once it was a bit scary at first because i had never used this item before i greatly enjoyed the experince after though i didnt have any lube on hand but a small amount of baby oil worked well at first there was a bit of resistance but after i calmed down it slid in no problem how ever as i slid it in it did not want to stay in as i expected it to i had to hold it in place as my body decided it didnt want to clamp down and hold it inplace i inserted the full lenght of tubing but could not hold the full amount of water i normaly used i ended up leaking maybe it was the way i was sitting very eager to try again

Review not Provided.

Thank you for your help, I received the ordered item in time.
Szilvia Omakel

Review not Provided.

Excellent product, at a very fair price. The delivery was also very fast. What more could I ask for? I will order from your company again shortly. Best wishes. Jack:

Excellent service, great product thanks very much!

Thank you so much for your prompt service! I have been trying to find this product for some time now, and was very elated to find a source for colon catheters. I was hoping to find one that was longer, so if there is a longer one available, please advise me. Thank you, Laura Earl (Herbal Connection)

Modern logistics can be amazing. Parcel here on fourth day after order was created. All in good order.

Thanks for the first-class service.

I received my package today, thank you for the quick service. I am looking forward to using this product. I will keep you informed of how it works for me.
Greg Davis

My order was quickly filled in very good condition and to exact specifications. The materials are of good quality and perform well. I am pleased and would recommend Health and Yoga to everyone.

Great products for a reasonable price! Thank you!

all products i have purchased are of high quality. service was great.

I had been looking for these particular colon tubes for a very long time. I am so happy you stock them. Good service, good products. Thanks

Review not Provided.

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