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'Deep Cleansing of the Body’ is something all Yogis swear by. In yoga, cleansing does not simply refer to the act of cleaning your body from outside, it also refers to the internal cleansing of the whole ‘system’. Yogis from ancient times have been professing that a clean and toxin free body leads to good health, good mood and an overall calm and righteous personality. Hence, anybody who practices yoga knows that cleansing of the colon or ‘Enema’ is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. We at Soulgenie believe and propagate the benefits of Enema and have an array of products that help in the practice. Our range of Enema products are not limited to traditional Enema supplies. Soulgenie offers a wide range of Enema Supplies varying from traditional Enema Kits, Travel Enema Kits to Disposable Enema Kits. You can also buy a variety of Enema Equipment parts separately that include -Colon tubes, Tube Connectors, Rubber tubes, Silicon Tubes, Steel Cans, Rubber Bags, Nozzles, Clamps, Pumps and even Bulb Syringes for infants. Anything and everything that is related to Enema, comes with its own set of taboos and safety concerns attached to it hence, we provide products that have been tested and gone through several quality checks. Each product that we provide is individually cleansed, sterilized and checked for every possible lack in design and usefulness. The products are available for wholesale as well as retail purposes.

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