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Safe Baby Carrier | Baby-Carrying Sling

  • Womb like Ultra-cozy Sling: Provides snug-fit to the baby & keeps him Warm with comfortable calm sleep
  • High Safety: Inner carrier layer with 3 STICK-ON STRAPS holds the baby tight; Gentle on baby’s skin
  • Adjustable: Buckled Sling strap allows altering the length of sling to carry baby most comfortably
  • Enables hands-free work; Breathable; Machine washable; Highly Durable; Suitable for baby weight upto 20 lbs
  • Material of Printed inner layer: Cotton & Blue Outer Layer: Polyester; Weight of the sling: 250gms

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The Baby carrying sling is a great help while travelling or roaming outside. It prevents the unbearable shoulder pain caused by carrying babies. The main advantage of the sling is that it enables keeping both hands free for other work as they are no more acquired in carrying and holding baby. Babies and their skin are very gentle. The inner baby carrying layer has 3 vel-cro straps which hold the baby firmly in the sling carrier. This sling’s inner layer is of ultra-soft cotton which keeps his skin protected. This is easy to clean and machine washable. It dries quickly.

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