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QwikFlo Travel Neti Pot- White

  • Pocket Size Travel-friendly Neti Pot, Made of White Virgin Plastic. Strong & Durable - Inert to salts.
  • Yogic practice of Jala Neti helps manage sinus allergies, blocked nasal passages, flu, and snoring.
  • Conical Shape Nose Tip has a tapered design. Fits snugly in most nostrils preventing any drips or leakages during neti practice.
  • Translucent body helps to see liquid levels; Smooth edges prevent any cuts or nicks.
  • Holds 250ml water for nasal wash. Easy Grip neti pot purchase indents on either side provide a firmer grip during nasal wash.

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Introducing our Pocket Size Travel-friendly Neti Pot, a compact and effective solution for practitioners of Jala Neti's yogic tradition. Crafted from high-quality White Virgin Plastic, this nasal wash pot is durable and inactive to salts, ensuring a long-lasting and valuable tool for your sinus care routine.

The conical shape of the nose tip is a standout feature of this neti wash pot. Its thoroughly tapered design easily fits into most nostrils, delivering a safe seal that prevents bubbles or leakages during the Jala Neti practice. This feature of a nasal wash pot ensures a comfortable and mess-free experience, allowing users to concentrate on the therapeutic benefits of nasal cleansing without interruptions.

This neti pot purchase helps users get rid of nasal allergies and infections. Designed with usefulness in mind, the neti pot holds 250ml of water for a meticulous nasal cleaning. The translucent body of this neti wash allows users to monitor its liquid level, ensuring that the user has the right amount for their practice. The smooth edges of this nasal wash pot ensure the user's safety, preventing them from any cuts or nicks during use.

When you go for the Neti pot purchase, ensure its features empower you for easy use. The easy grip of Soulgenie's nasal wash pot on either side of the neti pot provides a firm hold during Jala neti practice, enabling a secure grip even with wet hands. This feature of our neti pot purchase is handy during the nasal wash, offering control and stability for a more effective and relaxing experience.

Beyond the design and functionality of our Pocket Size Travel-friendly Neti Pot, it is an ideal tool for managing sinus allergies, blocked nasal passages, flu, and snoring. The yogic practice of neti wash involves gentle nasal irrigation that enables users to cleanse and clear their nasal passages, boosting respiratory health and easing various nasal issues.

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to neti wash, our Pocket Size Travel-friendly Neti Pot is an excellent companion to manage your sinus care routine. Compact, durable, and thoroughly designed, it ensures a hassle-free and valuable nasal cleansing experience. Say goodbye to sinus discomfort with our neti pot purchase.

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