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Flojar Ceramic Jala Neti Pot – Improved Design with Nostril Plugging Support

  • PRACTICAL DESIGN - Fuller Size, Lid Overhang to prevent spilling over, Smooth Conical Nose Tip to provide suitable nostril support plug to prevent leaks and spills
  • MORE EFFECTIVE - Helps in thorough wash of the nasal passages – Large capacity holding about 8.50 oz. (250 ml water) as against 8 oz. of most ceramic pots
  • ATTRACTIVE, SAFE AND COMFORTABLE DESIGN - Attractive, Soft look with fuller comfort Grip and a smooth finish - no open space or cavity that holds back water; utterly safe with no sharp edges; conical taper tip strategically designed to comfortably fit in the nostril.
  • QUALITY PRODUCT WITH EASY GRIP - Made from 100% plant base and earthly elements; paraben-free; non-metallic lead-free ceramic; vegan product with easy-grip handle for effortless nasal practice. Food-grade sealant glaze maintains a long-lasting shine; microwavable and dishwasher safe
  • BENEFITS - Effective tool to treat sinuses, flush out dust, excess mucus, or environmental irritants to clean the nasal passage; helps in fuller respiration and is best for optimal nasal health. Also maintains eye, ear and throat health while helpful in treating headaches

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This Jala Neti pot is made from 100% plant base and earthly elements. It is paraben-free, non-metallic and the ceramic used is totally lead-free. Being a vegan product, it is safe and user-friendly for all. With an easy-grip handle, you can effortlessly practice nasal cleansing. This neti pot maintains a long-lasting shine because of its food-grade sealant glaze. Its attractive white design has a smooth finish with no open space or cavity that holds backwater. Our nasal cleaning tool is entirely safe with no sharp edges and has a conical taper tip that has been strategically designed to fit into the nostril and support the nostril walls.
The best feature of this ceramic pot is that it does not undergo chemical changes and provides an extended stay. It can be easily cleaned as it is microwave and dishwasher safe, thus saving you time. This uniquely designed neti pot has no open pores or spaces, and its smooth and robust finish ensures an easy flow of water. Being compact in size and light in weight is travel friendly and can be carried anywhere for regular practice of nose cleaning.

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