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Shell Ceramic Neti Pot – White Decorative Conch Design

  • UNIQUE AND ATTRACTIVE CERAMIC JALA NETI POT - Skillfully handcrafted to look like white conch shell; Psychologically soothing - akin to experiencing the Sea surf while practicing neti; Non-metallic; Free of lead, acids, or any caustic chemicals.
    Does not undergo chemical erosion - Long lasting.
  • CONTOURED, SMOOTH SPOUT, LARGE SIZE - Practical while being Decorative; Has a capacity to hold about 10 oz. of water, which is usually enough for a thorough nasal cleanse. Contoured shape allows any sized hand to hold it firmly. Smooth, taper tip is strategically designed to fit in most nostrils. No sharp edges – 100% safe.
  • DESIGN WITH NO JOINTS - Leakproof; Suitable for microwave; Dishwasher friendly; Easy to clean and sterilize. Hygienic– no open gaps or cavities to hold back water.
  • BENEFITS - Excellent Health Product for Nasal Irrigation – Flushes out mucus and dust effectively; Removes nasal blockages; Treats sinus issues; Prevents headaches, and other respiratory problems; Improves eye health.
  • ENHANCES DECOR - Light weight; Attractive design with appealing white color – will add value to any bathroom counter or room shelves when not in use.

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Shell Ceramic Jala Neti Pot is made of 100% earthly elements. Its beautiful shape resembles the Shanka- “Divine Conch”. It is paraben-free, non-metallic and the ceramic used is totally lead-free. Shell Neti Pot will retain its shine for a long time because of its food-grade sealant glaze.

Makes Jala Neti Practice fun and easy- Its contoured body with dips on either side allow for a firm grip. It has no sharp edges and has a conical taper tip that fits most nostrils comfortably. Its smooth and robust finish ensures an easy water flow.

Just fill with warm saline water, place spout in one nostril, tilt head forward and let water flow from other nostril. As the water flows out, all the mucous lodged inside the nasal passages gets washed out, resulting in clear and lighter breathing. Repeat on both sides. Dry the nose by small forceful exhalations, at least 15-20 times.

Shell Neti Pot has a smooth finish outside as well as inside, with no open space or cavity that may retain water. It can be easily cleaned. It is microwave and dishwasher-safe. Its compact in size and light in weight, is travel friendly and can be carried anywhere for regular practice of nose cleaning.

A beautiful and natural way to manage sinusitis, blocked noses, runny eyes and headaches.
Jala Neti practice also prepares one for pranayama and meditation practice.
The conch design adds to the décor of your yoga studio or your home.
Makes for a beautiful gift too.

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