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Health care is almost the synonym for Yoga; Yoga is healthcare and healthcare is yoga in its most pure form. Since the ancient times the major focus of Yogis and teachers have been to invoke healthy lifestyle habits amongst people. The practice of yogic lifestyle not only develops health care and consciousness but also demands it; hence we host a multitude of health care products that are not only related to yoga, but to health care in general. These products are of great essence to the yogic life and its practices, yet they are of great importance in general everyday use as well. We have products that help in, Spiritual aid, meditation aids, women healthcare supplies, relaxation and therapy aids, massage supplies, informative books and CDs. From various kinds of mala beads to maternity belts to herbal compress; we leave no stone unturned. We at Soulgenie understand the customer’s right to a superior quality product; hence we conduct number of quality checks and screens to make sure that the customers receive a product worth their money. The products are customized to make the customer relish each and every benefit that it has to offer, be it yoga related or not. Every product is available for wholesale as well as individual sale; we recognize and cater to every need of our customers.