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Yoga and the Yogic lifestyle have, for years preached that prevention is better than cure, yet Yoga in all its vitality borrows heavily from Ayuraveda. Hence, the natural yogic way of life also teaches the art of ‘healing’, of correction; be it through asanas or complex meditative practices and even through the use of herbology and natural science. The ‘healing’ part of a Yogic lifestyle does not specifically refer to physical healing or bodily fitness; rather, it refers to complete and overall care of the body, mind and soul. Hence, a lot of ‘home medical supply’ products carry the face of ‘cleansing’. For yoga ‘cleansing’ is ‘healing’. For centuries yogis have pepped and prodded their surroundings, the nature, to find solutions to and relief from various ailments. Hence, at Soulgenie we make sure that our products are derived from nature or at-least don’t harm it. We host a multitude of home medical supplies, cleansing products, relaxation aids and supportive aids that help you heal naturally, within the confines of your homes. We believe in providing our customers with superior quality products, that are not only value for money, but also add value to their health and life. The entire range of medical supplies is adapted from the yogic practices, yet the products are not confined to yoga only. Our supplies cover everything that ‘natural healing’ is.

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