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Thumb Saver Massager

  • Made of a superior ABS material with a natural grip for fingers and thumb
  • Effective for unlocking and releasing neck and back tensions and trigger point relief
  • Snug fit - allows for deep penetrating massage without any thumb strain
  • Washable - May be used with even oil or cream as an easy gliding tool
  • Fully depictive gripping Instructions provided for Effective Massage techniques

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Muscle pain or repetitive injury can hamper your daily routine. To get relief, regular use of pain killers is not so advisable. Best treat this stubborn pain with a massage that can be carried anywhere, is easy operative, and most important, should be useful. Equipped with these and a lot more qualities is the Soulgenie Thumb Saver Massager. Made from superior quality ABS material, this thumb saver is safe 100% to use. The thumb saver's classical finger grip is comfortable with deep comprehensive ridges that cater a fit and tight grip to all hand sizes. The constant diameter of the ridges and its smooth surface enables a close finger wrap and gives you the comfort of an effective and effortless massage. Being versatile in its use, this robust thumb massager can be used with oil, butter, cream or ointment, directly on skin or over clothing. Its strategically molded thumb well aids you to hold the massager comfortably. Though there is no specific way of holding this massager, the most focused three holds are adequate for different pressure resistance points. The first hold or the original hold is useful for medium and large muscles on the hips, back, hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps, focuses on the triggers points of these large muscles to give instant relief from muscular pain. The second hold, or better say, the reverse grip is best for areas that are hard to reach. Last but not least, the third grip, the fingertip hold, is your best aid for areas that require less pressure like the upper forearm, elbows, knees, neck, ankles, and other joints. With no strain on the thumb, this robust yet effective thumb massager massages and relaxes deep tissues. Stylish and convenient to carry, can be your best travel buddy. The best feature is low maintenance and use warm soap & water or alcohol to clean it. So keep this handy manual massager in your gym or yoga bags and say bye-bye to those hindering cramps

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