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BreathFull Breathing Exerciser

  • INCENTIVE BREATHING EXERCISER - Has 3 balls for measuring breath capacity.
    Compact, break-resistant plastic device. For home use.
  • IMPROVES BREATHWORK - Has 3 chambers for differing inhalation rates.
    Ranges from 600 cc/sec to 1200 cc/ sec.
  • STRENGTHENS LUNGS - Helps in faster recovery from surgery, cough, lung discomfort, colds, and sub-par respiratory issues.
  • DEEP BREATHING TRAINING - Helps achieve optimum lung capacity and restore disrupted breathing patterns.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN - Has a flexible pipe that does not affect posture during use. Mouthpiece can be dismantled for cleaning.

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Revolutionizing Respiratory Wellness with the BreathFull Lung Exerciser Device
The BreathFull Respiratory Device emerges as a groundbreaking breathing exercise machine, offering a dual-functionality as a respiratory measurement tool and breathwork practice aid. This innovative lung workout device not only observes but guides users through breathwork exercises, enabling them to visually measure inhalation and exhalation capacity by tracking the movement of colored balls within its three measuring chambers.

As a comprehensive breathing exercise machine, the BreathFull Respiratory Device features a user-friendly mouthpiece and three chambers to systematically monitor progress. It transforms traditional breathwork into a dynamic, goal-oriented practice. By closely observing the movement of colored balls during lung workouts, individuals can tangibly measure their breath intake, providing a clear pathway to achieve and surpass their respiratory goals.

The BreathFull Respiratory Device offers a myriad of benefits as a lung workout device, functioning as a regulator of breathing patterns. Effectively reducing breathlessness and restoring respiratory power, it contributes to improved vitality and an enhanced quality of life. Through targeted intake breathing exercises, this lung exerciser device strengthens the lungs, resulting in an observable increase in lung capacity. This not only fosters bronchial hygiene but also serves as a preventive measure against lung infections. Utilizing the BreathFull Respiratory Device is a straightforward process, promising effective results for intake breathing exercises. While seated, users simply hold the device upright, ensuring the measuring capacity indicators faces them. After exhaling fully, they place the mouthpiece in their mouths, sealing their lips around it. Inhaling slowly and deeply through the mouth raises the colored balls in the chambers, challenging users to maintain them in the 'better or best' position throughout the entire breath. Holding the breath for at least 10 seconds before a gradual exhale completes one cycle, with recommended repetition of this process at least three times in a session.

The BreathFull Respiratory Device boasts several features that contribute to its efficacy as a lung workout device. As an incentive breathing exerciser, it incorporates three balls to measure breath capacity, offering a tangible representation of progress. Crafted from compact and break-resistant plastic, it is suitable for convenient home use. With three chambers accommodating different inhalation rates ranging from 600 cc/sec to 1200 cc/sec, the device allows for personalized breathwork tailored to individual needs. Beyond its measurement capabilities, the BreathFull Respiratory Device serves as a powerful tool for deep breathing training as part of its role as a breathing exercise machine. It aids in achieving optimum lung capacity and restoring disrupted breathing patterns, making it invaluable for those recovering from surgery, experiencing coughs, lung discomfort, colds, or other respiratory issues. Remarkably user-friendly and easy to maintain, the BreathFull Respiratory Device's flexible pipe ensures a comfortable posture during use. The mouthpiece can be effortlessly dismantled for convenient cleaning, ensuring a hygienic and seamless experience. In conclusion, the BreathFull Respiratory Device offers a dynamic and goal-oriented approach to lung workouts and intake breathing exercises with its role as a breathing exercise machine. With its diverse benefits and user-friendly design, this innovative device is poised to become an indispensable tool for individuals seeking to strengthen their lungs, regulate breathing patterns, and enhance overall respiratory well-being.


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