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5 Layered Facial Fit N95 Mask - Set of 5

  • 5 pcs. set of Prime quality, skin-friendly mask- five-layered protection material; robust, flexible multi-layer mask- best protection gear against fragments, dwarf droplets, body fluids, and minute dust particles; breathable material- no inhaling of harmful chemicals, smooth breathing.
  • Face fit design seals mouth and nose, compact, reliable, affordable, and practical. Adjustable and bendable aluminium snaps- on the clip- pressed to fit any nose shape; soft nose bridge comfortable and snug fit- no hurting or bruising of the nose; effective breathing, particulate filtering mask.
  • Innerside of mask made from 2-layer of smms fabric- the first hidden layer of four fabric layers- 2 coats of nonwoven spun board and 2 layers of melt-blown; outer layer- 1 layer melt blown, 1 layer activated carbon fabric and 1 layer nonwoven- material carefully hooked together.
  • Fine protective mesh, multi-layer fabric- supreme density; protects against the corrosive in the environment; filters out dangerous particles- ergonomically melt-blown inner layer; air discharge efficiently; increased ventilation prevents eyeglasses fogging- let's out moisture and heat.
  • Light in weight, superior flexible elastic ear loops comfortable to wear; the best quality to fit all head sizes- no irritation during extended hours; anti-slip material ideal for the work environment and outdoor activities; extended life- durable; reusable economical mask, easy maintenance hand wash and quick dry- germ-free every time.

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Give your family the protection of this 5 layered facial fit N95 mask. This skin-friendly mask is made from Prime quality material and equips with five protection layer. The robust, flexible multi-layer material of this mask gives you the best protection against harmful microorganisms and gears against fragments, dwarf droplets, body fluids, and minute dust particles. The breathable material of this five layered mask ensures that the user inhales fresh air. With no use of harmful chemicals or dye in its manufacturing, this mask is 100% safe and guarantees 99.9% protection. With smooth breathing, this five layered mask gives you that perfect face fit. The ergonomic design seals mouth and nose. This Compact, reliable, affordable, and practical manufacture has adjustable and bendable aluminium snaps- on the clip pressed to fit any nose shape comfortably. The soft nose bridge of the mask provides a comfortable and snug fit to the user without hurting or bruising the nose. This mask allows for effective breathing and particulate filtering.

The mask's inner side is made from a 2-layer of smms fabric where the first hidden layer consists of four fabric layers- 2 coats of nonwoven spun board and two layers of melt-blown fabric. In contrast, the outer layer has one layer of melt-blown material, 1 sheet of activated carbon fabric, and one layer of nonwoven material. All this material is carefully hooked together with the latest technique and chemical bonding. The fine protective mesh and multi-layer fabric of this mask provide it a supreme density that protects against corrosive in the environment. Melt blown inner a layer of the mask filters out dangerous particles, whereas easily increased ventilation allows air discharge, and let’s out moistures and heat preventing eyeglasses fogging. This lightweight mask is supported by superior flexible elastic ear loops that are comfortable to wear.

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