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  • Comfortable and Hygienic solution to wear under or over arm or leg casts and prevent any organic growth inside the cast bandage – helps manage swelling.
  • Optional Sleeve Width 3” or 4” – Length 5 metres. Simply cutoff the desired length and pull up on arm or leg as desired. Good option for sprains
  • Highly Absorbent; Absorbs sweat inside, and holds the cast on its place while reducing itch and preventing odor.
  • Comfortable stretchable breathable material; its light weight configuration makes the product a must go for regular usage.
  • Latex free build; No other material is used in manufacturing of the product, The product comprises of only real and natural cotton

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Have you ever felt skin irritation inside your cast? Or sweat and odour coming out of your cast bandage? The reason could be bacterial build up inside the cast which can cause fungal infection inside the cast. To avoid such fungal infection here we have natural cotton made stockinette which protects your skin under cast by making a barrier in between. The material is highly absorbent thus soak away all the sweat inside and prevent odour build-up. The stockinet can be worn inside and outside both. It provides stability to cast and holds it on place. Cotton Stockinette comes in two size variations 5*3(meter*inch) and 5*4(meter*inch) so that one can use then according to their convenience. Being a stretchable -fabric, cotton stockinet can be worn on both hands and legs. The product can also be used to treat swelling and sprains, simply wear the stockinet on the affected area and let it rest there for best results.

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