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Tooth Brush Cover - Silicone

  • Made ofSoft Food Grade Silicone;Latex-free; Flexible and non-sticky – Washable and Sterilizable
  • Available as Set of 2 pcs. Or Set of 4 pcs. – Choice of Attractive Translucent Colors – Pink / White
  • Prevents soiling of bristles from accidental falling ORExposure to unhygienic housekeep handling
  • Very gentle on tooth brush bristles– Preferable to hard plastic covers; helps extend brush life
  • Essential Travel Accessory for Oral Hygiene – Germ-free and Dust-free toothbrush bristle care

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Tooth brush hygiene is essential for healthy oral care and through it, healthy living. Disrupted oral care is the root enabler of several health disorders. Tooth brush covers keep the brush-bristles protected from dust and germs. But the material of the cover is also very important. There are many plastic brush covers available in market which are very hard and also require much space. Sometimes they break the bristles removing them from roots or sometimes break themselves! In such cases to keep the tooth brush fresh and clean, silicone covers are recommended. They are flexible and very soft providing wonderful care to the bristles.

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