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Heel Protectors - Gel Cushioned - 1 Pair

  • Orthopedic Silicone Heel Protectors: Protects heel bone from extreme pressure, fatigue & strain
  • Prevents thickening of heel skin; keeps heel safe from blisters, chipped skin, corn and cracked feet
  • Unisize; Provides extra Cushioning and Stability for firm foot-fall; Reusable and Economic
  • PreventsJoint and Foot pain caused by poorly padded footwear, daily weight pressure: walking and standing
  • Heel Shields: Hygienic;Comfortable to wear under shoes or barefooted; Restore heel health

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Gel cushioning heel protectors are savior for joint pains. They cover the heel area and heal with warmth. Heel shields are very gentle on skin. They firmly grip the heel area and relax the tissues and muscles. After a tired long day, with standing and walking, heel bone tends to feel unbearable pain and losing tissue-health. Due to extreme pressure and strain on the foot, the heel bone and skin can get damaged due to stress. To avoid such painful conditions, Heel protectors are really helpful.They absorb the heel shocks and prevent the heel bone from any disformity. They keep the heel skin safe from blisters and corns. They are very comfortable to wear even under shoes or barefooted. They are hypoallergenic and hygienic. Always wash before and after use. Wear till the pain diminishes.

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