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2 Loop Toe-Separator - Silicone - 1 Pair

  • Ultra-Soft Silicone Pair of Big Toe Spacers: Prevents Toe Overlapping; Separates big toe from others
  • 1 Pair; Provides Gel Cushion to itching toe- gaps; Aligns Big toe reducing Bunion Discomfort & corns
  • Comfortable to wear without any uneasy feeling; Gentle under shoes as well; Reusable; Economic
  • Silicone- Gel made Toe-Separators;Flexible - Adjusts to toe shape and size; 2 big Loops firm grip
  • Unisize - 1 size works for All; Hygienic, Washable and Skin-Friendly – always wash before use

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Big Toe Spacers are very relieving at times. It helps in maintaining the anatomical health of toes. By aligning them properly, Gel spacers reduce the future chances of bunion deformities. Being made of high grade silicone gel, these spacers are very gentle on skin and also soothe the uncomfortable irritation between toes. 2Loop Spacers ensure the firm alignment of big toe and restoring its tissues. They are very useful in wet weather spells when irritations and itching between toe gaps are very common. Its properties help in comforting the gaps.

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