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Acupressure Finger Ring

  • EFFECTIVE AND HANDY - It is a beautiful metal ring, that expands to fit most fingers.
  • ACUPRESSURE POINTS- It has several pokey edges which activate the pressure points on the fingers for nerve stimulation.
  • BENEFITS- Improves blood circulation, eases frozen shoulder, tennis elbow , knee problems and much more.
  • BALANCES- Restores energy balance by releasing energy blocks.
  • EASY TO USE ANYTIME - Roll the ring up and down the fingers and thumbs up to 5-10 minutes, twice daily.

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Massage with this magical metal acupressure ring helps to improve blood circulation bringing about a balance to the body.
It helps to reduce numbness and stiffness of hands because of long-term writing or typing.
Good for those who are a regular PC user, console player, or play the guitar.

You could keep the Acupressure Ring at your desk as a pain reliever and stress buster. it is an effective way to pass the time in a healthy way while you are at the station , in a bus, coffee shop lines or while watching television.


Roll the ring on each finger for 20-30 seconds or as comfortable.

THUMB - Helps with the cervical and neck issues.
INDEX FINGER - Helps with frozen shoulder, tennis elbow etc.
MIDDLE FINGER - For Rheumatoid arthritis
RING FINGER - Soothe varicose veins, sciatica, age related knee problems.
LITTLE FINGER - Helps improve arm and shoulder strength.

Caution: This wellness tool is for MASSAGE ONLY and should not be worn as an ornament. Acupressure is long and slow process of healing. Acupressure Ring may soothe some symptoms of the diseases mentioned, but is not a cure.

Kind Words From Our Customers

Review not Provided.

I got the delivery on time without any damage and I am very much satisfied with products. Good job!

I found it fascinating from simply an engineering point of view that these things exist. I didn`t really have a reason to buy it, just a curiosity, but I liked it enough to buy one for my Dad and Grandma who both have chronic finger issues. Inexpensive hope, I figured.

very relaxing, stress reliever!

Your service and products are good except the Kesk Nikhar Hair Tonic. When I use it, a lot of hair fell from my scalp, the smell is so strong, it will not go even if I clean it with another shampoo.

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